Thursday, May 04, 2006


Friday, May 5, 2005

Episode 10,108
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 4/10/06

Another snoozer folks....(but at least I didn't have to watch Bo and Hope's SL today)...It's a new day as the foursome at GML talk about in vitro non-stop (to the surprise of another spa lady); Carrie whines to Lexie while Lexie's conscience tears away at her; Austin has a heart to heart with Sami and Lucas talks to Kate about his wedding plans with Carrie.

While the guys eat waffles, the gals relax at the spa. Everyone’s talking about the possibility of Mimi getting pregnant. Later in the lobby Philip flips up his laptop and the wireless internet connection to look up in vitro fertilization and what it entails. He reads it to Shawn (guessing guests coming and going are entertained at this discussion) who’s anxious to make an appointment for Mimi. Philip knows it works or he wouldn’t be there himself. The gals join them and they return to the dining room (w/ their laptops) and show them the IVF info and dream about having a baby. Shawn confesses he’d like a boy first, probably because of Zack. Bonnie lurks again and congratulates Shawn on their good news and she can’t wait to be a grandma (hmm, try being a mom first…Mimi’s little brother is still MIA, haha). Belle says if they have a boy, maybe he’ll date Claire. Mimi replies that could never happen, but it’s smooozed over that they’d grown up and be more like brother and sister.


Bonnie’s eavesdropping from the next chair and drops her towel as we see her green face cream) after hearing Mimi mention she might be able to get pregnant. Bonnie confesses GML is her favorite escape place and she’s there stalking…but not Mimi, a rich man. Mimi mentions in vitro and Bonnie rattles on about why that option hadn’t been checked out, blaming Lexie. Mimi clarifies she’s the one that didn’t follow through on other appointments, so it was her fault. Bonnie blabs on about having their own kid will guarantee Shawn won’t leave her and trips over her own tongue so to speak as she tries to explain what she meant while escaping. Mimi asks Belle if she’s really okay if she and Shawn have their own baby. Belle says she is, but Mimi’s feeling insecure again (way to go mom). They talk about how their kids will grow up together and morosely hug each other as they’re both so happy (yeah, right). They go to change to join their husbands as Bonnie lurks, knowing Mimi getting pregnant will solve everything.

Carrie’s daydreaming about being with Austin while Lucas is busy planning his big wedding to her with Kate. He wants only the best for Carrie and dictates what he wants to her. She asks if he realizes how much this is all going to cost and he doesn’t care. He says Austin will be his best man and all’s well with them. Kate’s worried about Austin and his vulnerability. Lucas tells Kate that Sami will be Carrie’s maid of honor.

Back at her apartment, Sami is catering to every need Austin may have, but he tells her to stop. He knows why she’s doing this and it won’t work. He wants to talk about their relationship/future. Sami’s worried by the tone of his voice what that means. He says he has “strong” feelings for her (must be the writers word of the day). The two moan about Carrie’s decision to be with Lucas and if they’re going to be able to live with it. He’s going to fight for Carrie and Lucas walks in hearing that.

Lexie tells herself that she can’t let Sami get away with this. She bumps into Carrie who’s also there thinking. Carrie admits she’s still not sure about something and asks for a few minutes of Lexie’s time as she values her advice. Saying Austin is still her original first choice. She asks Lexie is the test results were positive and Lexie says yes. Carrie doesn’t want to bring a child in the world that will have to suffer the rest of their lives or die. Carrie breaks down telling Lexie how she almost admitted to Austin her true feelings and asks Lexie if she’s making the right choice. Lexie feels for Carrie having such strong feelings for two men. Now in her office, Lexie sadly listens to Carrie’s whining as Carrie knows Lexie takes her hypocratic oath very seriously. She thanks her for rerunning her test again. Carrie takes Lexie’s certificate off the wall and reads Dr. Tom Horton’s personal congratulations about how lucky her patients are to have her. Lexie can’t take it and says she’s not good and lies to her patients…as the previews roll…

LUCAS TO AUSTIN: I know exactly what’s going on with you and Carrie and I’m not going to let you get away with it.

BILLIE TO BO: I want to help you in any way I can.
BO: and I appreciate that…

HOPE TO PATRICK: I just can’t see myself as a single woman yet.
PATRICK: Being with me made you feel like you were cheating on Bo.

LEXIE TO SAMI: I’m not going to let you get away with this. I’m calling Carrie and telling her the truth.

as the credits roll..

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