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Monday May 15, 2006

Episode # 10314
Tape Date: 4/19/06
Air Date: 5/15/06
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: Hope and John compare notes on Marlena…Carrie drops a bomb for her lover, ex-lover and sister…Bo decides not to call Hope about the court date, much to Chelesa’s delight and Frankie’s dismay…Maggie offers advice for Jennifer…as someone from her past comes back to life.

At the Pub…Jen is there waiting on Maggie and Alice as she has flashbacks of her horizontal tango with Frankie. Maggie arrives, explaining that Alice couldn’t come because of her quilting bee. They talk about Jennifer’s feelings for Frankie, but Maggie doesn’t understand the problem. Jen tells her that they went the next step but Maggie isn’t really that surprised about it. But Jen says now she is getting cold feet. Maggie tells her that is completely normal to feel that way. They talk about her missing Jack and how Jen feels she is moving too fast. She tells Maggie about Abby walking in on them and how guilty Jen felt about it, like she is letting Jack and her children down. Maggie tells her she went through the same thing and goes on to tell about once Mickey went on a business trip and his plane crashed and everyone thought he had died. She goes on to tell about how she and Mickey’s law partner (Don Craig) got close…yes they actually mention his name…I guess he really did exist! LOL. She says that Sarah and Melissa were young and they got closer and fell in love, even though she felt guilty as well. She says she got advice and support from a very wise woman. Jen asks who that was and they both turn to see Alice (now in the pub) and smile at her. When it comes back, Alice is now sitting with them. Jen tells her about Maggie sharing her advice with her as Alice chuckles and says maybe she WAS wise back in those days. Alice says that Maggie is right…Jack’s memory shouldn’t stop Jen from falling in love again and they both agree that she shouldn’t let Frankie get away. Jen thanks them for their advice, but she has to rush off to pick up Jack, Jr. After she leaves, Alice reminds Maggie that Mickey came back. Maggie says maybe that wasn’t the best example to use…but at least Jen will not have to deal with that. Cut to a hospital setting as we see a pair of hands holding the locket with Jen & the kids pictures in it. A nurse walks in and shines a flashlight in Jack’s eyes…as the music swells.

Over at Billie’s…Chelsea arrives to meet with Billie, Frankie and Bo about her trial. Billie worries about Chelsea’s court date being moved up as Bo frets about not calling and telling Hope. They tell Chelsea about the date change and she frets she will be going to prison. Frankie admits it will be difficult to get her off the hook, especially if Hope testifies. Billie explains that they aren’t telling Hope but Frankie tells Bo that is a mistake. Bo tells him it is none of his business and Frankie takes him outside to talk. Bo tries to justify his actions, telling Frankie that he talked to Hope and knows that she is sleeping with Patrick. He tells Frankie their marriage is over, even though Frankie advises him not to give up on her. Frankie has flashbacks of Chelsea telling him what she did to break them up and he looks as if he wants to tell Bo, but doesn’t. Inside, Chelsea thanks Billie for them for lying to Hope, but Billie (trying to ease her conscience) says they didn’t lie, besides it’s the DA’s job to tell her…they can’t help that he doesn’t know how to find her. Chelsea says this may keep her out of prison and they hug. Billie says she shouldn’t be over-confident, but Chelsea says with Hope out of the picture, it sure makes it better for her. Outside, Bo is adamant that he is NOT telling Hope. Frankie says it is true, if Hope is there, it will hurt Chelsea, but she still needs to know, but Bo won’t budge. He says if he called Hope, she wouldn’t listen to him anyway. She made it clear she doesn’t want to talk to him, so he is just abiding by her wishes. Bo goes is as Chelsea comes out. Frankie asks her if she were in Hope’s shoes wouldn’t she want to be at the trial. He tells her that Hope needs closure. Chelsea says she feels for Hope, but she will only try to get her to be sentenced to prison, and Zack wouldn’t want that.

On Morgan Island…John is in the casino looking for Marlena. Outside, Marlena assures Hope that she is fine, but Hope can see that something is off-kilter. Alex tells Patrick that he is to kill John. John walks out of the casino sand sees them sitting at a table and goes over. Marlena asks why he is there as John says “ask Alex…he wanted me here”. Of course Mr. Slimey denies it as Hope takes it all in. John asks Hope why is SHE there and then goes on to explain about how he put a tracking device on the plane, but Alex disabled it, as Alex calls him a stalker. He then goes on to explain how Alex was using the real estate agent to find them. Alex finally admits to it as Marlena asks Alex why he is baiting John. Alex spins a web of lies to get out of it as a skeptical Hope listens. Alex says the realtor called him and told him that John was trying to buy the penthouse and John traced the call. John admits to that, but says that Alex left out a few details. He tells that Alex called HIM…and yes he did record the conversation…and then goes on to explain that Alex put Marlena’s home and all her possessions up for sale (shocking Marlena a bit to hear this). But Alex says all that was Marlena’s idea (and she doesn’t know any better) as he blames it all on the amnesia. John also goes on to tell them about the conversation between Marlena and Kate before her wedding. Of course Alex says that Marlena doesn’t remember that either. But John says she lost her MEMORY…did she lose her voice as well? He wants to hear from her…but she backs up Alex’s story.

Hope sees that John is getting more upset by the second, so she pulls him aside to calm him down and they go into the casino. John asks her why she is there with Patrick, but she says she will explain later. Right now it is about Alex and Marlena and warns him to calm down or he will make thinks worse. Marlena leaves the table to go to the ladies room as Alex tells Patrick his plans have changed…John needs to be killed tonight. Hope tells John about her strange conversation with Marlena and how she feels that something is wrong with her. John is sure that he is either hypnotizing or drugging her. He knows Alex is up to something…as Marlena walks up and says he is right…Alex is responsible. Patrick tells Alex that killing John will not solve his problem but Alex says he isn’t paying him to think…but to do a job. Marlena tells John and Hope that she is happy and Alex is responsible for that. But John says she was happy before Alex came along and Hope backs him up. But Marlena says Alex loves her more. Outside, Patrick finally concedes and assures Alex that he is on his side…and the side of the money. John gets frustrated with Marlena’s behavior and she tells him that he is borderline psychotic and needs professional help. Alex walks up and concurs and tells him to just let her go…her destiny is with him. John explodes and attacks Alex as Marlena screams.

At Lucas’s…Carrie starts ripping up the sketches of wedding dresses and tells Lucas she needs to talk to him in private. They go to another room as Sami and Austin wonder what is going on. Carrie tells Lucas that after what she tells him, there may not be a wedding. Austin thinks that maybe Carrie is having second thoughts about marrying Lucas. After Carrie has told Lucas her news (we don’t hear), he is shocked and asks her if she is sure. Carrie says she has ruined everything but Lucas says no. Sami thinks that maybe she and Austin should leave, but Carrie and Lucas come back with something to tell them. Carrie drops the bomb, announcing that she is pregnant. Sami rushes over to hug her (with a troubled look on her face). She tells her it doesn’t ruin everything, they will just have to get married sooner. But Carrie wants a big wedding with everyone there…her mom, John, Marlena, Eric, Brady and Chloe. Sami doesn’t see the problem, but Carrie says that will all take planning. Sami says that is a cop-out and asks why she is stalling. Lucas says there will be a wedding, not to worry. Sami suggests they all go out and celebrate and Carrie thinks that is a good idea. Austin tells Carrie he is happy for her and she thanks him. Sami says “I am happy for all of us” (with a strange look on her face)…as the previews show…

John (to Hope): I should just call Bo and tell him where you are right now…(Hope): No you won’t do that…I won’t let you (as Patrick listens)…

Jen (to Frankie): I don’t want to be just lovers…I want to be husband and wife…(Frankie): What?...

Austin (to Sami): That is why I want to ask you something important…(Sami, excitedly): Oh my God…are you asking me to marry you?...

And the credits roll…


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