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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Episode # 10327; Tape Date: 5/5/06; Air Date: 6/1/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: In this lackluster episode, most of Salem ends up at Chez Rouge for dinner. Zzzzzzz.

At Sami’s…the gang finishes up their pie as they question EJ about how he decided to move there. He tells them that when he was checking out the place, he heard someone playing jazz. Sami goes on about how she loves jazz and shows him her cd collection. Lucas comments to Carrie about Sami flirting and is sure that she will screw things up with Austin. Sami suggests that they take EJ out and show him the town. They all finally decide on Chez Rouge as EJ goes to get dressed.

At the Lofts…Shawn and Mimi return home as he dotes on her. She worries that it didn’t work. She wants a favor…for him to get the AC fixed. He can’t do anything about that, so she wants to at least go out somewhere to eat that is cool. He goes to call Maggie, but Mimi says she would be just as happy going to Buddy’s and having a hot dog. She talks about her possible cravings and he informs her that he has the freezer stocked with ice cream.

Across the hall, Philip and Belle are lying on the sofa making out (I think they mention that John and Marlena have Claire). She is still upset about his wanting to race and tries to talk him out of it, letting him know that Kate isn’t happy either. But he talks about how he wants to break boundaries. He suggests that they go out to dinner and discuss it. They hear Shawn and Mimi in the hallway and go out and ask what is going on.

At Billie’s…Max comes by with flowers for Chelsea as she worries and whines about her trial. He suggests they go out for dinner, even though she tells him Billie doesn’t want her going anywhere. He promises it will be somewhere nice as she says it will be like her last night of freedom. She mopes around and cries as they hug and she tells him she is sure that she will go to jail and never see him again. She tells him the only way to fix things is to get rid of Hope.

At the Cemetery…Bo and Hope kiss and she pulls away from him, saying she can’t do this. He tells her that they belong together and talks about what she means to him and how he doesn’t want to lose her. He begs her not to leave him and then suggests that they go somewhere to talk. He says that Zack loved them and would want them together. Hope bends down and talks to Zack about the tulips she brought him and begins to cry. He holds her and tells her to let him take care of her. He suggests they get out of there and she finally agrees.

Chez Rouge…The first wave arrives (Philip, Belle, Shawn and Mimi) as they are giving Shawn a hard time about driving so slow. Shawn and Philip go to get a beer as Mimi and Belle sit and talk. Belle assures her that this will be the best time of her life, she only hopes that Mimi doesn’t suffer from PPD like she did. Mimi worries about maternity clothes and Belle tells her that she will get all hers out of storage. Mimi thanks Belle for being there for her.

The second wave of folks arrive (Sami, Austin, Lucas, Carrie & EJ) as Maggie questions Sami about EJ. Sami notices he is staring at Belle and he tells her that he has been involved in fund raising and recognized her from pictures. He also knows that Belle is Sami’s half-sister. He asks her why all the beautiful women in Salem are taken. Sami and Austin go over to say hi to Belle as Austin introduces EJ to her and Mimi. Philip and Shawn return and get their intros as well, and EJ recognizes the Kirakis name. Carrie and Mimi congratulate each other on their impending pregnancies as EJ goes to get a drink. Austin tells Shawn he wants to talk to him about his invention, which ruffles Lucas’s feathers. EJ thanks Sami for making him feel at home as they sit and talk and he comments on how lucky Austin is. Austin talks to Shawn about his invention and wants him to sign with his company. He asks him to consider it before he signs with Victor. Sami walks over and seconds that, but then Shawn says there is no way he will work with Sami.

Bo and Hope arrive as Maggie is thrilled to see them together, sure the divorce is off. Hope informs her they are just there to talk. She offers to Bo to do what she can to help. Shortly after, Max and Chelsea arrive as well. She tells Max she saw her dad’s car in the parking lot and is sure that he is there with Hope. She whines about Hope, saying she just wants to see her in jail. Maggie delivers oysters to Bo and Hope as Bo says he remembers how she craved them when she was pregnant with Shawn. She corrects him and says it was with Zack.

Lucas and Philip talk about his going into racing as Shawn tells Austin that if it weren’t for Sami, he may be able to work with Austin. (He blames it all on her posing as “Stan”, saying he will never forgive her for that). After Shawn walks off, Austin tells her it isn’t her fault and that he loves her. Shawn sees his mom and dad there together and is not too thrilled. Mimi tells him it may be a good thing but Shawn doesn’t think so. She suggests they go over and tell them the good news. They tell them about Mimi having the procedure and they are happy for them. Then, Shawn coldly asks his dad why they are there and Mimi has to practically drag him away. After they leave, Bo talks about when Shawn was a baby and how important it will be to be in the baby’s life. She tells him not to push it…they are just there to talk.

Sami is upset over Shawn but Austin wants to talk to him and work another angle. Sami has had enough for one evening and decides to just walk on home. She leaves, followed by EJ. Belle is day dreaming and Philip tells her that is obvious that she is jealous of Mimi…he thinks she is wanting to have another baby as well. Shawn and Mimi are ready to leave as well (I guess everyone ate…I missed it, lol) so that 4-some heads out. Lucas and Carrie are also ready to leave but she wants to say goodbye to Austin first. She tells him she hopes he is okay and not upset over not getting to sign Shawn. He assures her that he is okay. She asks about Sami and he tells her she is okay, she just decided to walk home. He gets a call and tells Carrie he has to take it, so Carrie and Austin leave. They notice that EJ is missing as Lucas says he probably found him a woman there. Outside, Sami sits and cries alone as she sees Carrie and Lucas leave. As she cries, EJ walks up and offers his hankie. She talks about how she ruins everyone and everything she touches. He tells her that she is beautiful and that he hopes to see a lot of her. Max and Chelsea are also outside now and she decides to go back inside and talk to her dad. He offers to go with her, but she says she can do this on her own. He looks over and sees EJ and says “my God…if he’s in town…I am a dead man”. Bo is still asking Hope what he has to do to make things right and convince her that he won’t let her down…as Chelsea walks up. Hope stares at her…as the previews show…

Belle (to Philip, Shawn & Mimi): Claire deserves to grow up with her own father…(Philip): and she will…(Mimi): No she won’t…

Sami: What’s your real story EJ…and how come you know so much about me…(as he smiles at her)…

Chelsea (to Max): I want to have at least one special memory of you and me before they send me away…make love to me…

Bo (to Hope): I’ll never give up on you…(Hope): You have to…

And the credits roll…

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