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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Episode # 10307; Tape Date: 4/7/06; Air Date: 5/4/06; Director: Roy Steinberg

Summary: Well, the show feed is back today in full force…just wish I could say the same for the content of the show. Alex continues to plot Marlena’s demise…John continues to worry and search for Doc…Austin presses Carrie for an answer...Belle tries to convince Shawn (and herself) that she is happy for him…and it’s a dark day for “Bope” fans, yes...Hope and Patrick do the deed.

In the Bar at Green Mountain Lodge…Shawn continues to get advice from Libby the doctor/bartender (LOL). Belle shows up, telling him she couldn’t sleep. They sit and talk as she tells him that she was out of line earlier. He tells her it’s okay, in fact it may have helped the situation some. He talks about how much he loves Claire and how she is the reason he wants to be a father so much. Belle says she knows why, because when they were younger, they both wanted to be parents. She tells him he will be a great dad. He says he loves Mimi whether she can have children or not. Belle says Mimi is a lucky girl and that she is a fool to have let him get away. She tells him she is happy for him and he thanks her. She says she knows that when she sees them with a baby, it will make their marriage more real. She talks about how babies change your lives and they talk about how their babies may possibly be about the same age and how they may turn out to be best friends. She thanks him for always being her friend and they hug as the bar seems to be closing as the lights go down. Shawn tells her that he thinks that everything worked out as it should as both agree they are lucky.

At the Dune Club…Austin and Carrie are still handcuffed together in the storage room as she is feeling guilty over the kiss. Austin tries to calm her nerves as he talks about how he loves her and can’t figure out why she wants to marry Lucas. Meanwhile, Lucas is still questioning Sami about what is going on between her and Lexie, but she keeps putting him off. Lucas knows that something is going on as he rehashes her history (Kate, Stan, etc.) Sami talks about how Austin was there for her when no one else was. Lucas goes back to Lexie but Sami swears there is nothing going on, she and Lexie just don’t get along. He thanks her for not trying to come between him and Carrie and Sami tells him if he wants to be with Carrie, to just stay out of her way. Sami waxes nostalgic, talking about how many times she was “almost” married and this time she intends to marry Austin. They go back to trading snipes and insults (as Lucas and Sami do) and Lucas tells her that he and Carrie love each other and how she is different from Sami…Carrie wouldn’t lie to him or keep secrets. He goes back once again to Lexie and Sami (having flashbacks of arguing with Lexie) tells him to just drop it. She checks and sees that the cops are gone and thinks they should go find Austin and Carrie and get out of there. Austin asks Carrie about her decision to marry Lucas and wants an answer as to why she changed her mind. He asks if Sami did or said anything, but Carrie defends Sami, saying she thinks she has really changed this time. They both think that if she could, she would have done something because both of them thinks that Sami is still in love with Lucas. Lucas asks Carrie if she could have HER heart’s desire…who would she want to be with? She has flashbacks of Lexie’s warnings and tells Austin to let it go. But he is sure that there is something behind her decision. But before she can say any more, Lucas and Sami are calling for them. Lucas and Sami tell them the cops are gone. Sami looks around and notices the tight are and asks what they have been doing in there. Carrie tells her they just talked (as Lucas remember kissing Sami). They go to get the handcuffs off but before they leave, Austin tells Carrie that this is to be continued. Jada uncuffs them and tells them they won the contest. Carrie wants their winnings donated to a charity that helps children with birth defects. Jada is still angry and curses the person that called in the phony drug tip (cut to Sami). Lucas goes to get Carrie some water as Austin tells Carrie he is waiting for his answer (as Sami overhears).

On the Island…Hope and Patrick are kissing and he stops it, saying she is a married woman and she should go back to Bo. But she says Bo broke their vows and now it is time for her to move on as well. She wants to be with Patrick and kisses him. Then she tells him she wants him to make love to her. He asks if she is sure as she says any other man would have taken advantage of her long before now. She is sure and wants him. They start kissing and he carries her back to the house. As seductive music plays, they start undressing each other and kissing. There are lots of flashes of bare skin in this long scene. Afterward, he asks her if it was a mistake and she says no as she stares off into space. She tell s him that she is just having a lot of different feelings right now. He says he wishes he could take her sadness away. She says they are good for each other because he understands her feelings and what it means to lose love. They start kissing and go at it again. Later, they are back in the casino as Hope tells him she doesn’t regret what they did. They sit and Patrick has a special treat for her, some kind of chocolate fondue or something. He feeds her chocolate and then kisses it off her lips…just as Alex and Marlena walk by. (None of them see each other).

We see Alex and Marlena at the casino as he tells her that nothing is too good for her. She talks about how she loves it there but also looks forward to returning home. To himself, he says he doesn’t intend to take her home. They pass the roulette table and he asks her if she wants to gamble and she is excited. To himself, he says she should enjoy it while she can, her luck is about to run out. Later, they are outside as he wishes her a happy honeymoon and gives her a gift…a necklace. Excited, she rushes off to try it on and check it out. To himself, he says now, he won’t have to drug her as often to keep control of her (as he lights up a cigar). He gets a call from the realtor and tells him that she has prospective buyers for the contents of the penthouse. But he is adamant that he wants it all sold together (apartment and furnishings) in one package. He tells her he knows someone that may be interested.

At the Java Café…John is there working furiously on his laptop trying to find Marlena. John fears she is gone and he will never see her again. He tells Kate (who is with him) he thinks Alex is going to kill Marlena (as he has flashbacks of Alex telling him he was going to cause Marlena pain). Kate says he was only taunting John and didn’t mean it. But John is sure that Alex doesn’t love Marlena and only wants to harm her. Kate tells him she is sure that Marlena will be back in Salem soon and has flashbacks of them having lunch before she left. In that flashback, Marlena tells her that she loves Salem and will be back after the honeymoon. John thinks it may not be Marlena’s decision.

Smug Alex is pleased with himself as Marlena walks up telling him he has gone too far…she just found out that he booked an entire day for her at the spa. She is thrilled as he promises her this is a honeymoon she will never forget.

John gets a call from the realtor about the sale of the penthouse and the contents. She tells him that Alex wanted him to have first opportunity at buying it. (Cue puzzled look on John’s face). He tells Kate to listen as he asks the realtor to repeat it and tells him she will be in touch. After he gets off the phone, he tells Kate that he was right all along…he will never see Marlena again. Alex is not planning to return to Salem. He is furious and says he is going to kill Marlena and she is lost to everyone in Salem forever…as the previews show…

Lucas (to Kate): It has to be perfect…as perfect as my life with Carrie. (Kate): Are you really sure it’s going to be?

Carrie: I am driving myself crazy…it isn’t fair to Lucas or Austin…

Austin (to Sami): It’s about our relationship… (Sami): From the tone of your voice, it doesn’t sound as if we have one…

Mimi (to Belle): I can’t help but wonder if you wish it were YOU having Shawn’s baby instead…

And the credits roll…

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