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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: 4/24/06
EPISODE: 10,315

Another snoozer with rehashed conversations with the apartment dwellers and the islanders, Bo's depression and Frankie's frustration.

Lucas brings Carrie, Austin and Sami upstairs to the rooftop to celebrate Carrie’s pregnancy. He lights up the rooftop mini lights to show a table set for 4 and Carrie’s thrilled while Austin and Sami jealous. Lucas pours a non-alcoholic drink for a toast and toasts the mother of his child in front of his ex wife and Carrie’s ex husband..both of whom still love them (dumb). The two couples dance. Austin admits being jealous of Carrie’s having Lucas’ baby. He’s more jealous of the baby part as he really wants a family.

Carrie tells Lucas she is surprised she is pregnant so fast, but knows they hadn’t taken precautions (being she was so undecisive, that was REALLY irresponsible). His cell rings and he changed his ring tone just for her. He dashes downstairs to get the food that’s being delivered.

Sami is surprised that Austin’s giving her another chance after all she’s done (you’re not alone). All Austin wants is to be the dad he never had. Sami says he just needs the right woman to do that with. Carrie asks if she can cut in. Austin, like us, is surprised she cut in and wants to celebrate with them at all. Flash back of Lexie’s warning about having children with Austin as he comments how he wanted kids and with her. She wants him to be happy and knows he will be…maybe sooner than he thinks. Lucas returns with a bag of food and Sami helps him, saying she’s happy for him and Carrie. One day she wants another baby too and Lucas wishes her the best. They distribute the food and Austin says there’s something he wants to talk to Sami about it private. Privately he tells Sami before Carrie cut in, they were talking about all he needs is the right woman and Sami interrupts, asking if he’s proposing.

Frankie visits Ma at the pub. He tells her how doing his job and using the best defense he can is going to hurt someone he loves, Bo. He can’t tell her what he’s referring to being Chelsea’s his client. On her own she knows Hope’s testimony would make matters worse and he agrees to that. He hates this part of his job as Caroline does her best to support him. She says Hope told her not to meddle. Frankie asks about the decorations and Caroline says it’s Victor’s birthday and they’re throwing him a party. Frankie asks if Pop knows about this and Pop Shawn joins them, saying it was his idea. He knows Victor was responsible for Caroline’s being there today. Jennifer joins them and Ma and Pop are happy to see them spending time together. They finish decorating as Jennifer tells Frankie she doesn’t want to be just lovers, but husband and wife. They kiss.

Bo comes home and finds a purse on the couch. He calls upstairs hoping that Hope’s returned, but Jennifer comes down with a box of Zack’s things. She tells him Hope asked her to collect them and had said she’d tell Bo about it. He hadn’t heard and objects, saying Zack was his son as well and he’s still grieving. Bo looks at the items and breaks down, saying it reminds him of what he’s lost, including Hope to Lockhart. He tells Jen that Hope is sleeping with Patrick. He got Hope’s number from Ma and about his conversation with Hope. In a rage he asks how she could do that? Jen says maybe because Hope knew he had moved on with Billie. Surprised at that, Jen doesn’t go into it and leaves when Bo said he’d clean up what he broke. He remembers a happier time with Hope when he says he’s the luckiest man in the world and back to present, knew it was true. He asks how this could happen to his family as he goes upstairs as we cut away to a family group picture.

We return to Marlena defending her husband Alex. Patrick warns John to stay away from Alex, which surprises Hope. John doesn’t budge and Patrick explains John hasn’t been thrown out already because he waved the guards off. John tells Hope about the APB for Patrick and threatens to call Bo to report where Hope and Patrick are. Hope won’t let him. Patrick steps away and John and Hope talk quietly as Hope explains Patrick’s been a complete gentleman and reminds John how he saved them on Tony’s island. John says there’s something about Patrick he doesn’t like. John tries to tells Hope he’s spent a lot of time with Bo and Billie’s not in the picture. Hope says she knows different.

Alone with Alex, Marlena suggests they go to another island, but Alex knows John is ISA and would find them. Marlena oohs and ahhs over a Morgan Island Mai Tai as Patrick pops up in the bushes. Alex joins him and Patrick agrees they need to get rid of John Black ASAP. Patrick suggests Alex and Marlena slip away during the night, but Alex said that would be a temp fix. He’s concerned with Marlena’s behavior and Alex tries to explain it, but Patrick doesn’t buy it. He tells Patrick that he came back to Salem a changed man and what he wants Patrick to do.

We see Jack holding his locket with Jen’s picture in it. The doctor and nurse see it and comment on it. The doctor knows of a new procedure that might help their patient. The nurse asks if this patient has any future and he takes her outside the room to talk. Jack wakens and says Jennifer’s name as the previews roll...

That’s why we’re going to be at your trial every day and we’re going to see that you’re sent away for as long as the law will allow.

AUSTIN TO SAMI: We have to talk
SAMI (not looking very happy): Oh, my favorite four words.

I wish everyone could be this happy

JOHN pressing something in MARLENA’S waist as she asks what he did and he replies it’s okay.

HOPE TO PATRICK: Do you know something about Alex that you’re not telling me?

As the credits roll

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