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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Sorry, there was no feed for Wednesday's show. Check back later to see if Sandra from Canada posts the summary later.

Episode: 10,305
Directed by: Herb Stern
Tape Date: 4/5/06

Another ho hum show today as Mimi and Shawn learn they might be able to have a biological child after all; Chelsea's inner voice keeps busy; Jen shows Jack's video to Abby

Phil asks Belle why she feels something is wrong with Mimi and Shawn adopting. She knows how much Shawn wants his own biological children and is only doing this for Mimi. Naturally Shawn and Mimi overheard and Shawn glares as Mimi excuses herself. Mimi goes outside and cries, saying out loud Shawn’s only adopting for her and doesn’t even realize he has his own biological child. She turns around and there’s Shawn, but he didn’t overhear her. He promises he means wanting to adopt with her and they exchange I love yous as Belle and Philip follow to try and apologize. Mimi talks to Philip as Shawn goes for wine for them. Belle apologizes to Shawn and says she’s happy for him and even jests that she’s jealous of Mimi not having to go through a lot of the pregnancy problems. Belle leaves and the woman bartender apologizes for overhearing, but tells Shawn that his wife isn’t necessarily infertile with scarring on her fallopian tubes. Mimi explains adopting isn’t a fast process to Philip. The bartender talks to Shawn after Belle delivers Mimi and Philip’s wine. Shawn introduces her to everyone else and she explains in vitro to Mimi, saying she had the same scarring problem and now has two babies. Mimi is excited, saying she was only told the old fashioned way wouldn’t work, but hadn’t talked to a fertility specialist concerning other options. The newlyweds agree to try doing so.

Max arrives to find Chelsea and Abby fighting. Abby leaves and Chelsea has a full flashback of her sending the email to Hope supposedly from Bo (lucky us). She is back on her “maybe Billie and Bo can be together” drivel. Max knows that won’t happen as Bo and Hope always find their way back to each other (yeah, so stop this crap and just do it please!) A little reality check where he tells her she got a second chance with parents and she should enjoy having them. She takes off. Max goes in and asks Frankie if he’s seen Chelsea, worried she’s got a lot going on and asks Frankie if he knows what it is. Another opportunity to share those flashbacks of Frankie (as Chelsea’s lawyer) advising her to not say anything about what she did. Chelsea knows Max is right however, Bo and Hope should be together.

Billie follows Bo in the bar. She warns him about drinking and driving and he insists he knows his limits. She tells him he has to fight for who he wants and tells him about how she didn’t get the man she wanted. He doesn’t understand until she flat out tell him she’s talking about him. They jabber, he buys another beer. After finishing it he leaves with Billie following. He gets on his bike and starts it as we see Chelsea running up to them, yelling she has to talk to them. Somewhere in the wilderness (I give up how Billie got there or Chelsea saw them there…) Billie tells Bo she promises to help him find Hope. They’re a team just like in the old days. Cue “Can’t Live without your Love” as flashbacks of Bo and Hope together…the first one of her in uniform, one of them being pulled with ropes as they’re in the ocean, on the beach, in a hot air balloon, kissing in football uniforms, riding on his bike after he saved her from marrying Larry Welch. Still enamored with those memories, he turns and kisses Billie (another thing he and Hope share). Chelsea’s calling out to them, knowing they’re nearby.

Abby walks in and finds Frankie and Jennifer in bed and comes unglued. Frankie apologizes softly and leaves the two women to talk as Jennifer explains nothing sexually happened between them until GML. They even had separate rooms there, but she realized she still loved Frankie. Abby breaks down and reminds her mom how she was saving herself until marriage as her mom had and upset Jennifer jumps into bed so soon after her dad died. She asks who else she’s slept with and calls her mom a slut. Jen starts to hit her, but doesn’t. She apologizes for almost doing so, but explains to her daughter she should have told her daughter what was happening, but didn’t because she was scared. She tells Abby about the dvd Jack made and plays it for her. Abby can’t tear her eyes away from the dvd, but Jen looks between her daughter and the dvd tearfully as it plays. When it finishes playing, Abby understands and apologizes to her mom. Frankie walks in quietly and sees what’s happening. He hears Abby saying she’s got to apologize to him and walks in saying she doesn’t. He agrees, her dad was a special man and Abby hugs him. She leaves to go to Java Café. Frankie asks Jen if everything’s okay and tells her he thinks Jack is looking out for them. She agrees and they hug.

Outside Max leaves a voice mail for Chelsea. In the mountains, Chelsea runs up and sees Billie and Bo kissing. They don’t hear her and Chelsea runs back to where she came from. She tells herself she can’t believe her mom and dad are having sex because of her (looked like they were fully clothed and just kissing to me) and she can never tell the truth now….as the previews roll….

JENNIFER TO FRANKIE: I don’t know if I will ever be ready and I can’t do this to you anymore. It’s just not going to work out for us.

PATRICK TO HOPE: Now that your marriage is over, I don’t know if I can be trusted to be alone with you.

BO TO BILLIE: Billie, there’s a part of me that wants you….

MAX TO CHELSEA: (as he finds her in a slinky dress doing some dirty dancing)…Do you want your face plastered all the tabloids? You’re going to you have a death wish or something?

As the credits roll

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