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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Episode: 10,320
Director: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 4/26/06

Thank goodness it appears some people are wising up and hopefully these storylines will call it a wrap soon…as the Morgan Islanders make progress; Mimi confesses and finds herself in more of a dilemma while Sami karma is questioned.

Mimi and Bonnie argue about telling Shawn the truth about Claire’s paternity. Mimi rushes out and Bonnie (and Max) follows. Bonnie follows her to St. Lukes (she parked Max with a nun apparently, saying she had an emergency). Mimi wants to talk to a priest as Bonnie tries to convince her not to.

Mimi and Father Jansen chat over tea as she tells him about the in vitro. He’s happy and says God’s blessing her with a child of her own after she told Shawn about Claire being his daughter. She tells Father Jansen she lied and Shawn doesn’t know. He shakes his head in dismay. He tells her in the eyes of the church, her marriage is null and void. Cue Mimi’s gasp. Mimi freaks, worried about Shawn’s reaction matching Rex’s and wanting no more to do with her.

At home, Sami reads The Theory of Karma, Will’s school project..and how it works …as we see a flashback of her with Alex talking about changing Lexie’s cancer test results. Knowing what she did was wrong, she grabs her purse and dashes out.

Sami arrives at St. Lukes to light a candle, promising to be good from now on (do she and Austin work at all now?). Bonnie walks up and says she heard what she did, getting Austin to propose to her. While Bonnie tries to find out what Sami’s feeling guilty about, she slips that Mimi is there confessing and Sami needs to hear more about that. Sami’s ears perk up and ask what Mimi’s done. Bonnie says good girls come to confession often and changes the subject back to Sami. Sami leaves and Bonnie sees Mimi in the hall as Mimi tells Bonnie what happened (see below). She says this lie is tearing her apart and can’t bring a baby in the world with this on her conscience. She tells Bonnie to leave. Bonnie asks her to call before she makes a decision, but Mimi can’t promise that. Mimi asks God for her help.

Sami is in the confessional and Father Jansen knows it’s her, calling her by name. Sami explains about karma and he says what you sow you reap.

Billie helps Bo pack up Zack’s toys. He misses Hope and his sons and tells her so. They talk about Chelsea’s fate in court (yawn) and what would happen if he tells Hope about the new court date. Bo calmly tells Billie that he loves Hope and always will. They talk about Patrick and his charms and Billie wasn’t immune to them either. He apologizes if it appeared he himself was leading her on. With tears in her eyes she says she knew.

Hope tears into Patrick for how she believed in him and he turns out to be one of those bad guys after all. She calmly tells him that he took advantage of her at the lowest point of her life and she thought they had something. He agrees they do, but she tells him he doesn’t care about her or he wouldn’t side with Alex. Patrick grabs her and says he does care about her, more than she’ll ever know and always has (don’t get me started here). She’s not happy with him and he stalks off.

Hope remembers sleeping with Patrick and asking herself how she could be so stupid, pulls out her cell phone and makes a call. Billie asks him to help her carry the boxes out to her car and she’ll take them to the Horton Foundation the next day. The recorder picks up while they’re both outside and Hope tells him she’s on Morgan Island and was wrong about Patrick. She needs him. Bo rushes in and hears Hope’s voice and gets the phone too late.

John pleads with the police to try and convince them he’s right. The police return and have confirmed John’s credentials, but warn him to stay clear of Dr. and Mrs. North, then leave. They say the Salem PD or Agent Spector concurred they didn’t have anything on Alex to convince them to do anything about him. Hope tries to stop John.

Marlena calmly tries to convince Alex she loves John and wants to return. She feels strongly that she belongs with John as he whips out ANOTHER syringe and she tells him NO MORE NEEDLES. As calmly as ordering a steak dinner, he tells her she leaves him no other choice. He puts it back anyway, knowing John is on to him in that respect. He steps closer and tells her she loves him..she doesn’t know why, but agrees as she plays with her necklace. She assures Alex that John is only concerned, not stalking her. Alex tries to convince her he gave her the drugs as he wanted her only for himself…but to be sure that if he can’t have her…no one else ever will. She begs him not to do this and worried he’d have to go to prison. He takes her hand and asks if that means they’d have a chance. He calmly tells her that he can’t lose her to John and she’ll have to die. Uh oh. They struggle and she slaps him She falls down and remembers how he slapped her on their first honeymoon and (flashback of scene with Lois where she saw the picture of her bruised face), realizes it is true. They struggle more as he is angry she hit him and she screams as he tries to push her over the cliff.

John arrives as Alex is struggling with Marlena. Marlena gets loose and rushes towards John as Alex pulls out his gun. John twists Alex’s arm away and punches Alex, who drops the gun and falls to the ground. Marlena rushes into John’s arms (get the gun first John!) Marlena doesn’t know why she still feels something for Alex and John asks about the pendant. She tells him Alex gave it to her and John rips it off and tosses it over the cliff. They kiss and of course Alex comes to (stupid stupid stupid…a trained ISA agent would secure the scene first). Alex sees the gun on the ground. Marlena sees Alex going for it and warns John. He tells Alex to give it up, it’s too late. Alex says no it’s not and now he can kill both of them as both men struggle for the gun as the previews roll….

Mimi to Sami: Sami, I don’t even like you. Why would you even care?
Sami tells Mimi she knows that she has a big juicy secret and maybe they can help each other…

Bo (on a plane) calls someone to say Hope’s in trouble and in danger with Lockhart. We see Billie on the other end as the call gets broken up.

Jennifer (holding JJ) is with Frankie as they tell Maggie and Alice that she and Frankie are getting married. The two women are happy for them.

Jack (in hospital bed) says to himself: I know I arranged for you and Frankie to fall in love, but you’re my wife and they’re my kids and dammit, I’m going home….

As the credits roll…

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