Monday, May 29, 2006


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Episode: 10,325
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 5/3/06

Tiz a HOT Memorial Day in Salem USA as our residents visit or lounge around home on their day off.


Kate is getting a few nice photos of Philip (in uniform), Belle and Claire. They’ve just returned from the Memorial Day Parade that Philip marched in wearing his purple heart (apparently no one else in Salem went to it). He talks about how his leg reminds him every day about why he got the purple heart, citing the stairs as an example (why don’t they move to a single story house..that way Claire could have her own room and a yard too?). Philip has a plan for his future and it’s pretty ambitious. Philip explains he wants to invest in Shawn’s new invention. He says Max has asked Shawn to captain his pit crew and Philip wants to be Max’s back up driver. Neither Belle or Kate are happy about this new career move he’s planning and when he goes to get his proposal about it, Kate tells Belle this is all her fault. Kate brings up how Belle was running after Shawn when he and Mimi were getting married. Belle’s surprised that Kate knew about that and Kate said EVERYONE but Philip knew as Belle told them, (LOL, isn’t that the truth!). Kate warns her again about how hard it is to lose a child and Belle vows her marriage to Philip is strong (Claire keeps reaching for Belle’s hoop earrings…thought she was going to yank it out of Martha’s ear). Belle tells Claire to kiss Grandma goodbye, cause she’s leaving…Kate takes the hint. Philip returns in shirt and jeans and Belle tears into him about how dangerous race car driving is and he has a wife and baby to think about. He hugs her saying it’ll be okay. He still needs some thrills in his life and being the first race car amputee would do that. He’s not sure Max and Shawn would appreciate an inexperienced driver on their team (ya think?). He’s willing to underwrite the race team to help convince them.

Shawn and Mimi are trying to stay cool with their electric fan (the super says the part needed for the AC will get there tomorrow) as he reads a book about In Vitro. He offers her a popsicle and she tells him she knows they keep the freezer full of them in the maternity ward. Shawn feels Zack is helping them with having a baby and asks if she’s serious about naming their baby (if it’s a boy), Zack. She confirms that and he feels so blessed while Mimi feels guilty. She says it’s because of the abortion. Philip arrives and asks to speak with Shawn alone, so Mimi goes to visit Belle. Philip has a business proposition. We return after Philip’s pitched his deal..and it’s 100% contingent on HIS being able to drive. Shawn says it’s okay with him if it is with Max (hello..their driver is living in an apartment above a friend’s garage…it doesn’t sound like a lucrative team, LOL!) Shawn asks if there’s any safer way for an amputee to prove his case. Mimi hasn’t even gotten across the hall before the guys finish their talk.

Sami and Austin return home in their swimsuits, pondering who their new neighbor will be. After going inside, we see it’s a handsome guy named Mr. Wells. He tells her about his next product he’d like their company to promote and her cousin Shawn is involved. Sami wonders what her hot shot cousin who use to be a hot shot pitcher, then lawyer to be is involved with (LOL..good one Sami). Austin explains Shawn found his niche as he’s a mechanical genius. They start playing around (loudly) and the new neighbor stares at the door (probably wondering if he can get out of his lease). Later while Sami’s in the bathroom, the new neighbor (EJ Wells) knocks on the door and introduces himself to Austin. He explains he rented the flat across the hall (get it, he’s ENGLISH) and just arrived from overseas. Picking up the picture of Sami, he asks if this fetching creature is Austin’s wife. Austin likes the adjectives and explains she’s his fiancée. Sami yells for Austin and EJ leaves with the wrench he borrowed for his leaky shower. Sami runs in saying THEIR shower is leaking water all over the place and when he explains where the wrench is, she pushes Austin to the bathroom while she goes to get their wrench back. Of course by the time she arrives, EJ is naked (his towel slipped) and wrapping it around his waist (they strip fast in Salem USA don’t ya know!) Naturally the towel drops and Sami chuckles he’s a big improvement over the last neighbor (as Austin comes to see where the wrench is and Sami nervously giggles).

Chelsea opens the door of Jenn’s house to find Hope standing there. Hope remembers Chelsea’s crying and trying to tell her it was an accident…that she had permission to drive Bo’s car . Hope knew it would be hard to return to Salem, but didn’t know how hard until she saw Chelsea. Jen, Frankie, Bo and Billie all arrive from separate directions. Hope isn’t listening to Chelsea’s normal mantra and Jen scurries her into the kitchen for some water. Chelsea moans, knowing that Hope will never forgive her and Frankie goes after her when Billie and Bo were going to.

Chelsea and Frankie have a chat as he levels things could be worse. He says she’s “whistling past the graveyard”…which goes over her head …that’s a new one to me too. He tells her if she levels she knows what she did was wrong, it might help. Frankie asks Chelsea if she’s willing to play the dice about Bo and Hope figuring out SHE sent the emails to each other, not them. She’s not admitting she sent them before the trial is over. Chelsea admits loving Bo to Frankie and afraid of losing him if she tells the truth. Frankie promises to defend her regardless. He warns her the clock is ticking and she needs to give Bo and Hope their lives back together. The evil brat refuses to.

Billie convinces Bo to talk to Hope and when she privately questions why she did that, Kate pops up behind her (she does get around). Kate doesn’t agree that Billie should let Bo and Hope find their way back together.

Hope tells her cousin she needs something stronger than water and apologizes for ruining Jen’s bbq. Hope tells Jen she needs to rebuild her life to make Zack proud. Hope tells Jen that she and Bo are finished as he walks in the kitchen saying that’s not true. Jen excuses herself to give them some privacy. Hope tells Bo to stop lying to her and how his daughter was willing to let him and Billie sacrifice everything to save her own skin. She is angry that he made a big pitch for her to forgive him instead of telling her about the court date change. She’s back in Salem now and it’s hard, but she needs justice for her little boy. He tells her they both have done things they regret (flashback of her and Jen finding Bo and Billie in bed together). She says she doesn’t know him anymore and how dare him compare what they did. He slept with Billie before she asked for a divorce. She didn’t sleep with Patrick until they were on the island. How can she forgive him, especially after the email he sent her. He’s confused about what he supposedly sent her via email, but she refuses to discuss it any more. He follows her out of the kitchen and they run into Billie and Chelsea. When Chelsea, then Billie rush away, Hope tells Bo to follow them as they’re his family now….as the previews roll…

Mimi to Shawn: I can’t help but think that God will punish me.
Shawn: Guess what? God does not punish people for making mistakes.

Hope is brushing off Zack’s headstone and turns and cries in Bo’s (?) arms…

John walks in carrying a pot of hot tea (?) and finds Roman hugging Marlena.

Patrick to Billie: You want to give this whole living situation another try, or what?
Billie: I’ll think about it.

Sami to EJ: How did you know that I like lemonade in my beer.
EJ: Lucky guess….cheers.

As the credits roll…

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