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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

EPISODE NO: 10,310
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 4/13/06

SUMMARY: They should change the show opening from sands in the hour glass to biological clock ticking…as Salem’s women continue to be obsessed with getting pregnant while the older Salem men talk about their women who aren’t in their lives anymore.

Shawn brings Mimi a surprise, a rocking horse from Zack’s room. She hates seeing how his family was torn apart. Shawn says she and their children are his family now as his other family is dead to him now. Bo walks in (the doors in Salem never close don’t you know) asking if he really believes that. Mimi calls Bo “Dad” and likes the sound of it. He does too and she gets him a bottle of water. She says she’s not the world’s best cook, but asks Bo to dinner one night. Shawn says his dad is too busy. Bo asks what Henry (the horse) is doing there. Bo smiles remembering when he brought Henry home from his folks house when Shawn was little. Bo talks about how much Zack loved Henry and Shawn erupts about how Bo let a stranger come into their lives and break up their family. Bo clarifies she’s (Chelsea) his family too and Mimi tries to change the subject saying Patrick had a horse similar to Henry, but they lost it when they lost their house. Bo tells them he came to talk about Patrick and Mimi’s worried something happened to him. He asks if she ever heard Patrick talk about Alma and Mimi said yes, but she died. Bo tells them Alma was murdered and doesn’t know who was responsible.

Hope and Patrick sip coffee on the hotel balcony and talk about going snorkeling. Her phone rings and she figures it’s about her divorce, so Patrick excuses himself. It’s Caroline calling Hope to talk about Bo. She begs Hope to hear her out as Hope tries to politely ask her to butt out. Caroline breaks down saying she can’t stand by and let two people she loves make such a big mistake. Caroline called from the bar on a hard lined phone and trying to talk while others are working. Hope asks Caroline about the last time she saw Bo and knows he was with Billie. Caroline remembers Bo and Billie coming into the pub together and can’t lie. They finally hang up, and Hope understands Caroline’s intentions are good and boo hoos on Patrick’s shoulder. They kiss and Marlena steps out to lie in the sun, sees Hope asks Hope if that’s her from the next balcony.

While Hope was on the phone, Patrick gets a call and learns Alex North is asking for his services. He says he’s there with someone and doesn’t want to put him in danger.

John comes to see Bo and says he has tangible proof that Alex is going to kill Marlena. He tells Bo about how Alex has put everything in the Penthouse up for sale. John reminds Bo that Marlena told him she was returning to Salem, so Alex’s selling everything proves he’s planning on killing her. Bo figures they should let Hope and Marlena have their way and go their own.

Marlena finds Alex typing on his computer about his plans for her and asks when he was going to tell her this. He was getting a life insurance policy on her. He tries to change the subject to the necklace he gave her and she won’t let him. He tells her he’s just doing the smart thing to protect them should either of them die..even throws in protecting her children too (gag me). He tells her to NEVER take her necklace off and she agrees. She believes him about the insurance policy and goes to get her swim suit on when he suggests they go swimming. He calls John and tries to irk him saying what a romantic honeymoon they’re having. He holds the phone nearby as Marlena walks in wearing her suit. He kisses Marlena and tells her he loves her and she tells him the same. John calls out to Marlena, but she doesn’t hear as Alex holds the phone speaker next to his robe. Replay of John and Alex’s chat in the morgue. John tries to clue the female cop in the room about his call and says Alex’s name, saying he won’t get away with it. Alex knows he already is.

Sami tears into Lexie about her affair with Tek. Lexie is determined to make amends with what she’s done, but tells Sami she’ll lose Austin and burn in eternity for all the sins she herself has committed. Lexie wonders how Sami got Carrie to believe she had changed her manipulative ways and tells Sami she’s worse than she ever was. Tek walks in and agrees, saying they’re not putting up with it. Sami threatens Tek that he’d lose his job at Salem PD if she tells on them. He says he can go back to the ISA, but she reminds him how close Abe and John are and doubts that would happen…the ISA also has good moral standards for their agents (we know some of their agents and I won’t even go there). Bicker bicker, threaten threaten...yada yada.

More bickering between Austin and Lucas about Carrie, whose emotions are teetering more than usual. Austin begs her to remember happy times they had and she does… when he brought her a rose he stole out of Mrs. Horton’s garden for her, a candlelight dinner he surprised her with and when they were in bed and happy. She wonders what’s keeping Lexie from calling as Lucas wants Carrie to remind Austin they are getting married. Lexie finally calls Carrie, who ducks into another room. Lexie tells Carrie she reviewed the test results with a colleague and there’s no mistake with her original results. Austin apologizes to Lucas, but says he loves Carrie and can’t give up. Lucas does understand, but says it’s time for him to do just that. Carrie thanks Lexie for rechecking (good grief woman, if you love Austin so much, marry him and adopt). Satisfield, Sami leaves as Tek and Lexie explode calling Sami a bitch. Sami warns them to lock the door so no one else catches them. They hug to comfort each other.

Carrie returns, saying it was Roman who called, and tells Austin that part of her will always love him, but her life and future is with Lucas (has Lexie tested Lucas’ DNA..they ARE brothers). Lucas hugs Carrie as she and Austin exchange puppy dog looks…as the previews roll.

BO TO CAROLINE: “You didn’t drive all the way down here (cop shop) to bring me lunch.”
CAROLINE: “I talked to Hope.”

MARLENA TO HOPE: “It was almost Alex’s funeral. John tried to kill him.”

ALEX TO PATRICK: “If you want to stay in Hope’s life, you’re going to need my help.”

AUSTIN TO SAMI: “When she was choosing Lucas it was almost like she was afraid of choosing me.”

As the credits roll..

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