Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Wednesday, MAY 10TH, 2006

Episode #10,311
Tape date-4/13
Director Albert Alarr

The May Sleeps continue, and I do mean sleeps, not sweeps. At today’s snoozefest (have your coffee cup filled), Mimi shows off her mechanical skills, Austin can’t get over Carrie’s choice, Alex makes a deal with Patrick, while Caroline sneakily helps Bo.

CHELSEA comes to the garage to ask Max to be a character witness for her. Max is not happy, as Chelsea had treated him like dirt before, and now wants a favor. Shawn, who is under a car, overhears, and comes out ranting at Chelsea. Just because Max is a race car driver, it will not make her look any better. Chelsea stalks off, as Mimi arrives. She tries to reason with Shawn, to no avail, as he recites all the irresponsible things Chelsea did the night Zack was killed. Max finds Chelsea, and lectures her about her behavior, getting her pictures in the paper, wild ways, etc. Chelsea whines to Max. Her pity party works, they kiss. Meanwhile, Shawn is telling Mimi what he did with the car, but still having problems, she tells him some hose is loose, Voila…the car purrs like a kitten. Then she notices the oil cap is not screwed on, Shawn goes to tighten it, spurt, spurt, oil all over them . Ha. Ha. They talk of wanting to save money, with Shawn wanting more work on cars at the garage, while Mimi talks of getting extra hours at Glorianne’s (haven’t heard of that place in a while) and seeing if she can get occasional weekend shift work at a restaurant. (Wow, you mean people actually are going to WORK in Salem?)

NOW WE HAVE CARRIE repeating to Austin that Lucas is her future. Austin is shocked (and gets that deer caught in the headlights look on his face) but apologizes to both Lucas & Carrie. She apologizes right back, for seeming to waffle, yada, yada. Sami arrives & eavesdrops, entering as Carrie & Lucas leave. Austin is perplexed, as he could tell from the look on Carrie’s face she wanted to be with him……but seemed almost afraid. Sami babbles in her usual manner, offering to make coffee, etc. Sami shows him the plan she ran by the marketing manager (??) for relaunching Hi Style again. Austin is impressed, gives her the green light, then is about to give her another assignment, when Sami makes her bluff. She tells him she is moving on without him, and asks him to move out. Austin is shocked. Meanwhile, Lucas & Carrie have returned to his apt., he brings out a big envelope, full of travel brochures. Pick a spot for the honeymoon, mom is paying for everything. (Well, at least she gets to pick the honeymoon spot, since Kate is choosing flowers, reception location, band, and even Carrie’s dress. Something every bride dreams of!) She always wanted to go to Venice, Lucas tells her Venice it is. Ah, this is a time to celebrate and have sex on the sofa. Who cares if a few minutes ago Carrie would have been probably having sex with Austin if the call from Lexie had told her something other than it did. (these couples sure do manage to turn their feelings off and on like a water faucet. )

Back in Sami’s apt., she continues HER pity party, as she whines to Austin about all her failed loves, attempts at marriage, and babbles on about how long she has loved him. NOW Austin tells her he loves her, but still has feelings for Carrie, so they are going to have to take things very slow, slow indeed. Hug, Hug. Sami is happy.

AT THE COP SHOP, John warns Alex, who continues to taunt John, then hangs up. Darn, not long enough for John to be able to trace the call. Bo comes in, & John tells him that Alex still intends to kill Marlena, then plays the tape for him. Caroline arrives with a basket of chicken & dumplings for lunch. John leaves for a few minutes. She tells Bo she has talked to Hope, but cannot change her mind. Only Bo can do that. She refuses to tell where she got the number, but Bo realizes it must be from either Jen or Frankie. Caroline refuses to give Bo the number, saying she just cannot do that. She fumbles with her purse, the basket and drops a couple things to the floor. Bo picks the stuff up, and notes the paper with the phone # on it….returns it to Caroline, only saying, Thanks, Ma. She leaves. Bo looks at the phone.

ON THE ISLAND, we have a repeat of Marlena noticing Hope on the balcony next door. Alex comes out, and they all exchange the “what are you doing here” lines. Alex asks Hope, in particular, where is Bo. She tells them she has left Bo & just happened to bump into Patrick on the island. Alex says it must have been a big bump, since they are sharing a room. Later, Marlena & Hope meet again on the balcony. Hope tells her about filing for divorce, while Marlena tells Hope about renewing her vows, and how John almost killed Alex then.

Patrick comes to see Alex, saying he is no longer in his previous line of work. Alex insists that he help him, if he wants to keep Hope Brady. He offers Patrick big money, as he needs an ally to put certain plans in motion. Patrick refuses, but Alex insists that this kind of lifestyle Patrick is on requires a great deal of money, and Alex has it. He pulls out a metal suitcase, packed with bills, takes out one packet to give Patrick a down payment. Meanwhile, Hope is trying to encourage Marlena to return to Salem and talk to John. She tells her how different she is, not at all like the same friend she has been all these years. Marlena ponders this. Hope goes back into her room, Patrick comes in, money in hand. She asks if he got lucky in the casino, and he lies, saying yes. The phone rings. She asks Patrick to answer, as probably is Jen. Patrick picks up the phone, says..”Hello”. And Bo, on the other end goes livid as he asks Lockhart what he’s doing with his wife. And the previews roll…..

HOPE (on phone): O.K. Fine, one question
BO: Have you been sleeping with Lockhart?

SHAWN (on phone, as Mimi overhears): O.K. Feels like I’ve been waiting forever, but promise me. Don’t do anything to make Mimi suspicious.

BO: So what’s the plan
JOHN: I’m gonna get to that island and rescue my wife before North kills her

ALEX TO PATRICK: You help me eliminate John Black. I help you get rid of Bo Brady

And the credits roll


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