Tuesday, May 16, 2006


WEDNESDAY, May 17, 2006

Episode #10316
Tape date 4/19
Director – Albert Alarr

Days continues to crawl along at a snail’s pace, though some progress is being made. John finally gets through to Marlena, while Sami gets an abrupt awakening, as Chelsea attempts to find a way to keep Shawn from learning her trial date has been moved up.

AT THE GARAGE, Chelsea pops in with a surprise for Max. She has had the designers at Basic Black whip up race team jackets, a perk having her grandmother as boss there. (does this mean she actually DOES go to work there, lolol). She even had one made for herself, which says Max Brady’s #1 Fan on the back. Shawn comes in, not pleased to see her, and says she doesn’t even deserve to have the Brady name. He blows up, promising she will get what she deserves at her trial in a month. To herself, Chelsea vows that Shawn must not find out the trial date has been moved up. Max steps in, talking to Shawn about Chelsea being his half-sister, how the Brady’s have been taught to forgive, and that what Bo did was his doing, not Chelsea’s, so don’t blame her. He reminds Shawn that Chelsea only took her eye off the road for an instant, and that was not as bad as driving drunk, that Shawn himself could have killed someone when he went thru the church window, etc. etc.

Shawn tells Max he has been working on something, takes him over to the race car, and shows him some gimmick he attached to carburetor, more air intake, thus boosting power. Max is impressed, knows that when the other car owners hear about it, they will all want it. Shawn wants Max as a partner, saying he can get Victor to come up with start up money. Eavesdropping Chelsea wants none of that, and tries to convince Max to fire Shawn. She pulls out the “you think more of Shawn & making money than me” card, but Max tells her she has to talk to Shawn. She agrees, and begins by saying how she loved Zack from the minute she saw him……but Shawn interrupts, asking her exactly how many times she DID see him…..2, maybe 3? He tells her she has to pay for what she did, and both he & his mom will be making Victim Statements at her sentencing

ON MORGAN ISLAND, Patrick & Hope are dancing and talking about John, Marlena & Alex. Meanwhile, Alex is dancing with Marlena, telling her how sorry he is John finding them. Marlena is very happy, and is not going to let John spoil their honeymoon. Hope wonders what Patrick knows about Alex. He flashes back to making the deal with Alex to do away with John, but then drops some psychobabble onto Hope about how she is transferring her anxiety about her marriage onto John & Marlena. Later, Hope talks to John, offers to help. He asks her to keep Alex occupied, and goes to ask Marlena for one last dance. She is reluctant, but agrees. Alex tells Patrick he has to take out John NOW. Hope joins them, Patrick leaves, and she gets Alex to go to the gambling tables. As John dances with Marlena, he asks if she remembers the music, it was “their song”. She does not remember, of course. They walk off the floor, and as John stands behind her, he pulls out a hypodermic and injects her in the waist area. (o.k. what is with all these hypos being injected through clothing??? Egads, we all get the area where we are getting a shot cleaned with alcohol or disinfectant….but not our Salemites. ) She murmurs, asking what he has done, and he tells her that Alex has been drugging her, but he has given her the antidote (HOW does he know WHAT Alex was using?). Memories begin to come back to Marlena, as we see flashbacks of a few times together. She tells him she remembers, and knows how very much she loves him. Both are in tears as they embrace. She asks him to take her away and they hurry off. Alex was very lucky at the tables, but has decided to quit while ahead, and comes out with Hope, and is not happy at Marlena being gone. He finds Patrick, says they have to go after John, and asks him to get his gun.

UP ON THE ROOF, Sami, impatient as always, accepts the proposal Austin did NOT make, and is all excited. Lucas & Carrie offer congratulations, as Sami goes on and on about double wedding, same guests, etc. Austin finally bursts her bubble, telling her he did NOT propose, he has told her often enough that he wanted to take it slow, and that he is not ready to commit to anyone. Sami is devastated. Carrie & Lucas suggest they leave, Austin is grateful. She spots carved initials on the door from her & Austin, flashing back to an earlier time of them kissing. Lucas gets out his trusty boy scout knife, and carves THEIR initials in the door now, and they leave. Austin is trying to smoothe things with Sami but she is very upset. She beats herself up, wailing about how things never go right for her, and they both get into a screaming match, with Austin yelling loudly that yes, he still loves Carrie. She mentions how he asked her once before to marry him, and he yells back that it was HER fault that did not work out, HER lies, HER deceptions and she has to take responsibility. Sami flashes back to blackmailing Lexie. Meanwhile, Lucas & Carrie get to the apartment, where he has a surprise for her, a big basket of baby toys is sitting there, courtesy of Eugenia. Carrie is delighted, loves surprises, hopes her home pregnancy test was correct, and that baby is healthy. She reminds him that Will must be included on everything, as she remembers how life was for her when her father was starting a new family. Meanwhile, Austin has apologized, but Sami is still angry. She issues her ultimatum. She is not going to wait around til she is 50 or 60 for Austin to decide he can move on without Carrie. She HAS to move on with her life, and tells him to move out, and she means it. And the previews show……

Frankie: I’m officially the happiest man alive
Jennifer: I think somewhere Jack is really happy for us, too.

Jack to Dr. Butler: are you saying I might not be dying after all? (Jack, Jack, Jack, you believed Dr. Know All, Lexie?)

Mimi: Lexie said it’s about time for us to conceive
Shawn: WOW

Sami to Austin: I’m moving on with my life without you


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