Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Tape date-4/27/06
Director-Roger Inman

Sami & Mimi have words in church, Jack makes a difficult decision, the teens go to the pier dance, while events turn out well on Morgan Island.

Mimi reflects on what Father Jansen told her about her marriage, and tells herself she HAS to tell Shawn the truth. Yawnnnn. (How many times does this make that Mimi has said those word, 523?)). Meanwhile, Sami is supposedly in the confessional looking for absolution for her sins. However, she refuses to tell Father Jansen what they are, as she remembers blackmailing Lexie, and making her deal with Alex. Father Jansen says that if she does not tell him, he cannot help her, so she abruptly leaves, seeing Mimi lighting a candle. She tries to get Mimi to spill her problem, to no avail. However, she figures out that Mimi is working with Kate to keep Shawn & Belle apart. They have words, as Sami goes thru the litany of Kate paying for the wedding, the big honeymoon that the couple did not take, and realizes that since perfect Belle would not just leave Philip, there must be something that would make her change her mind. Mimi gives it to her right back, telling Sami that whatever she has done, Kate is going to find out, yada, yada. They have words, as both vow to find out each other’s secrets. Sami leaves, and Mimi asks God to forgive her, but Sami is such a *******. (Someone please tell the writers that there is no one who would curse like that in church! )

Josh & Abby arrive at the pier dance. He is happy they are dating, and tells her he would like to take their relationship to the next level. (Do teens really say things like that? LOL) She asks if he means they should have sex, but Josh only meant they should be exclusive. (I am guessing he means going steady, to use what seems to be an old fashioned term) Max & Chelsea arrive, and Chelsea wants to talk to Abby privately. Abby tells Chelsea about the “exclusive” dating, and is not sure she wants that, maybe she should party a bit. Chelsea replies that partying is not all that great, but Abby says she is going to have sex with Josh, and then see how she feels about settling down. (O.K. now WHY is Abby changing personalities…WHAT is wrong with these writers?) Both girls return to their dates, with Max kissing a very willing Chelsea. Two young girls (Madison & Cindy) spot them, and snap pictures, with Madison commenting that their “Sluts of Salem” blog has a new poster girl. Chelsea gets a phone call from her mom, while Abby gets a text message from hers. Both girls leave.

Jen & Frankie are hugging outside the door, when Maggie comes outside carrying Jack, Jr, who promptly calls Frankie DaDa. Inside, Jen tells Maggie & Alice that she & Frankie are going to be married. Jen takes JJ up to bed, & looks at a picture of Jack, thanking him for approving. Her absence gives Alice the chance to thank Frankie for loving Jennifer. He tells her he never stopped. Jen returns, commenting about calling Abby to come home so they can tell her the news of their engagement. Abby is just coming in the door, and says “You’re engaged?”

Meanwhile, Jack is laying in bed, missing Jennifer. Dr. Butler comes in, telling Jack he CAN help him, he can save his life. The experimental procedure can be altered to help Jack. Now Jack flashes back to looking in Jen’s window on Christmas, and comments that he is not sure about returning to his family, as Jen may be very happily in love, and he cannot come back from the dead a 3rd time. He refuses treatment, not wanting to hurt Jen again. Dr. Butler tries to talk some sense into Jack, gives him the clipboard with the permission papers, and leaves. Jack starts remembering years gone by with Jen, and we see a series of flashbacks…Jack arguing with a young Jennifer who is interning at the newspaper, about an assignment; then the lst time they kissed, as a very reluctant Jack did not want to show his feelings; then him telling Jen to breathe, as she gave birth to their daughter, Abby. He realizes that no matter what, Jennifer is his wife, those are his kids, and he wants to return to them. He signs the papers.

Billie gets a call from Bo, who tells her he is going to Hope, that Victor is letting him borrow the Titan jet. She offers to come join him, but he says no, and buckles up on the plane. Billie calls Chelsea to come home immediately. On the plane, Bo flashes back (make sure you have a box of tissues handy ) to Lexie asking him & Hope for permission to take Zack’s organs, that he is not with them any more. We see Hope get hysterical, both crying, as they finally give their o.k. and then we see their heart-rending farewell to “tiny man”. Meanwhile, Chelsea has arrived home, and is not happy to hear that Bo has gone to join Hope. She scolds her mother for allowing it to happen, but Billie tells her Bo loves Hope, always has and always will, and nothing will change that.

On Morgan Island, Hope arrives at the cliff, where Alex is holding a gun to Marlena’s head, threatening to kill her. Hope distracts Alex enough so John can get closer to Alex, attacks him, Marlena gets away, and the two men struggle on the ground. Eventually both go over the cliff, but manage to hold onto rocks. John offers to help Alex up (how, when he is barely holding on himself?) but Alex says no, he will see him in hell first, lets go, and down into the sea he falls. Hope & Marlena help John back up to safe ground. Marlena cries, as she & John hug, & she apologizes. Patrick arrives asking about North and they tell him he went over the cliff. The cop comes, too, and explains how Patrick was working for them – he has done it before. He tells how they got a tip that Alex was looking for a hit man, and at first Patrick refused to help, but once he learned it was Alex North doing the hiring (hmmm, wonder what will happen to that suitcase full of money now) and John Black was the victim, he agreed to help. Marlena tells John she remembers what caused her amnesia, that she lost a child, and it was Roman’s. John says they can work all that out. Hope apologizes to Patrick for doubting him. And wonder of wonders, that super speedy jet of Victor’s has managed to not only get Bo to Morgan Island in the blink of an eye, but must have given him the power personally, as in that very short time John, Marlena, Alex & Hope spent on the cliff, Bo has arrived on the island, up on the cliff, and just in time to see Patrick & Hope kissing! And the previews show

ABBY TO JEN: I want to have sex like you do, and maybe I’ll even have a baby. I’ll be a much better mom that you are

BELLE TO SHAWN: Losing you is the biggest regret of my life (as Mimi overhears)

CHELSEA TO BILLIE: Hope is going to get her claws into Bo for good this time, and you are never gonna be with him

BO TO HOPE: There’s something I gotta tell you, Fancy Face. It’s part of the reason I am here.


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