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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Summary: Very slooowww show, with longer scenes than we are used to. This show is all about Bo and Hope, with a little bit of Frankie and Jen thrown in. Bo and Hope fans beware – this is definitely not your day….

JEN TELLS FRANKIE ABOUT HER TALK WITH ABBY after she walked in on them. She feels guilty about being with him in her and Jack’s bed. She doesn’t know if she made a big mistake. Frankie tries to console a very depressed Jen. She is very upset over Abby seeing them and her reaction. He doesn’t want her to feel guilty, but she is conflicted. She loves him, but doesn’t think it will work out for them. Frankie thinks they are great together and wonders why she has doubts. She can’t make a commitment and doesn’t think it is fair to him. He has waited for her and still loves her, after 20 years. He flashes back to leaving for Columbia and claims it was the biggest mistake he made, leaving her then. She still thinks he made the right choice. He thinks things would have been different if he had stayed. She doesn’t want to change the past – she wouldn’t have had Jack and her children, who mean everything to her. He understands about her not changing the past, but wants to know why they can’t change the future instead. Frankie still regrets the past, but Jen doesn’t think he should. She is sorry she can’t make up her mind. She ends up asking him to make love to her, right here, right now, and of course, he obliges (He goes to take her in her to room and she says no, right here. I am not positive, but it looks like the backyard?).

A morose Abby is at the JAVA CAFE, where Josh serves her an iced coffee and tells her he missed her. Josh wants to take Abby to lookout point, but that makes her very nervous. She wants to stay and hang out with Max and Chelsea, but he questions her about her reasons.

Chelsea is outside, taking a swig when Max catches up to her. Chelsea asks Max what he wants, and he tells her he is worried about her. Chelsea claims she doesn’t need another of his lectures on what to do and how to live her life. She is there to relax and leaves him to go inside, where she finds Abby. Abby apologizes to Chelsea for being wrong about her mom and Frankie. Chelsea spikes Abby’s coffee and drinks up. When Abby leaves to get another iced coffee, Max questions Chelsea about her comment about Bo and Hope not getting back together. Chelsea claims that the divorce is going to happen now, because her Dad is hooking up with Billie. Max questions her about what is going on, and Chelsea flashes back to telling Frankie what she has done. Max is sure that she is doing something, but she gets defensive and walks over to hit on a couple of other guys while he looks on. They invite her over to an off-campus apartment and Abby intervenes, at Max’s request. Chelsea wants to know why Abby is such a prude – after all, her mother certainly wasn’t. That upsets Abby. Abby goes back to ask Josh to dance and Chelsea goes back to “dance” with one of the guys, who starts pawing her. Max comes rushing over to break them up. He doesn’t understand her trying to sabotage her upcoming trial with the way she is acting. She wants to party a little and have fun, to get her mind off of things. After she leaves, Max decides that she isn’t his problem any more.

Josh catches up to Abby outside after his shift. They talk a bit, then he makes his move. We cut from Abby making out with Josh, to Frankie and Jen. She worries about what the neighbours must be thinking, but he doesn’t care. They bask in the afterglow.

PATRICK AND HOPE ARRIVE AT A CASINO, intending to have a fun night out to forget about everything else. Patrick is doing well, but lets Hope take over after she tells him, when asked, that she knows the game and has played in the best casinos in Europe. She ends up winning bigger than he was. They go out to have something to eat on the terrace, where Hope is awed by the view. The waiter knows Patrick well and goes to get them what he ordered – a bottle of champagne and everything on the chef’s menu. When Hope comments on the music, he asks her to dance. She is the one who snuggles in close, but sees Bo’s face when she looks up. She is confused when he turns back into Patrick, but tells him that she feels like she is finally moving on. Warp back to the table, where Patrick makes her a nice toast (he thinks it is an old English saying). Hope is impressed by the new side of Patrick she is seeing, “dashing debonair.” He tells her that thanks to her, he is stripping away his con-man façade and letting the real him show through. He takes the chance to ask her if she is sure about not giving Bo another chance. Hope tries to dodge the question, but Patrick makes her answer. Hope doesn’t think she can. Seeing Bo sleeping with Billie tells her that she has moved on and she has to accept that. Patrick thinks that now she can move on. He takes her for a walk on the beach when she declines dessert. He asks her for another dance on the beach. He keeps telling her how special she is and how, if she were with him, he would never let her go. Hope pulls away, and Patrick goes to offer her his jacket, thinking she is cold. She makes a wish on a star and Patrick hopes it comes true. She claims it already has. He tries to take her back to the casino because the beach is dangerous - mostly since he shouldn’t be alone with her. He was attracted to her the first time he met her. He knows that is why Bo was upset any time he was near her – Bo could see it, even though Hope couldn’t. He doesn’t know if he can be trusted. She wants to stay there on the beach with him, telling him that he isn’t the only one feeling an attraction. He states that he is not sure he can control himself, so she says, don’t.

A clerk checks with the hotel desk guy about the very important guests he was expecting arriving: Mr. and Mrs. Alex North. He sends her to check on their room.

BO AND BILLIE ARE IN THE WOODS, getting hot and heavy when Bo calls her Hope and she sets him straight. Billie is clear that Bo wants Hope and can’t let it go any further, especially while he is drunk. She wants to be there for him, but not like that. She knows she keeps putting herself in that position, but doesn’t want to be there any more. Bo tells her that she is his only friend at the moment, and he put her on the spot. He fully accepts the blame for taking advantage of the situation. Billie won’t let him – she takes the blame for showing up and using sex to get close to him. Bo thanks her for her support while trying to find Hope, even though it was hard for her. He thinks that this time is different – she hasn’t changed her mind on the divorce and won’t talk to him or let him find her. Billie has really been there for him and with him, and it takes him back. There is a part of him that wants her. He says he has always cared about her, and she says as a friend. He tells her it was more than that. While he was with Hope, she was his love and his life, and he couldn’t act on it. But he stills cares about her. He once loved her and wanted to move on from Hope’s death with her. He wanted to marry her. Billie says a part of her wishes they could still be together, and Bo thinks maybe they could still have that. Bo says he needs to stop fooling himself. He and Hope are over, and there is still something between he and Billie. He wants to face life and what it has in store, but he wants to do it with Billie. They go at each other in the woods, as Hope and Patrick slowly go at in on the beach. Double exposure on the two couples, then off to the previews:

Shawn: Claire is the reason I want to be a father so bad.
Belle: And I know why.

Sami: I want to be with Austin.
Lucas: Yeah
Sami: Then just stay out of my way, Lucas.

Austin (to a crying Carrie): Sami belongs with Lucas. If you could have your heart’s desire, you would be with me, wouldn’t you?

Hope: Make love to me, Patrick. I need you. Make love to me….

Off to the credits…

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