Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Episode #10,326
Tape date – 5/4/06
Director-Roy Steinberg

In case you missed Monday & Tuesday’s shows, never fear. Lots of flashbacks & a replay or two, so you have not missed a thing. Mimi has her procedure, the quads get to chat with their new neighbor, Marlena has unhappy memories, while Bo & Hope are still floundering, trying to find their way back to each other.

BONNIE COMES BARGING into the hospital room where Mimi, in hospital gown, & Shawn wait for her in vitro to begin. She has arms full of shopping bags, filled with baby items for the munchkin to be. Mimi thinks she is jumping the gun (as do we, for heaven’s sake) as in walks the voice of doom & gloom, Dr. “I specialize in everything in this hospital” Lexie Carver. She informs the couple that the drugs given to Mimi did not work as well as they would have liked, and if this in vitro doesn’t work, they may not be able to harvest any more eggs from Mimi in order to try again. Mimi wants to talk to Shawn privately, so Lexie & Bonnie leave. Mimi bemoans her feeling God is punishing her for having the abortion, Shawn gives her the ol pep talk, saying God does not punish us for our mistakes. Later, the procedure is over, and Lexie tells Mimi to keep her feet elevated for a while, then leaves the room with Shawn. Bonnie attempts to comfort Mimi with positive thoughts, while outside, Lexie tells Shawn to keep his wife calm and stress free.

HOPE ARRIVES HOME, picks up a picture, and remembers her conversation with Bo. Jennifer arrives, having followed her, and stays to talk. Hope says she still loves Bo, but cannot count on his love. Jen tries to encourage her, but Hope will have none of it, saying Bo has chosen Billie & Chelsea as his family now. Flowers arrive for Hope, with a card. They are from Bo, with the card saying he loves her and they belong together.

Meanwhile, Bo is outside the Lockhart house, thinking of Hope, having his own flashback, and murmuring that Fancy Face is his only family. Inside, Billie is trying to convince Chelsea to wear a conservative dark suit to the trial tomorrow, but Chelsea balks. Billie insists Chelsea has been acting odd since her conversation with Frankie, and now we have Chelsea remembering that conversation. (yes, lots of “remembering”, folks!) Chelsea stalks off just as Patrick arrives. Billie is surprised, asking him what he is doing there. (Hey, Billie….it is HIS house!). Patrick replies that he lives there (Duh!). Now Billie says she has been working at Count Wilhelmina (she HAS???) and stashed away some money, so will find another place for her & Chelsea. She intends to house hunt. Patrick assures her it is not necessary, they can share the house and the rent (looks like Bonnie gets SOMETHING from this arrangement, lol) as they did before, reminds her he will always have a piece of him that loves her, and Billie agrees.

Outside, Bo runs into Chelsea with a suitcase….(this is sooooo lame) who tells him she is running away. (Yep, Chelsea, tell your father, the cop, that you are not showing up in court) He talks her out of it (too bad!), and they go inside, where Bo spies Patrick, and has the reaction we all expect. Bo is not happy, but Billie explains, and Bo decides to take a walk.

JOHN BRINGS MARLENA HOME to the penthouse, and she is happy to be back there. He goes to make her some chamomile tea, as she looks around the apt, then up the staircase, where she recalls the events leading up to and including her tumble down the stairs, then being in the hospital and learning she lost the baby. Roman comes in the open door (no one EVER closes doors behind them in Salem, do they?) and finds a clearly upset Marlena. He hugs her, as John comes in with the tea tray. She tells John how she was remembering losing Roman’s baby. She then goes thru the litany of being held prisoner, missing their loved ones at home, and how it just happened, and she got pregnant. (Just an aside here, I really wish Days would make their scenes longer than 30-60 seconds . The continuity is constantly and consistently being interrupted, as is the flow of the story, along with the emotions of a scene. )She explains to John, then apologizes to both men. Roman tells her to put it all behind her, but she isn’t sure she can. She is very upset, cries, talks of the imprisonment and how much she has lost, and that getting the amnesia made it easy for Alex to control her, so she has not dealt with all this. John understands. Roman leaves, but outside the door, remembers Marlena telling him she was pregnant, and she was having HIS baby.

REPLAY OF A FLUSTERED SAMI meeting up with the towel clad E.J. Wells, (slightly different version than we saw before, imagine that? Ha) asking for the wrench, etc. She babbles, Austin appears as his usual shirtless self, claiming to have fixed their shower, and all is well. Sami continues to babble (sorry, no other word for it, but she is really cute doing it, lol), when along comes Lucas & Carrie. Austin does the intros, & Carrie thinks they have met before. He claims not. Lucas says they were just at the Pub, and brought home one of Mom’s famous apple pies (Caroline, of course) and Carrie offers to share with everyone, causing Austin to invite everyone to “Sami’s place” to partake of the good ol’ American dessert. EJ promises to change and be over. The quads go across the hall, as Sami goes to change, too, and Austin manages to find a shirt. Am surprised Lucas has had one on all the time. LOLOL

Carrie is still convinced she has seen EJ before, and says she may not remember names, but is good at faces. Lucas spots the file with Shawn’s name on it, and asks Austin what he is up to. Austin replies it is none of his business, but Lucas informs him Titan already has it in the bag, Shawn asked Victor, who is bankrolling the invention. Austin tells him that no contracts have been signed, but Lucas says Victor & Shawn shook hands on it…..thus now a done deal. EJ arrives, ready to be Americanized, today apple pie, tomorrow Baseball. Now EJ spots the file, and seems to know all about Shawn Brady’s turbo engine invention. He says he is into cars, read about it in a magazine (wow, already in magazines? I thought he just came up with it a couple weeks ago.)Sami pulls Carrie aside, and begins to rave about EJ and how “hot” he is. She goes on like a teen schoolgirl does over some rock star, & wishes she had a single friend for him. Carrie laughs, tells Sami she is really into this guy, and wonders if she if willing to ditch Austin. No, of course not, but the guy IS really hot! The pie begins getting served, and EJ volunteers to fix the drinks, in spite of Carrie saying there is only lemonade & beer. (Beer with Apple Pie??? Ugh?) He says he has bartended in his time (hmmm, so has Lucas, lol) and will come up with something. A bit later, he hands out drinks, with Carrie taking plain lemonade (now HOW did he know she could not have alcohol?) while Sami takes a sip of hers, smiles at him, asking, “How did you know I like lemonade in my beer”? “Lucky guess” replies EJ. (in an interview I read, that James Scott, who portrays EJ, gave…he said he fixed something called a “shandy” for Sami. It is popular in Britain.)

We see Hope at the cemetery, kneeling and running her hand across the headstone at Zack’s grave. She is standing, and crying, as Bo comes along, puts his arm around her, and as she sobs, she turns and they embrace. They kiss, and then kiss again. And the previews show…..

Bo to Hope: Zack loved us. If he could whisper in your ear right now, that he wants mommy & daddy to be together.

Max: I’d do anything to make you feel better right now.
Chelsea: Anything?
Max: Name it.
Chelsea: get rid of Hope Brady.

Carrie: Are you & Sami O.K?
Austin: Yeah, oh, yeah. She just wanted to walk home, you know.

EJ to Sami: I hope to be seeing a lot of you, Sami


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