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Friday, June 16, 2006

Episode: 10,338 – Directed by Phil Sogard – Tape Date: 5/19/06

The shower is over as Jen is helped home with her presents by Kayla and Hope; Steve and Jack head for Salem; EJ and Sami tango on the dock and Abe’s real life wife helps expose his cheating tv wife.


Mimi and Shawn can’t believe their good luck to find a surrogate so fast (no kidding). Holly is thrilled and Shawn tells her that their lawyer will contact her next about the contracts.

Belle and Philip talk about his low sperm count as he wonders why she got pregnant so fast considering that.

Sami and EJ stroll on the dock as she explains why her family wouldn’t be happy to see her at the shower. He suggests they have their own party. She sees tango dancing going on nearby and says Austin learned how to do it in NYC and she’d love to learn how and surprise him with a tango at their reception. EJ tells her she’s in luck as he learned from one of the top tango dancers while in Argentina. We see him showing her the tango dance moves as they stare into each others eyes. Sami’s a very quick study as we return and watch them tangoing seductively. They get the trophy for the Tango Contest and are asked to do some more. EJ twirls her pulls her into a twist a few times as they stare into each other’s eyes to the applause of the crown.

Kate and Austin chat. He toasts the engaged couple and tells his mom that Sami knew the family wouldn’t appreciate her presence there. He assures his mom that Sami’s changed and they will get married unless she does something again. She tells him she won’t, and to herself, said Sami will be her own undoing.

Billie rambles on to Abe about wanting Bo and Hope to get back together and can’t believe how Chelsea showed up. Patrick arrives and she tells him he shouldn’t be there either as it’ll just make Bo upset. Bo’s had a few too many and he tells Frankie (who is spending the night before his wedding at the pub) saying he didn’t switch the evidence and has to prove that to Hope. Patrick eggs him on about how Hope won’t forgive him for switching the evidence. Abe asks Patrick if he’ll leave Bo alone (after Frankie took Bo aside) and he promises to just talk with Billie. Billie tells Patrick that Bo didn’t do it, he’s innocent, in a manner implying she knows who did do it. She warns him to not interfere with Bo and Hope as she’s been there and done that and knows they’ll always end up together. Kate overhears and can’t believe Billie’s her daughter. Billie and Austin are arm in arm and Kate tells them she hopes they learn from her mistakes. They tell their mother she’s not going to control them any more. The more she tries, the harder they’ll protest. Kate steps away as Austin asks Billie what their mom is up to.

Frankie tells Bo he’s Hope’s lawyer and can’t stop the divorce. Bo reminds him that he’s also his brother (guess there’s a shortage of lawyers in Salem as he was also Chelsea’s lawyer too, yet Hope still chose him, haha).

Abe calls Lexie at the hospital and is surprised to learn she isn’t there, saying she was paged. (hmmm, didn’t get away with it this time Lexie) He hangs up to find the envelope with his name on it on his table (the black glove put it there while he was on the phone). He heads out and Bo asks where he’s going, but Abe just says it’s personal.

Mimi and Shawn arrive at the pub with their ever present shadows, Belle and Philip (where’s Claire?) Bo’s happy to see them. Shawn just explains they were busy and asks where mom is., saying he’s not surprised she didn’t want to hang out with Bo. They sit down at a table and Shawn starts to tell Belle and Philip about how lucky they were to find a surrogate who doesn’t drink or smoke. Mimi looks ahead and says they have a problem. Shawn says they don’t and Mimi looks ahead saying they do as we see Holly smoking and drinking at the pub.

Bo and Patrick bump into each other and Bo suggests they take it outside, so they do. Shawn tells Holly they aren’t going to let her carry their baby. She says she needs the money and was partying just one last time before getting pregnant. Shawn says no way and comforts Mimi who knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

Philip and Belle remember how things weren’t that easy for them either. Frankie asks Patrick to leave before a fight starts and he does.

Jack is excited about Steve’s return to Salem (so are we, so are we) and can’t wait for him to reunite with his family and friends and get his memory back. The doctor is trying to examine him and asks Jack to stop talking so much as Steve said that would hard, LOL. The doctor feels Jack’s trip would be good as he’ll have a chance to say goodbye to his family. He leaves to get Jack’s release papers and Steve gets Jack’s clothes out of his locker, surprised that that’s all he has. Jack tells Steve how they won’t believe it when he walks in the pub.

Steve is driving and tells Jack they’re almost there. Jack is not feeling well in the front seat and hopes he makes it. Steve changes the subject and asks Jack to tell him more about his wife Kayla. Jack tells him she’s beautiful and caring and was his nurse the first time he met her. She was the best thing to happen to him. Steve asks if she was really his sister in law as it sounds more like he had a thing for her. Jack is caught off guard at that. Jack pulls his wallet out and just remembered that he had Kayla and Steve’s wedding picture all along and shows it to Steve. Steve is anxious to see it and when he does, looks forward and says OH MAN. He doesn’t recognize her, but even though Jack had said she was gorgeous, he didn’t realize how true that was. They’re rounding the bend to home..

Lexie’s nervous, afraid about losing Theo if Abe found out. She’s worried about Sami finding out about what they’re doing as we see the gloved hand holding an envelope with Abe’s name on it. We return to her feeling bad about lying to Carrie to keep Sami from revealing their affair. She has to find a way to set that straight. He tells her how special she is to him and they go at it again. Abe arrives and tells the manager (his real life wife of 20 years) that he got a note from his wife to meet him there as she had a surprise for him. The manager gives Abe the keys to room 4 and chuckles as she walks away. Abe unlocks the door and opens it to find Lexie and Tek rolling around in bed together. Lexie sees him at the door and panics.

Kate strolls and sees EJ and Sami dancing…figuring she’ll just let nature take it’s course.

Jennifer returns home with Kayla and Hope helping her with her presents. Kayla tries to tell Hope that unlike her and Jennifer who lost Jack and Steve, Bo is still alive and she needs to get back with him. Hope says that’s not true, Jack and Steve live in their hearts (and about 15 minutes down the road) and are always watching out for them. We return to the gals digging into bowls of ice cream..(my kind of party and I sure missed these girl chats from the past!) Kayla tells Hope how much she admired her and Bo’s relationship and tells her there’s no problem they can’t work through. Kayla encourages her to work hard to get their marriage back. Jennifer joins in saying the same. Hope is feeling overwhelmed and says she’s going to for a walk. They offer to join her, but she reminds them she’s a cop (like that’s kept her safe in the past?) and will be okay. She hugs them, says she loves them and leaves saying she’ll see them tomorrow.

Jennifer and Kayla chat. Jen assures Kayla she loves Frankie so much and knows he’ll be a good stepfather to her children. Jack was her whole life and even though he physically isn’t there, it’s still forever for her. Kayla tears up and says how much she misses Steve too. THE ROSE starts playing on the radio as Kayla tells Jen it was their song as we see her remembering kissing Steve. She’s so glad Jen and Frankie found each other, but there will never be anyone by Steve for her. Kayla tells her she has this beautiful reoccurring dream about the doorbell ringing and Steve’s at the door. On cue, the doorbell rings and the women are caught off guard. They laugh and Jen said she knows it’s two people it couldn’t be and opens the door. Her eyes open wide as she sees who’s there and the previews roll…

Hope’s walking along the street near a bus stop. She hears a noise and someone wearing black gloves grabs her from behind…

Chelsea to Max: I’m so sick and tired of you. I am who I am…
Max: and that would be who Chelsea?

Sami’s dancing (?) and loses her footing on the dock and falls into the river. EJ jumps in after her, calling her name.

Abe and Tek are fighting (as we see Tek flying across the room onto the bed). Abe is furious and says: “I’m going to take out my gun and shoot you where you deserve it.”

Hope pulls away from her captor (looks to be in a cabin somewhere) and grabs her gun saying “Oh my God, it’s you.”

As the credits roll…

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