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Friday, June 23, 2006

Episode: 10,343
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 5/30

Loved this show, it's one you don't want to miss!! Most of the show is the reunions with Steve and Jack and their friends and family and Lexie and Sami's mini showdown and minor scenes of the egg harvesting (thankfully)

The loft dwellers arrive at the hospital for their urgent egg harvesting (give me a break). All are hoping their eggs will be harvested. Philip wants another baby just like Claire and Mimi comments without thinking that the last thing she needs is to have Shawn have another baby with another woman again. Of course she rationalizes she meant a surrogate like Holly and he believes her. They meet this vunder doctor as both Mimi and Belle go into meet with him (together?) Shawn and Philip chat while they wait (yawn). Philip feels bad he can’t get Belle pregnant (and they’ve been trying how long now?) Shawn laughs it would be funny if Belle and him were the only ones of the 4 who could have babies. Shawn has to calm Philip down after Philip reminds him Belle and he already have a daughter.

The girls sit in adjoining beds, talking about their harvesting experience. Belle tries to remain positive and Mimi calls her Little Miss Sunshine, which she hadn’t since jr. high. Belle reminds Mimi her life hasn’t always been that way and reminds her about Philip’s leg, Claire’s almost dying, etc.

The guys rush in when they see the doctor going in to see their wives and the doctor tells them they harvested many eggs from Belle and only one from Mimi. Mimi’s discouraged and even more so as the doctor said they have to test to make sure the egg is even viable. Shawn comforts Mimi as she wished she was lucky like Belle.

Austin and Lucas talk. Lucas feels for Jennifer and hopes Carrie isn’t worried about his seeing her wedding gown. He asks Austin what made him change his mind about Sami. Austin is determined to have a wife and family and will have that with Sami. Lucas isn’t as convinced and hopes this doesn’t blow up at the altar…again. Austin comments to Lucas he’s marrying Carrie and having a family…why is he so worried about him? Lucas just is worried that Sami’s not the woman for Austin and has Austin seen the way Sami looks at EJ? Lucas asks Austin if Carrie had chosen to marry him, would Austin even think about marrying Sami? Austin admits if Carrie had chosen him that they’d be engaged and she’d be pregnant with his baby. Sami overhears. Lucas is happy Carrie chose him, but is sorry that Austin got caught up in Sami’s web again. He leaves to be with Carrie. Sami shuts the church door and breaks down. She looks inside and sees a sad Austin sitting there.

Earlier, Lexie cornered Sami outside the church and threatens her. Sami denies leaving the note, but Lexie doesn’t believe her and threatens to expose her and promises Sami will lose her bright future with Austin. Sami reminds Lexie SHE’S the one who broke her marriage vows, not her. She had as much to lose and didn’t do it. Lexie is so full of revenge she doesn’t care…she’s free to expose what Sami had her do to Carrie (Sami should warn her that she’d probably risk losing her doctor’s license next for deliberately lying to a patient). Sami blatantly tells Lexie she’ll make sure she doesn’t tell anyone. Lexie isn’t worried and enjoys verbally tormenting Sami, continuing to threaten her. Sami tells Lexie she’s a doctor and suppose to have compassion. Lexie says she does, for everyone but her. She’s going to tell Austin what she’s done and no one will forgive her. She heads towards the church , but Frankie rushes up to Lexie, saying Jack needs her (see below) Lexie stares at Sami, but rushes to Jack.

Inside the church, Jennifer and Jack continue their talk as Jennifer tells him she doesn’t want him dying alone. A replay of him telling them about Steve, especially Jo. She cries in his arms after learning both her sons came back to her. They wonder where Steve is. They wonder if he found Kayla outside. Chelsea tells Abby (and Max) about the supposedly crank call that morning from Jack. Abby can’t believe she didn’t tell her about it.

IN THE CEMETARY, Kayla and Steve chat and a replay of her laying a big kiss on him. Steve isn’t protesting, in fact he’s rubbing her back and neck while they kiss (hubba hubba!!!!) He says the kiss was good, and he “went with it”, but it didn’t bring back his memory. He said it was a beautiful kiss and doesn’t know how any man could forget her. If it was him, he knows how much he must have hurt her over all these years. He can’t give her false hope….and apologizes (cancel those plane tickets to Africa Kayla!) He tells her that he’s Nick Stockton, a hospice orderly and gets by (barely), but he’s not the man she thinks he is. The church group rushes out and Jo rushes up to her son..oh man..have the Kleenex ready! She hugs him and realizes he does have amnesia when he assumes who she is. He recognizes Jennifer and Abby from Jack’s locket and apologizes for breaking up her wedding. He sees Frankie in a tux and figures he must be the groom, calling him Frank. Frankie’s surprised that he knew who he is, but Steve explains Jack’s telling him how he wanted Jennifer and Frankie to be together after he’s “gone”. Frank introduces Max and says Steve was responsible for him and Max getting a family with the Bradys. Kayla introduces Steve to Ma and Pa. Frankie tells Steve he use to call him Franklin and Max, Maxwell. Bo walks up saying Steve had a penchant for long names and use to call him Beauregard (oh, I love it when they don’t remake history…I can remember Steve calling all of them that, like Jack as Jackson!!..thank you writers!!) He says he’s Kay’s brother and tells Steve how they met in the Merchant Marines and were best friends.

Hope touches Steve as she introduces herself. She says they all love and care for him and he will feel that love even though he doesn’t remember it right now. Steve laughs saying like she knows what he’s going through. She smiles and says she did and she did find her way back to the man she loved and it wasn’t was almost like destiny..almost. Jen hugs her from behind and Steve sits next to Jack saying softly…”man, this is one wacked out berg you live in here…” (so Steve!) Jack welcomes him home and Jo sits next to Steve on the bench. She doesn’t know how much Jack told him, but she gave him up as a baby to have a better life and they were reunited when he was an adult. God brought him back to her twice now and she’s not going to lose him again. She hugs him as Nick looks uncomfortable, but doesn’t fight her (awww)

Jennifer finds Kayla, who is freaking about what all Steve was doing all these years, like when she was in medical school. Jennifer suggests she ask him. She tells Kayla that Steve doesn’t love anyone else and she’s the great love of Steve’s life, like she is of Jack’s..and feels so bad how they’ve hurt Frankie.

Jack privately apologizes to Frankie for ruining their wedding day. Frankie says every day is precious and not to worry about it. Jack hopes this little detour doesn’t change Frankie’s mind about marrying Jen. Jack winces in pain and Frankie holds him, asking what’s wrong. Jack doesn’t want his family to see him this way.

Hope sits on the bench and Bo kneels in front of her with a red rose. He reminds her it was like the one in her wedding bouquet. He tells her it was touching what she told Steve and asks if she believes it was destiny that brought them back together? She tells him she believed it then and Bo said it was their love that brought her back to him and gave them Shawn and Zack. She has a flashback of her saying her vows to Bo in London (LOL at his hair and beard then) and citing the poem to him, saying how young she was when she met him and angry he called her little one. (her voice is so different back then) and how standing there in front of everyone she gives herself to him for all eternity and proud to be his wife. Another flashback of a different time when he cited his vows to her (Maison Blanche?) He asks Fancy Face for another chance so he can spend the rest of his life giving her all his love.

Lexie arrives and wants to take Jack to the hospital for some tests. Jack refuses and says no more hospitals….he just wants to go home …. If that’s all right. Jennifer says of course it is and Abby just wants him to get better and she believes in miracles. Jack hugs Jennifer and Abby saying this is a miracle right here. Steve wants to go with them, that’s why he’s there. He puts Jack’s arm around him and Kayla wants to go too, but Steve tells her no, they’ve got it…and he’ll see her around. Kayla and Frankie sit rejected on the bench and Kayla says no one has a happy ending.

Hope smells the rose Bo gave her and says they’re so delicate but survive storms, don’t they? He gets closer, her eyes get glazed over and she passes out in his arms…dropping the rose to the ground as it stays red while everything else goes to black and white…


SAMI TO AUSTIN: “I know what I want..and I want to marry you. Please say yes.”

STEVE TO KAYLA: “Now that I’m here, all those questions are coming back and I need answers.”

FRANKIE TO JENNIFER: “I gotta ask. What does this mean…for us?”

HOPE (lying in bed): “We need to talk, about our future”.
PATRICK: “That does sound serious”
…as Bo watches from the sidelines….

As the credits roll…

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