Thursday, June 29, 2006


Friday, June 30th

Episode: 10348,
Directed by Roy Steinberg
Tape Date: 6/5/06

A slow day in Salem as our Salemites flock to the pub for Caroline’s chocolate chip pancakes (YUM!!!) after discussing what happened the night before at home and Steve asks Kayla for more information about his past.


Bonnie arrives and Shawn tells her that Mimi asked him for a divorce and threw her rings at him. Bonnie pounds on the bedroom door, demanding that Mimi open it. Belle and Philip knock on the door to the loft. They’re going to the pub for breakfast and want to see if Shawn and Mimi want to join them (are they joined at the hip or something…and who’s with Claire now…for a couple to want another baby so badly you would think they’d take her to breakfast with them (I posted an old picture of Claire so she's included somewhere, ha!!!) Bonnie is irate when she sees that Mimi has started packing and tells her to stop. Mimi tells Bonnie about what Shawn said to Bo about losing the love of his life. She deserves to be unhappy after not telling Shawn the truth about his being Claire’s daddy. Bonnie tells her the only way she’ll lose Shawn to Belle is if she hands him to her on a silver platter. Belle decides to talk with Mimi since Shawn doesn’t appear to be making any headway and especially after hearing that Bonnie’s in there with her now. As soon as she leaves, Shawn knows Philip’s angry and he doesn’t disappoint him as he warns him to stay away from Belle. Belle asks to come in and talk and when Belle sees clothes in a suitcase, Bonnie tells her Mimi is packing away some of her winter clothes. Bonnie tells Belle that Mimi is tired and needs some sleep. She has to take care of herself if she’s to be a mother soon. Belle and Bonnie leave.

During the minute or two Belle was in the bedroom, Shawn and Philip argue. Shawn agrees that yes, he and Belle have a past..but she’s married to him now and they have one child and trying for another. Shawn asks what Mimi meant the night before and Bonnie blames it on the hormones she’s been injected with. He forgot about that and accepts that explanation. Mimi walks out calmly and apologizes. She tells Bonnie she’s tired, tired of lying. Mimi apologizes for all the screaming she did last night and he does for what she heard him say to his dad. He gets down on his knee and tells her he loves her and asks her to be his wife. She agrees and he asks for the ring. Bonnie rushes for them as he puts them back on Mimi’s finger. He stands up and kisses her. Belle’s phone’s the hospital. She tells Philip that they have to make a stop on the way to breakfast. Mimi also gets a call too and she looks disappointed, but then smiles as she tells them the egg they harvested was a “keeper” (she uses her two fingers on each hand to emphasize the word).

Sami is making breakfast burritos from scratch and everyone’s in a good mood. Will runs out and tackles Austin and Lucas walks in carrying the paper, drawn by the great smells coming from the kitchen. He thinks she ordered takeout and when he is told she cooked, not as anxious, LOL. Sami tells him he accepted her breakfast invite, so don’t insult the chef. Sami and Austin kiss as Lucas starts in with his mantra about thinking Sami was up to something. He can’t believe all the surprises she’s throwing him lately. He watches them kiss again and says how he’s also happier than he’s ever been, marrying the woman of his dreams, Carrie.

Sami squeezed about 2 tblspns each of fresh orange juice for the guys and Will is reluctant to drink it..but does so. Will heads off for the shower and Austin to make some phone calls, so Lucas takes the opportunity to apologize to Sami for blaming her without knowing the facts. We find them sitting on the couch having an old fashioned Lucas and Sami chat as Will walks out swatting the smoke..Sami forgot about the burrito casserole in the oven and it’s burnt. Poor Sami…she wants to cook like Martha Stewart so badly! Lucas turns off the smoke detector (LOL) and they assure her they’ve called the pub and Caroline is expecting them. Sami only wanted to impress them and they joke about the juice being so good. Will says every drop of it (being there was only a few). She sends them on to the pub ahead of her as she has to get ready (she looks fine to me in her pink tshirt and white pants). She decides to call someone.

Carrie arrives at the pub to meet with Roman and Caroline about her wedding. Caroline informs her that her favorite pancakes are being served. Kate is also there and Carrie assures them all she’s happy about the wedding and baby. Lexie arrives and Caroline asks if Abe will be joining her (someone fill her in). Lexie says no and asks to speak with Roman alone for a few minutes. He steps outside with her as she asks him to help smooth things over with Abe for her. Inside Kate knows there’s more to what’s happening with Lexie than she knows and would love to know what it is.

Kayla and Steve are having breakfast there too. She thanks him for joining her and he’s glad she asked and wants to talk with her. He said their kiss was sweet, but it didn’t bring any memories back. He’s afraid it’s been too long for him to get any of his past memories back. He asks her to tell him some more about their past. He suggests something about Stephanie. She tells him Stephanie has heard about Steve all her life, but was just a baby when he died. She’s independent and strong minded. He figures they fight then, but she says no. She shows him pictures of his daughter and he says she’s a beautiful girl. She laughs, saying not to say that to Stephanie…she’s a “woman”. She hates Stephanie’s career and knows he will too. We return after she told him what Stephanie does (we don’t hear) and says Stephanie is strong minded and he says like her papa. Awww. She’s tried to call Stephanie, but is unable to reach her and getting concerned.

At an other table, Frankie thanks Max for getting him out of the house for breakfast. Max tries to cheer Frankie up by reminding him that Jack had been declared legally dead and is on the way to that now. Frankie understands what Jack was trying to avoid by the way Jennifer is handling his return. Max tells Frankie how exciting Chelsea is as she knows what she wants and goes for it.

Abby and Chelsea arrive and sit at their own table. Abby asks Chelsea what she’s going to tell Max about being exclusive as she sees Max leave the pub. Chelsea looks for coffee, but tells Abby she’s going to tell Max NO (lucky him!). She likes him, but doesn’t want to be exclusive with him. Chelsea tells Abby men like it when you are hard to get. Abby doesn’t understand the game playing. Max returns with a bunch of beautiful flowers for Chelsea, who accepts them with barely a smile and sets them down. Abby excuses herself to let them talk and Chelsea wastes no time saying she wants to see others as well as Max. Surprised and embarrassed, he says he has to do something and leaves. Abby can’t believe Chelsea and warns her that when other gals know he’s back on the market, will grab him up (yup, big shot NASCAR drivers really love those high school girls..or did they graduate?)

Lexie asks Roman to talk with Abe as he needs to talk with someone about what’s going on (yeah, Marlena and John aren’t around to help him). She hugs him in appreciation when he agrees to. Kate walks out and asks Roman if he can tear himself away as his daughter is about ready to leave. Roman heads inside and Lexie excuses herself for something when her cell phone rings. Nosy Kate sees it’s Sami and answers with a voice mail recording prompt for Dr. Carver and Sami leaves a message to Lexie asking why she didn’t say anything about what she did last night.

Later, Sami arrived at the pub in a dress and just finished a brief discussion with her Aunt Kayla, happy to see her. Kate observes Sami asking Lexie if she got the call. Lexie starts to look for a message, but tells Sami to leave it alone and be happy she’s getting off scott free. She leaves the pub.

Outside, Carrie tells Roman she’s happy to be home and for him to be walking her down the aisle. She asks if he’s okay about her being pregnant and he said as long as Lucas is going to marry her it’s okay, otherwise he’d get out his shotgun. We see the gloved hand person hiding in a box on the pier overhearing this as they walk by (so, it’s NOT ROMAN either) Carrie tells Roman the florist found her flowers, so all she has to do is show up at the church with her father on her arm.

Lucas tells Austin he’ll cut Sami some slack.

Well, onto step two of the baby making process. Shawn and Philip are asked to follow the nurse for their own harvesting procedure. (are they sharing a room for this like Belle and Mimi did too, haha) Mimi tells Shawn to think of her while gone, LOL. She tells Belle, Step 2: sperm samples and Step 3: fertilizing the eggs…they’re only two steps away from getting pregnant ( hopefully THIS time she’ll not be off shopping as soon as she leaves the hospital). The guys return as they all laugh about what just happened as Shawn tells Mimi he was thinking about her.

Inside the lab we see the LEFT hand of the gloved person swap the lids on Mimi and Belle’s eggs containers. After it’s done, the gloved person clenches their LEFT hand in triumph….(hmmmm, so are we looking for a leftie???)

As the previews roll…

AUSTIN TO CARRIE: Tell me the truth. You owe me THAT much.
CARRIE (in tears): You’re right, I do.

LUCAS (with suit bag over his shoulder and walking into Sami’s apartment): I’m moving in.
SAMI: What do you mean? Did you change your mind about marrying Carrie?

SHAWN to BO (and Hope in the exam room at the hospital): After what you did to us, you were going to stay out of mom’s life.

MIMI to herself as she watches Belle hugging Philip): Shawn already has a baby, Claire, just none of you know it.

As the credits roll.

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