Thursday, June 08, 2006


Friday, June 9th

Directed by: Jim Baffico
Episode: 10,333
Tape Date: 5/15/06

Bo and Hope testify at Chelsea’s hearing; Jack gets bad news and a surprise visitor (YES!!!); and nature stops Mimi from telling Belle the truth…..

Just before almost fainting, Mimi tells Belle she doesn’t deserve to have Shawn’s baby. Later Belle gives her a glass of water and Belle asks what she meant. Mimi is worried about feeling so sick, but Belle thinks it might be a good sick, morning sickness. Mimi is thrilled and goes to throw up, LOL. Belle tells Mimi what worked for her as poor Mimi is so nauseous she feels like she’s going to die. Mimi says Shawn deserves his own child, like Claire. She tells Belle she has a confession to make (how many times have we heard THAT?) and then she starts getting REALLY bad cramps. Mimi’s worried something is happening to her baby.

Elsewhere in the hospital…much to her dismay, EJ brings Sami to the hospital to see Lexi. She doesn’t understand why, nor does Lexie…as EJ just knocks on her door and goes in (don’t we all wish our doctors were THAT accessible?) He tells Lexie he wants to donate his last winnings to Breast Cancer Awareness. He wants Lexie to be their spokesperson. She tells him about her scare and he asks her to be retested to show people that even doctors believe in second opinions. Lexie caves and agrees to do it. EJ goes to set it up and Lexie pounces on Sami, knowing she must be behind this as she’s been after her to do just that. Sami denies it and for once it’s true. She tells Lexie that EJ donates money to charity all the time and she can check that out on the web. EJ returns after setting up the test for Lexie and she leaves to take it. Alone he tells Sami he did it for her as he knew it meant so much to her, but asks why it means so much to her. (I sure hope this guy is as good as he appears…and can turn Sami around…wow.)
Lexie returns after the test and is trying to thinking positive. Sami is nervous in the hall as EJ wonders why.

Jack is not feeling well, sweating and in pain with this new treatment. He asks the doctor to confirm he won’t be going home. He wants Jennifer to move on with her life with Frankie if he isn’t going to make it. The doctor tells Jack he has bad news. Jack said it’s June, he must be dying again..LOL! Someone is standing outside his room listening (YES!) as the doctor tells him his immune system is breaking down. Jack asks who that is (’s Patch) and the doctor explains he’s an orderly who works in hospice care. The doctor is worried that an infection would kill Jack. The doctor tells the nurse (while he’s still in the room) that this could be the beginning of the end and this patient is now on hospice care. Jack looks at the orderly and says “it’s YOU”. He thinks he’s hallucinating, but tells the orderly that he looks like his brother. He asks the orderly to say something (yes, he IS wearing his patch) and takes a better look as he says…Steve, Steve…..

Frankie and Jennifer talk. He fears if Chelsea’s latest developments come out, it will only go against her.

Half of Salem is arriving for the trial. Will, Caroline and Maggie arrive. Will hopes they throw the book at Chelsea (could his tie get any longer, LOL?) Bo tells his mom that he knows Chelsea needs to be punished, but he needs to stand by her. Victor walks up and in front of Caroline, tells Bo not to risk anything that will make him lose the woman he loves as he will regret it for the rest of his life…as he and Caroline exchange glances. Shawn can tell Hope still wants to be with Bo and she confirms that, but is waiting to see whose side Bo is on. The judge comes in and says there will be NO TRIAL. Cue excited, concerned looks (probably he’ll make the decision, not a jury…why pay for 12 extras, LOL?) Judge Lawler says he was just assigned the case and needs to get familiar with it. Bo tells Billie and Chelsea he’s a tough judge and had a grandson that was killed by a hit and run driver. Billie suspects Kate was involved in this somehow and Kate denies it, saying why would she want a judge who had that history? but thinks to herself that what she has done might not be helpful now. The judge calls Hope up to speak on the stand. She shows Zack’s picture and says today would have been his 6th birthday, but today there is no cake, no present, or party with family and friends. Zack won’t get to blow out his candles and make a wish. His wish would have been to grow up and make this world a better place. All of their dreams were taken away from them when he was tragically killed by Chelsea Brady. She’s not there to testify for revenge. Her grandfather taught her only God can decide on the outcome. As a mother she lost her child, but if Chelsea Brady goes free, she knows someone else will be hurt and she needs to learn from this tragedy. She tells the judge she knows he’s the one that will make the ruling, but feels justice can’t be done if the judge lets Chelsea go free.

He calls Bo up next. Bo says how they only had a few short years with Zack as Abe and Lexie Carver (neither who are even in the courtroom) raised him the first few years. He made their life complete. He was a big boy, not a baby anymore. He was looking forward to kindergarten. Choking up he says how hard it is not live without his tiny man. He tells how he misses Zack and wasn’t able to be there for him when he died. Bo breaks down and says he’ll never be able to forgive himself for that. All he can do is what he thinks Zack would want him to do. He loved his big sister and she loved him. He wouldn’t want the tragedy of his death to cause another tragedy in their family. He’s asking the Judge to show Chelsea justice and leniency…but he himself is the adult and the most responsible and if someone has to be shown justice and to go to prison, let it be him that goes. The judge appreciates that and says that Bo told Chelsea she could drive his SUV, but he wasn’t the one reaching for his cellphone and taking his eyes off the road and left the scene. Bo does admit he lied to the police to try and save his daughter. He’s the adult here and he should have taught his daughter better. Bo says they’ve already been punished by losing Zack, and Chelsea should be held accountable for her actions. She’s sorry, she didn’t know she had hit her little brother, his son. Jen whispers to Hope that Bo’s trying to do the right thing and Hope says..we’ll see.

The DA tells the Judge that she has a video disk that will prove Chelsea’s guilty. The judge takes the disk to look at it and Frankie urges Chelsea to change her plea to guilty now. She refuses to do so after looking at Kate. The DA plays the dvd and only snow shows on the screen. She explains she saw it earlier, there must be a technical glitch (what, no COPY of it was made?) Kate and the cop who took the bribe exchange looks and Kate steps out of the courtroom to see her. Frankie can’t believe it, but tells Jen this might change everything. The DA says the evidence was tampered with and the judge calls for an investigation.

Meanwhile, Kate was in the hall making an exchange with the dirty cop. The cop says it shows Bo Brady was the one who went into the evidence room, not her, saying it’s an additional bonus. Kate agrees and walks back in the courtroom as Billie observes her doing so, suspicious. The dirty cop gives the log to the evidence room to the judge and says only one person went in there this morning, and that was Detective Bo Brady…as the camera pans on Bo’s nervous face….and the previews roll….

LEXIE TO EJ: Whatever’s going on between the two of you…if you were smart, you’d end it now!

SHAWN TO MIMI: Stop torturing yourself..
MIMI: You don’t deserve to be punished just because I do.

BILLIE TO KATE: I know you had something to do with tampering the evidence.

BO TO CHELSEA: I’m going to do my damnest to find out who did it so real justice can be served.
CHELSEA: What do mean by real justice?

HOPE TO FRANKIE: Do you still have those divorce papers, because now I am ready to sign them.

As the credits roll..

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