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Monday, July 3, 2006

Episode # 10349
Tape Date: 6/6/06
Air Date: 7/3/06
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Ho hum…this one is pretty much a snoozer. Austin and Carrie banter on the roof as he wants the truth from her…Sami and Lucas also spend time together…Bonnie urges her children to go for the gold…Hope is ready to take the ultrasound, but there is a problem…Shawn is upset to learn his mother is pregnant…and the “gloved one” is lurking around the hospital. (NOTE: don't analyze this picture of the "gloved one"...this is NOT from the's just a picture of a gloved hand I found in Google, lol).

At the Hospital…Shawn and Philip return from their “contributions” as we see again the gloved one make the switch and the clenched fist of victory. Shawn assures Mimi that it will work this time, even though she is skeptical. The gloved hand opens the door as someone watches the four of them. Philip stares in that direction and seems troubled…telling Belle that there may be a problem. She asks him what as he tells her that because of his low sperm count, it may not work for them. But Belle thinks they should remain positive…it worked once, it will happen again. Mimi watches them hug and thinks to herself that the first time, it was Shawn that got her pregnant. Shawn suggests that he and Mimi go to the nursery to check out the babies but Mimi starts whining again about not getting pregnant and losing him. He assures her that everything will be fine.

Elsewhere, Billie thinks it would be a good idea for Patrick to stay away from the hospital…if Bo finds him hanging around, he will go ballistic…AGAIN. Patrick thinks he may be the father (as an excited Bonnie listens). Billie thinks he sounds like he WANTS to be the father. Bonnie comes over congratulating him but he makes her stop. Patrick says they don’t know…Bo could be the father. Shawn and Mimi walk up and Shawn overhears this, saying Oh my God…my mom is pregnant? He wants answers and Patrick tells him that they don’t know if it is him or Bo that is the father…they are going to run some tests, making Shawn furious, blaming Bo for everything. Mimi thinks they should stay out of it, but Shawn is about to blow a gasket, saying he doesn’t want his dad to use this to manipulate his mom into taking him back. (LOL as you can see Bonnie in the background taking hits on her flask). Shawn rushes off to see Hope as Mimi wants to go after him, but Patrick stops her. Billie leans over to Bonnie, saying “this is NOT good”. Bonnie replies “it all depends on where you are sitting” Bonnie tells Patrick that he and Mimi both need to play their cards right and they can hit the Horton jackpot as both of them roll their eyes.

Hope and Bo talk about who’s the daddy as Bo is SURE it is his and says he can prove it. He explains that he thinks it is a sign that they are to get back together…this is a gift to them from Zack (rolling eyes here). Hope, however is more realistic (…as well as skeptical) and says that even IF the baby is his, that doesn’t mean they can magically work things out. She thinks that from his reaction, she isn’t so sure he could ever forgive her for sleeping with Patrick…just as she is having a problem forgiving him for all he has done. And she says it isn’t just Billie. She talks about how Chelsea turned their lives upside down. She asks if Patrick turns out to be the father, how will Bo deal with that? She tells him that whatever happens…he is not to do anything he will regret. But Bo is still convinced that it is his baby…sure that it is a sign that they are to get back together. Shawn walks up to hear this and says “the HELL you are…you are going to stay out of my mom’s life”. He starts ranting about Bo manipulating Hope and Bo says that Shawn doesn’t have any say in it. Shawn says that Bo doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Hope asks Bo to leave so she can talk to Shawn alone. Outside the room, Billie asks Bo if he is okay and he says no…Shawn would rather have that LOSER be the father. Billie says he is just angry and Bo says that Shawn doesn’t KNOW angry as he fumes. Meanwhile, Patrick is chastising Bonnie for trying to scheme, saying this is not about the money. But Bonnie asks if Patrick and Mimi have not learned ANYTHING from her? Mimi says yes, for all of Bonnie’s scheming…she still has nothing. Patrick paces the floor as Mimi tells Bonnie she still feels like she is going to lose Shawn because of her lying. But Bonnie says once she has his baby, she will have a hold on Shawn…a stronger one that Belle ever hoped to have. Patrick is having doubts now, not sure he could be the father…after all, he explains, they were only together once. Bonnie informs him that the Lockhart men are known for being “one shot wonders” (ROFL). Mimi just hopes that Shawn can handle the truth. Billie tells Bo that he can’t blame himself for everything. But Bo says that everytime he and Hope make some progress and working their way back to each other, it all turns to crap. He lost Zack and Shawn…and if this baby is Patrick’s, he will lose Hope as well. Billie urges him to be positive. She tells him she wants him to be happy and knows that will only happen if he is with Hope…she knows he loves her. Shawn and Hope talk as she asks him to find a way to make peace with his dad. The nurse comes in and tells Hope that they need to talk…there is a problem. Bo and Patrick come barging in as well. The nurse informs them that their ultrasound equipment is broken and that with the upcoming holiday, they won’t be able to do get it fixed. They will have to reschedule the test after the 4th. In the lobby, Bonnie sits with Billie and tells her that she is SURE that Patrick is the father. Billie says that isn’t what she wants. Confused, Bonnie points out that if that is what happens, that leaves Bo for Billie to go after. Billie says she doesn’t want it to work out that way. But Bonnie urges her that if she gets the chance, she should go for it. Inside, Hope is upset and they promise to call her to reschedule. She asks Patrick to walk her to her car, upsetting Bo. After they leave, Shawn tells his dad that it looks like Hope has made her choice. Billie comes in and Bo says that he loves Hope and he KNOWS that baby is his. Billie asks what if it isn’t. Bo says whatever happens…Hope is NOT going to end up with Lockhart. Billie asks what is he planning to do and Bo says whatever it takes to get rid of that son of a bitch.

Back with Philip and Belle, Dr. James comes in and Belle asks if there is any news. He tells them that he is confident it will be successful which thrills them. He goes to the lab and the tech informs him that he is ready to fertilize the eggs. He warns him to keep them straight (Brady with Brady…Kiriakis with Kirakis). He doesn’t want any screw ups…or it will hurt his research funding. The tech assures him he will make no mistakes. The “gloved one” is watching from behind the curtain…as we see a flashback of the switch…again (oh thanks…I had almost forgotten about that ;-) Philip asks Belle if she is ready to be a mother again and they talk about wanting to have a big family and Philip is ready to go celebrate. Belle just hopes that Shawn and Mimi will be celebrating as well. As they hug, Mimi watches and thinks to herself…that Shawn is already a father…to Claire…just no one knows.

At Sami’s Apartment…She is flipping through bridal magazines picking out things as she has a fantasy of marrying Austin. Oops…during her fantasy, Austin morphs into Lucas. Lucas comes in carrying his bags and tells her that he is moving in. She asks if he has changed his mind about marrying Carrie and he says no, he was just joking. He says that they are getting married TOMORROW and he just didn’t think he should stay there, so Austin invited him to stay at Sami’s. (well, that sure was nice of Austin…considering it is SAMI’S apartment!) He is going to bunk with Will. He notices Sami is acting a little strange (how can you tell?) and asks her what’s wrong. She denies it, but he says he can tell that something is going on. She doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks her if she doesn’t want him to marry Carrie and she says he has never cared about what she thinks. She tells him that he is marrying Carrie…and she is marrying Austin and she is happy for all of them. He sits down with her and she asks…just out of curiosity…if Austin and Carrie hadn’t come back into their lives, would he & she (Sami and Lucas) have gotten married? He says that he loves Carrie and can’t think about what might have been…he and Carrie are in love and will be happy. He belongs with Carrie and she belongs with Austin. That is the way it should be. He tells her they all have a chance to be happy and warns her not to ruin it. As he puts his things in Will’s room, she thinks to herself that she has already done something terrible. Sami calls and leaves Lexie an urgent message to call her. Lucas hears the end of the call and asks who she was calling and she lies and says her hairdresser…she wants to look nice for his and Carrie’s wedding. Lucas tells her she shouldn’t worry about her hair…she and Austin have a great future…IF she wants it. She says of course she does and he says well, it is all up to her. After he leaves, she says it is NOT up to her…it is up to Lexie and she won’t let that BITCH ruin it all for her.

On the roof…Carrie is trying to convince herself that she loves Lucas as she has a fantasy of their wedding. In her fantasy, Lucas morphs into Austin. She wonders aloud if she is making a mistake…does she REALLY love Lucas…just as Austin walks up and overhears. He asks her if she is having second thoughts. He admits that he still loves her but has accepted her decision. He asks if she weren’t pregnant, would she still be marrying Lucas? He doesn’t think she is sure she loves Lucas, even though she swears she does. She says they can’t play the “what if” game and that it is time for both of them to move on…she with Lucas and he with Sami. He says he just wants her to be happy…as she does her best to convince him that she is. She says that she and Lucas are committed to each other. He takes her hand and says that her ring is NOT a wedding ring and if she isn’t sure, it is best to admit it now than later. She asks if he is telling her NOT to marry Lucas? And he says he isn’t asking her to do anything, but he knows she has doubts. She tells him she is marrying Lucas…end of discussion, but Austin won’t give up, reminding her that he BEGGED her to choose him. He tells her that she was the great love of his life and is sure that she felt the same way…once. Insert a long assortment of flashbacks of Austin and Carrie here…kissing, dancing, up on the roof, etc. She begins crying, telling him she will never forget him either, but they can’t go back. Austin tells her that he still loves her, but he turned to Sami because Carrie chose Lucas. Yes, he DOES love Sami…but it’s not the same way he loves Carrie. He tells her it’s not too late, but once she walks down the aisle and takes those vows, it’s for life. He says if she isn’t sure about what she is doing, she owes it to all of them to be honest. Crying now, she tells him it doesn’t matter…they can NEVER be together (as she has flashbacks of Lexie giving her the news…and her devastation). Austin doesn’t understand and wants to know what she means…she OWES him the truth. Freeze frame on Carrie with small insets of Austin and Lucas…as the previews show…

Kate (to Sami and Lexie): So…the two of you ARE hiding something…

Kayla: Steve! remember! (as she hugs him and he stares straight ahead)…

Max (to Chelsea): What the HELL is your problem? (Chelsea): I am young and I want to have some fun. (Max): Well, you can have all the fun you want from now on…

Frankie (to Jen): I’d do anything for you and your family…(Jen): I don’t know what I’d do with out you (as they hug…and Jack watches)…

As the credits roll…

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