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Monday, June 12, 2006

Episode # 10334;
Tape Date: 5/12/06;
Air Date: 6/12/06;
Director: Roger Inman

Summary: We have a verdict in Chelsea’s trial and she is sentenced…but she gets off too easily for Hope’s liking…Billie confronts Kate about the missing evidence…Jack is convinced the orderly is his dead brother…Sami takes time to count her blessings…Caroline sends out an SOS to long-lost family member. I don’t know if it is just wishful thinking or the reappearance of some familiar faces, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was…until it was over and I figured it out… believe it or not…there is NOT ONE SINGLE FLASHBACK!!! ;-) And trust me…it really makes a difference!

At the Hospital…Lexie goes over her test results as Sami paces in the hallway. She bursts in and asks Lexie about it. Lexie tells her the second test also shows that the lump was benign. But she can’t help but wonder why Sami is so concerned about it and thinks she is up to something. (Isn’t that a natural reaction to Sami? LOL). Sami says she cares as EJ comes in and reminds Sami she is supposed to pick up Will. She scurries off and Lexie advises EJ that Sami is up to something and urges him to stay away from her. He explains that he and Sami are just friends and Lexie informs him that Sami is friends with NOBODY. He takes up for her, saying that Sami is just misunderstood. But Lexie says that word doesn’t describe Sami…she is manipulative, selfish and cruel…in short…a bitch. She warns him not to become just another of her victims. Sami drops by the hospital chapel and lights a candle and says a prayer of thanks that Lexie is okay. She is sorry for every allowing Alex to manipulate her and going along with his schemes. She is also thankful that her mom is okay. She says that her conscience is clean now…almost…and promises NO MORE LIES. She finishes her prayer and turns around to find Tek there, who tells her that they need to talk. He tells her he isn’t going to stand by and let her blackmail Lexie any longer…she played dirty to snag Austin and it is going to come back to haunt her. He tells her that she has bad karma and it will come back on her…AMEN and then he leaves. EJ comes in and asks what that was all about and she says nothing. She thanks him for coming to her rescue and says she owes him. He tells her it isn’t necessary, but she insists. He says the price could be steep. (Hmmm). She says at least she owes him a favor. Tek goes to see Lexie, who isn’t too thrilled to see him. She tells him about the second biopsy and that she is okay. She appreciates his concern but asks him to leave. He begs her to give them another chance, then moves in and kisses her…and she responds.

At another Hospital…the orderly urges Jack to drink water as Jack babbles on that he is “Steve” and is shocked that he is alive. He tells him that he doesn’t know Jack, and that he is delirious. But Jack is sure and cannot understand why “Steve” doesn’t recognize him as well. He gets upset and starts convulsing as the orderly holds him and calls for the doctor. Later, they have him stabilized and the doctor asks if anything had upset him. The orderly explains that Jack thought he was his dead brother. Later, Jack wakes up, calling for “Steve” and the doctor explains that he had an allergic reaction to medication. He asks where the orderly is and the doctor calls for him (calling him Nick). Jack stares at him and says he thought he was hallucinating, but it IS him. Jack says “Steve, you are alive” as Nick just sighs.

Back at Salem U…Mimi and Belle arrive at the ER, with Mimi saying she is losing the baby. They rush her back as Philip arrives and tells Belle he couldn’t reach Shawn, his phone was turned off. A nurse comes out and informs them that Mimi lost the baby. Belle goes back to be with her but Mimi is devastated. Belle tries to comfort her but Mimi just keeps saying “it’s all my fault”. She blames herself, as Belle tries to assure her that there was nothing she could have done. Mimi says she could have told the truth and says she is a bad person, sure she is being punished. Sometime in here, Belle calls Shawn and he is on his way. He arrives a few minutes later and Belle goes back to Philip. Mimi tells Shawn she lost the baby and keeps blaming herself and keeps apologizing. He tells her it just wasn’t meant to be. Belle tells Philip that Mimi blames herself and they talk about how close they came to losing Claire. Mimi tells Shawn she is a bad person and would understand if he left her. He tells her he loves her, regardless if they have a baby. He says he watched his father destroy his family earlier and he isn’t going to be like that…as long as they are together, that’s is all that matters and he kisses her.

At the Courthouse…Officer Eve (bad cop) reveals that Bo was the only one that was in the evidence room earlier. Hope is shocked and the judge addresses Bo, asking if he had anything to do with the missing evidence. Bo denies it and the judge orders a full investigation. The DA pleads for more time, but Frankie also argues that without the evidence, they dismiss the charges. The DA brings up Chelsea’s confession. They go back and forth and the judge finally decides that although they cannon deny that she hit Zack, they do not know all the circumstances surrounding the accident, but she did behave recklessly. He decides it is time to rule and finds her guilty of vehicular manslaughter. She is sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a revoked drivers license. There are gasps all around and Shawn and Hope are shocked. Billie hugs Chelsea, telling her everything will be okay. Kate also rushes over to congratulate her. As she leaves the courtroom, Billie follows her outside. Chelsea hugs Bo and thanks him. In the hall, Billie confronts Kate, sure she had something to do with the missing evidence as Kate just stares at her. Chelsea got over her slap on the wrist rather quickly, as she is already complaining about having to serve 200 hours of service and how will she move on without a drivers license? Shawn walks up and overhears and lashes out at her. Bo stops him and is quickly told to leave him alone and go to hell. It is at this time Shawn gets the call from Belle and rushes off. Meanwhile, Caroline is on the phone calling someone. They answer and she is elated to hear her voice, telling her that they need her to come home. The camera pans back and we see it is none other thank Kayla. (WOW, Mary Beth looks great). Ma explains about the trial and how Bo and the family need her there. Kayla explains that she is busy and can’t leave her patients. Caroline pleads with her, saying it has been too long and desperately wants to see her. Billie is still questioning Kate who basically asks “what if I did?” Billie should be happy…Chelsea isn’t going to prison. They argue about it and Kate says if this isn’t what Billie wants, the evidence could “reappear”. Chelsea hugs Bo again and thanks him for destroying the evidence, which he denies. He says he will get to the bottom of it though and then real justice will be served. Chelsea asks what he means by that.

Kayla starts making excuses to Caroline, about how she doesn’t see how she could be any help. Caroline points out that she is family…just being there would help. Kayla says she has family there as well and talks about how Stephanie is involved in many things and she can’t uproot her...she also has committed to help Bill Horton in Africa during the summer. But Caroline knows the real reason she has stayed away for so long…it’s that Salem holds too many memories of her past…and of Steve. Kayla sighs.

Billie and Kate are still arguing about what she did and Kate says she did it for Billie as well…now she and Bo can get back together. Billie tells her what we would ALL like to…to stop meddling in her children’s lives. Kate says that Hope blames Bo for the missing evidence and that this is now Billie’s chance…take it. Hope tells Frankie and Jen that she thinks Bo is responsible. She says she wanted 2 things today…to see Chelsea get a guilty verdict and to find out where Bo stood. Even though she thinks Chelsea got off easy, she was found guilty…and she certainly saw where Bo stood. She asks Frankie where the divorce papers are…she is ready to sign…as Bo walks up and hears…with a shocked look on his face…and the previews show…

Jack: You are Steve Johnson…you’re my brother and I am going to prove it to you…(Nick): How?...(Jack): I am going to call your wife…

Jen: Even though I love Frankie…if Jack were still alive…Caroline: I know…

Frankie (to Chelsea): So you’ll do it?...You’ll tell the truth?...(Chelslea): No…

Bo: I wouldn’t do ANYTHING to hurt you…(Hope): And you’re a LIAR…

And the credits roll…

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