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Episode # 10339
Tape Date: 5/22/06
Air Date: 6/19/06
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: Lexie & Tek’s little party comes to an abrupt halt…Jennifer prepares for her wedding as Jack and Nick take a detour…Sami makes a splash at dancing the Tango…Bo decides that the only way to get Hope to listen to him is to abduct her…and Max reaches out to Chelsea. Thumbs up performances from James Reynolds and Renee Jones (Abe & Lexie).

At the No-Tell Motel…Lexie and Tek are going at it like there’s no tomorrow when Abe walks in and turns on the lights. Caught with her hand in the cookie jar, Lexie immediately starts stammering and Tek tries to explain. But Abe has murder in his eyes and punches Tek as Lexie screams. Abe throws him on the bed and is on top of him strangling him as Lexie jumps on Abe’s back. Abe yells that he should take out his gun and just shoot Tek where he deserves it. This gets Tek’s attention as he stays quiet for most of the time. Abe demands to know when they started sleeping together. Without letting her get a word in edge-wise, Abe rips her a new a-hole, as she sobs uncontrollably. Lexie whimpers that it all started when he got back from the island. He says he had his suspicions but hated himself for even thinking it. He says he feels so hurt and betrayed by both of them. He tells them that Celeste had said all along that Tek was a predator, but he chose to not believe her. He says he should have know that his wife would never change…she was never satisfied with him. First she cheated on him with his brother Jonah…then with his son, Brandon….now HIM. (Oh man, James is rocking it here). He says at least she could have the decency to find someone who isn’t a family member or friend. Lexie continues to boo-hoo and try to explain how Tek was there for her and Theo while Abe was gone and thought he was dead. Abe tells her when he came back, he gave her an out, but she didn’t take it. He tells her the only reason she has stayed with him is because she was afraid she would lose Theo. He begins to break down himself, damning both of them. Tek tries to interrupt, but Abe tells him if he values his life, he will keep his lying mouth shut…so he does. (LOL). Lexie swears she was ending it but Abe has her number…saying she just had to do it one last time, huh? He says it is a good thing that he got that note telling him where to find them. Lexie is shocked to hear that as he hands it over to her and she reads it. She says they need to talk, but he tells her that talking time is over…they are through. He goes to leave as she clings to him, crying NO, NO…NO. He tells her she can just cry all she wants…she can kiss their marriage…and her son…goodbye. He will make sure she gets all she deserves and tells Tek he will be working security at Salem Place mall. As he goes to leave, he tells her that her father was right about her all along…she really IS a true DiMera after all. He slams the door on his way out, wishing them good luck…they will need it. Lexie is furious, saying she KNOWS who did this…SAMI…and that bitch is going to pay. Outside, a gloved hand pushes back the bushes, having observed the whole scene.

Down at the Docks…Max buys Chelsea an iced coffee and gives her a lecture on the side. She says she is going to go find someone else. He is on her about her drinking but she doesn’t want to hear it and instead starts whining about her community service coming up, with him telling her she should be thankful and celebrating. She tells him she is sick and tired of hearing it all the time…she is who she is. He asks her just WHO that is? He says he is sure she has a heart, why is it so hard for her to let people see it. She gets mad and storms off. Later, she is at home (and Abby is there). They talk about Max as she complains about him always lecturing her. Abby says maybe it is because he cares about her. Max (standing outside the window) says, “she’s right, you know”. Abby excuses herself so they can talk and Max climbs through the window. He talks about how much he really does like her and thinks they should move to the next level. She is excited and asks if that means he wants to have sex. Max is like “down, girl” and tells her that he means that they become more like girlfriend/boyfriend. He does want that with her, but in time. He wants to get to know her better first…and then when the time is right. He says sometimes he finds it hard to respect her…and doesn’t think she even respects herself. He asks her what about it. She has a huge grin on her face as Abby speaks up, saying “are you out of your mind?...say YES.”

Also at the Docks…Sami and EJ continue to tango. Lucas, Carrie and Austin show up talking about Frankie & Jen’s party (funny, I don’t remember seeing them there). They talk about the spectacle that Chelsea made, as Lucas is just glad that Sami didn’t show up and add to the circus as well. Austin takes up for her as Lucas wonders where she is anyway. Austin tries to call her but gets the machine. They argue about Sami as Lucas calls Austin a fool. Sami is proud of herself for picking up the tango so easily. They make a turn and she catches a glimpse of Austin & Co. and stumbles backward and falls into the river. EJ jumps in to save her as the gang walks up. EJ pulls her from the water as she starts trying to explain. EJ jumps in and helps her, saying Sami wanted to surprise Austin by learning the tango and explains they won the contest. Austin tells her not to worry, he believes her and is impressed and is NOT threatened by her friendship with EJ. He asks her to show him what she learned so they go to dance (despite Sami complaining that she is soaking wet). They dance as Carrie, Lucas and EJ watch.

At the Deveraux House…Jen opens the door to find Frankie there, flowers in hand. She slams the door in his face, saying it’s bad luck. He talks through the door, explaining it isn’t midnight yet, so she finally lets him in. Kayla takes the flowers to put them in water (giving them some alone time) and then goes out the back patio and sits alone where she has flashbacks of her wedding to Steve. With teary eyes, she says she is happy for Frankie and Jen and wants to move on with her life as well, but she can’t. Frankie and Jen talk about the wedding as Jen says she knows that Jack will be watching and be happy for them…after all this is what he wanted. Jen talks about how Jack loved both of them and Frankie says that is why he pursued her because Jack actually loved both of them. They kiss and then Jen hurries him off, then looks at a picture of her and Jack. She goes out and sits with Kayla and talks about second chances, wishing that Kayla could find love again as well. Kayla is a bit uncomfortable and says she is going inside to call and check on Hope. Jen talks to Jack, saying she knows he would be happy for her but needs his blessing. She looks up and sees a shooting star and says “thanks you, Jack”. Inside, Kayla gets Hope’s answering machine and then calls Jo (we don’t see her). She tells her that she is back in Salem and talks about how difficult it is and that she misses Steve so much.

Jack and “Nick”…have stopped at a motel for the night. Apparently, Jack had gotten worse and Nick says he needs his rest, he has a big day ahead. Jack is upset they stopped 30 miles from home. Nick looks through Jack’s wallet and takes out the picture of him and Kayla and says “yep, there I am”. He wonders if this is all real. Jack mumbles in his sleep “Jennifer” as Nick just hopes he will last long enough to make it home. Later, Jack wakes up, ready to go on to Salem tonight but Nick tells him to just rest. He sees that Nick has the photo and asks if he remembers anything yet…he says no…but likes looking at it. Jack is sure that he will remember everything when he sees Kayla…she is the love of his life. Later, (almost delirious) Jack calls for Jen as Nick looks out the window. He says if he DID love this woman…how could he have left her behind?

On Smith Island…Hope’s captor takes off her blindfold and she jumps up and grabs a gun, whirling around and says “YOU!” Yes, it’s Bo. She can’t believe he kidnapped her, scaring her to death like that. He chuckles and tells her that kidnapping should be old hat to her by now (ROFL!) He is a bit nervouse as she waves the gun around, ranting at him. He reminds her that it has a hair trigger, so she finally puts it down. She says she COULD kill him. She is furious and storms out the door as he just smiles and pours coffee. A few moments later, she returns, throwing something at him, saying he took the spark plugs off the boat. He laughs, saying he thought she might swim. (she deservedly calls him a BASTARD). He offers coffee and asks her to sit and talk with him. She tells him it is too late…he has betrayed her too many times. They talk about him taking Chelsea’s side and he talks about how everything snow-balled. She talks about her original email (asking for a divorce) was a test that he failed miserably. He says that is why we are here…he wants another chance. He says that they both did/said things they didn’t mean. He wants to start over but she says no…she can’t…it’s too late, especially after what he did at the trial. He swears that he didn’t do anything too the evidence and asks her to believe him. She says that he has told so many lies, she just can’t believe him anymore. He says she has to trust him…but if there is no more trust in their marriage…then there is no marriage…maybe it IS over. He says if she really wants a divorce, then there is nothing he can do to stop it. He doesn’t want it, but she is leaving him no choice. He goes and opens the door, gives her the spark plugs and tells her goodbye. She sits at the table a few moments and then stomps out. After she leaves, he throws a clay pot across the room. Freeze frame on Bo…as the previews show…

Bo (to Hope): What are you doing here?...why did you sleep in that chair last night?...(Hope): I just couldn’t leave you…

Austin (to Carrie): I really think that her trouble making days are behind us…

Jack (in the car, to Nick): The line is still busy…(Nick): Well, it looks like everyone is going to be surprised then, huh?

The wedding is about to begin at the church and as Jennifer prepares to walk down the aisle, she says “wish me luck, Jack”…

And the credits roll…

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