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Monday, June 26, 2006

Episode # 10344
Tape Date: 5/26/06
Air Date: 6/26/06
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: I am sorry, I don’t know what the problem was, but my reception was really bad…and I almost lost all audio near the end. But I think I got the general gist of everything…Jack is taken back home…Bo rushes Hope to the hospital…Sami tries to hurry-up her wedding to Austin.

At the Hospital…Bo rushes Hope to the ER (she is out cold). She finally comes to as Bo explains what happened. Patrick shows up as well and Bo isn’t too thrilled to see him there. Lexie asks them to leave as Hope explains to her that she is dizzy. Lexie tells her it could be a number of things and they don’t know for sure yet. In the waiting area, Bo tells Patrick to get the hell out of Hope’s life. Hope talks to Lexie about her marriage and wonders how it could all fall apart (as Lexie has pangs of guilt as well). Bo informs Patrick that he and Hope are on their way to working things out and for him to get lost. Hope can tell that Lexie is upset and asks what is wrong. She finally tells Hope about her affair with Tek and Abe finding out. She swears she loves Abe but she betrayed him and doesn’t blame him for not forgiving her. But, she tells Hope she has the CHOICE to save her marriage. Hope says it isn’t that simple after all that has happened. However, on the other hand, she just can’t stop loving someone that she has loved for over 20 years. Patrick tells Bo he knows nothing about a reconciliation, as Bo tells him his info is just out of date. He tells him that he and Hope have loved each other for over 20 years and they have been through a lot, then tells him to go get a life. Lexie tries to talk Hope into forgiving Bo, she only wishes that Abe could forgive her as well. Hope tells her that they have talked, and she WANTS to forgive him and rush back into his arms, but Zack comes to mind and she is reminded of all the things Bo has done. They talk about Patrick as Hope explains he was there for her when no one else was. Lexie adds, like Tek was there for HER. She asks Hope if she loves Patrick. Patrick assures Bo that if he and Hope are trying to work things out, then he will stay out of the way. While Bo is on the phone, Lexie goes and gets Patrick to talk to Hope. She tells him they need to talk…about their future…as Bo overhears.

Austin, Sami, Lucas & Carrie…return to Sami’s apartment, seemingly bummed because there was no reception and they didn’t get to eat. (LOL). They think they should order pizza. Austin can tell that something is bugging Sami and everyone wonders what is wrong. She tries to explain that it is just all that happened at the wedding. They ask how she learned of Abe and Lexie’s problems and she says Lexie told her after the wedding. She tells them she thinks that all Salem weddings are jinxed and suggests that they just all elope. Carrie says no way and Lucas sides with Carrie. Sami tries to convince Austin to elope with her and points out that all of them have been to the altar too many times. She wants to marry Austin ASAP and begs him to go along with it. He tells her he loves her but wants to have a real wedding in a real church not some Brittney Spears special complete with an Elvis impersonator. Sami says maybe Lucas is right…every wedding she is involved with becomes a disaster. Austin tries to assure her that isn’t true. He offers to hire a wedding planner so she won’t have to be dealing with all that…he just wants to give her the wedding of her dreams. But Sami wants to get hitched immediately…as Lucas wants to know what’s the rush.

The Deveraux Party…arrives at the house. Jo and Abby want him to go to the hospital, but he refuses. Steve, Jennifer and Abby help him upstairs as Jo pulls Kayla aside, telling her how sorry she is for her. Kayla wants to know more but isn’t going to push him. She feels sorry for Jen and they wonder how she can move on. They take Jack into the bedroom to find it decorated for Jen & Frankie. Jack wants to see Jack Jr. (and I think Jen explains he is with a sitter, but will go get him later). Jen feels bad because she has nothing for Jack to wear and Jack says Abby may have something of his. After Jen leaves, Steve tells him he would let him borrow his “jammies” but he doesn’t wear any (LOL). Downstairs, Max and Frankie have a drink as Max asks what will happen between him and Jen now. Jen returns to Jack as Abby and Steve go downstairs to get him something to drink. Alone now, Jack and Jen have a talk (from what I could hear of it…it is a tear-jerker). They talk about when they bought that mattress and trying to get it upstairs. She talks about how she missed him and cried so many times on that bed, soaking her pillow with tears. Downstairs, Jo calls Vern to give him the news. Abby and Steve come down as Frankie asks if her mom is okay. Abby informs him that her MOTHER is upstairs, alone, in the bedroom with her FATHER (ouch). Max urges Frankie to go up there, but he won’t go, saying they need time alone. He says they will talk when she is ready. Jack and Jen talk about who is at fault, with him saying he did what he thought was best for everyone. But she isn’t buying it. He says he made a mistake by coming back, but she says no, his mistake was leaving in the first place. She asks what are they supposed to do now and he says to just let him die. Downstairs, Steve stops and stares at Kayla, which prompts her to ask if he remembers anything. He says no, but she is just so pretty…if he WAS married to her, he was a lucky man. Jo slips out of the room to let them talk and he tells Kayla that he had given up searching for his past years ago and had accepted that he would never know the truth. She tells him that any questions he has, she will answer, all he has to do is ask. But she has one for him as well…WHAT exactly happened to him the day he supposedly died? Jack tries to explain to Jen that he didn’t want her and Abby to see him suffer…he wanted them to remember the Jack Deveraux that they loved. She says he IS the Jack Deveraux she loves and he always will be as they hug. He talks about being afraid to die but she tries to assure him that someday, they will be together forever. He asks about Frankie, and she explains that she does love him, but it’s different. Jack says he didn’t WANT to leave them, he just felt he had no choice. He tells her that Frankie is a good man and she needs him…and wants her to love him and raise his family in a house of love. She leaves to let him rest. Later Abby comes back with a book that he used to read to her. She swears that they will be there for him.

Jen (now changed out of her wedding dress) finds Frankie out back as they talk about Jack. She apologizes for what happened, but he stops her, telling her he is happy that both Jack and Steve are live…even though their timing was off. He asks her what does all this mean for us…as we see a split screen of Jen, Jack and Frankie’s faces as the previews show…

Lexie (to Sami, in front of Austin, Lucas and Carrie): I’ve been waiting a long time for this…you’ll want ot hear what I have to say…

Bo (to Shawn): I’m going through hell right now…You might try to understand that. (Shawn): I know exactly how it feels to lose the love of your life…believe me, I know how that feels (cut to Mimi)…

Frankie (to Jen): If you need anything…I am here…you know that, right? (as Jack listens from the bedroom window)…

And the credits roll…

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