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Episode # 10337; Tape Date: 5/19/06; Air Date: 6/15/06; Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Lots going on in this show as things seem to be moving at warp speed. Kayla arrives in town, just in time for Jennifer & Frankie’s bridal shower at the pub, determined to get Bo and Hope back together…another uninvited and intoxicated guest shows up as well…Lexie tries to discourage Tek, but it doesn’t seem to be working…AND someone is watching them…Jack convinces “Nick” to go to Salem…Shawn and Mimi choose a surrogate.

Dancing on the Docks…Max and Chelsea are there as she is all happy (and getting even more ‘happy’ from her flask). She is wanting to celebrate and goes on about how her dad saved her. Max can’t believe that Bo had anything to do with the evidence disappearing. He asks her if SHE was responsible. She denies it. He doesn’t think that Chelsea is too concerned about what could happen to Bo but she is sure that now he can be happy with her mom. Max points out that Hope is the one he loves, not Billie. He thinks that Chelsea is acting guilty about SOMETHING and tries to get her to tell him what. Abby walks up and says that Chelsea will never admit to doing something wrong. Max asks Abby about the party for her mom and Frankie and she says she isn’t going. But an inebriated Chelsea says that SHE is. Max tells her no…Hope will be there, but Chelsea doesn’t care.

At the Hospital…Mimi is still whining about losing the baby and blaming herself. Shawn wants to talk about the surrogate idea or adoption. Mimi says she wants him to have his own child…like Claire. She covers her slip and they talk about moving forward and exploring their options. Later, they are looking through file folders of possible surrogates and find one that they both really like. The nurse tells them that she is at the hospital right now for a check up and she goes to see if she is still there. A girl (named Holly Landrow) comes in to meet them. The three of them talk and she tells them all about herself (as Mimi seems a bit uncomfortable). She tells them she would love to have their baby and that they would make great parents. After she leaves Mimi starts boo-hooing and Shawn asks what’s wrong. She says she is just being silly and finally says they should just go for it, so Shawn goes to find Holly and give her the news. He finds her in the hallway as Mimi comes out as well and tells her that they want her. She is excited and goes to find the doctor and start filling out the necessary forms…as Shawn and Mimi kiss.

In the Park…Billie runs into Abe on her way to the party and asks him what could happen to Bo. He says he could lose his badge and even serve jail time. Abe talks about what a bad year this has been for Bo, losing Zack and Hope. He doesn’t think they are going to be able to work out their problems. Billie tells him that even though she tried to break up Bo and Hope many times in the past, it never worked. She has finally accepted it that Bo loves Hope. Abe talks about when he and Lexie lost Isaac and how it almost ruined their marriage. He talks about how lucky he was that they made it through those rough times.

Meanwhile, at the No-Tell Motel…Lexie and Tek fall across the bed kissing, but she stops him, telling him she can’t go through with it. She tells him she is going to Jen’s party and as she is leaving, he is begging her to meet him afterward. She finally gives in and says she will. As they kiss goodbye, we see a gloved hand and someone watching them from the bushes.

At Jen’s (I think)…Hope tells Frankie to go ahead and file the divorce papers. Jen protests but Hope tells her to just focus on their wedding. Jen thinks maybe they should cancel. Hope refuses to let her do that, but Jen was talking about the party…not the wedding. As they get ready to leave for the party, Jen asks her what if Bo is there. Hope says if he is, she will just have to deal with it…she doesn’t want to spoil Jen’s happiness.

At the PubBo arrives looking for a drink and asks what is going on. Ma & Pa Brady tell him that they are having a party for Jen and Frankie. Bo tells them they are about to lose a daughter in law and doesn’t want to stay. They beg him to stay and before he can leave, they bring out the big gun…as Kayla arrives with hugs all around. She tries to talk some sense into Bo but he says that Hope has shut him out of her life. She reminds him that Steve is dead and she can never get him back, but for him and Hope there is still a chance.

Later, Jen, Frankie and Hope all arrive for the party. Billie is there now and tells Bo that her being there is a mistake. Bo goes to talk to Hope but Kayla beats him over there and is offering her support. She takes Bo and Hope by the hand and pulls them aside and tells them she is NOT leaving Salem until they work things out. Bo says she is being a true big sister and Hope tells her not to waste her time. She talks about Frankie and Jen getting a second chance and how they can have one as well. She begs them not to give up on what they have…as Hope corrects her and says “had”. Outside, Lexie arrives (with Tek in tow) and she tells him they CANNOT go in together so she goes in first and is greeted by Abe. Tek is watching from outside…as someone is watching him as well. Abe tells Lexie that he has been a fool and doesn’t want to risk their marriage. He tells her that he has decided that he will do whatever it takes to make love to his beautiful wife again….she deserves a true husband. As they hug, she sees Tek come into the pub. Kayla is still trying to convince Hope to give Bo another chance. She explains that she lost the love of her life and her life has never been the same. She tells Hope if it were possible for Steve to walk through that door right now, nothing would ever come between them again. Later she talks to Bo and asks him WHAT did he do to make Hope so angry. He tries to explain and she tells him not to give up on her. More arrivals outside…this time it is Chelsea, with Max and Abby both trying to convince her not to go inside, but she won’t listen and is bound and determined. She staggers inside as Billie sees her and rushes over, telling her she should NOT be there. Billie gets one whiff of her and realizes she has been drinking again. Chelsea ignores her as she sees Bo and rushes over, hugs him and gushes “Oh DAD!” as Hope watches in anger. He also tells her she shouldn’t be there as she and Hope exchange “go to hell” looks. Billie drags her aside and chews her out, accusing her of just trying to make trouble. She tries to get her to leave but she refuses, saying that “Hopeless” is out of the picture now and Billie should make her move on Bo. Kayla comes over as Billie introduces her and Chelsea. Kayla says she has heard a lot about her and Chelsea replies “all bad, I am sure” (LOL). Abby tells her mom that she is sorry, but she just cannot be happy for her and Frankie, she feels that this is all too soon. Jen reminds her that she is doing what Jack wanted. Abby tells her if they go through with the wedding, then consider her on her own. Tek has been watching Lexie and Abe and can’t stand it any longer, so he sends her a text message, telling her he needs her. Lexie lies and tells Abe that it is the hospital needing her so she leaves. Abe sees Tek and starts questioning him about the new woman in his life and tells him to bring her to the wedding. Tek leaves the party as well and we next see the two of them back at the No-tell Motel, with the gloved hand outside the window watching them. Then we see the hand with an envelope with the name Abe Carver written on it.

Back at the party, Jen is now opening her gifts, thanking everyone. Abby tells Max to take Chelsea home so she can sober up. He leads her out of there as Caroline and Kayla are hugging, Caroline thrilled that she came home. Kayla says she hates to see Bo and Hope splitting up and talks about how much she misses Steve. (…but not for long as you will read below).

In the OTHER Hospital…Nick comes to see Jack with the DNA results. As he looks over the results, he is shocked and says it is true, their DNA matches. An excited Jack talks about Kayla and Stephanie, telling him he has to go to Salem and talk to their mother Jo Johnson if he needs confirmation. Nicke refuses to believe it as Jack begs him to go to Salem…and grant him his dying wish, and keeps trying to convince him that he IS Steve Johnson. Nick asks questions about his supposed past but says he refuses to go to a place where everyone thinks he is dead. Jack (laughing) says he has been dead “plenty of times…it’s not as bad as you think” (LOL). But Nick still doesn’t believe…saying he doesn’t remember any of it…or Jack…at all. Jack gives him a brief history of their lives…how their mother gave them up and they were separated and raised by different people. He tells Nick that he needs to talk to the Bradys and he can find Kayla through them. Nick pulls up a chair and says he is not going to help him (calling him “Jackson”). Nick asks WHO he is…WHO is he working for…believing this is all some sort of setup. But Jack keeps on, reminding him he has a wife and daughter. But Nick says he isn’t a family man. Jack tells him that he used to be the same way but once he had a family, all that changed. They argue back and forth as Jack begs him to do this. He tells Nick he spent half of his adult life hating him and now he wants to do something good for him. Nick asks why and Jack says because he has been a pain in the ass…just as Nick is being right now. He tells him to just think it over…as Nick looks at the DNA results again. Later, he tells Jack that he will go back to Salem…but only if he goes with him…and calls him “bro”. Jack talks about how he misses his family, so Nick tells him to get his butt out of bed then and go with him to see them. Finally Jack says okay, he will go with him…so he can say goodbye to HIS family and Nick can reunite with his. Jack sees this as his last good deed…as Nick says “whatever” (wow, what chemistry between these 2…with their rapid fire dialogue…I missed SO much here). Jack tells him that when he walks through the door, it will blow Kayla away…Freeze frame on a split screen of Steve and Kayla…as the previews show…

EJ and Sami are dancing the tango as he tells her not to speak…

Billie (to Patrick): I am not going to do anything to come between Bo and Hope…and neither should you…

Bo (to Frankie): You have got to help me stop her from going through with this divorce…it’s destroying both our lives…

Hope is walking along as a gloved hand reaches out from the shadows and clasps a hand over her mouth (wanna bet that it’s Bo?)…

And the credits roll…

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