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Episode: 10,342

Summary: Linda was right, for those that read the spoilers at Salem Place. The short scenes between Jack and his family and Steve and Kayla are very emotional. Have tissues handy! The rest of the show is the Loft group and the apartment group. Sami is worried about the damage Lexie could cause, and Mimi is worried about losing Shawn.

(Picture above is when the guests were asked if anyone objects to this marriage to speak now or forever hold their peace...loved it!!)

AT LOFT #1, Belle, Claire and Shawn are running late. They are not planning to go to the wedding, but figure Jen and Frankie won’t be upset as long as they make it to the reception. Claire gets fussy (she’s teething). Shawn is able to calm her down, which impresses Belle. Belle is really impressed with how he got Claire to go to sleep. She is convinced that he would make a great dad – someday. She talks to him about family. She tells him that she wishes she and Phillip had a chance to solidify their marriage before they had a baby. She doesn’t want him to rush into it. He is sure that they are ready. They want to bring a new life into the world. Just like her and Phillip and his parents used to be, they are committed and ready. He wonders if Mimi and Phillip are ready yet – or they won’t make it to the reception either. Belle reassures Shawn that things between her and Phillip are strong and ready for another baby. Shawn tells her that he and Mimi are ready to, and can’t wait.

MEANWHILE, AT LOFT #2: Mimi whines to Phillip, that as long as she is unable to have a baby, Shawn will leave her, and as soon as he is single, Belle will leave him and it will all be her fault. Phillip promises her he will not allow it to happen. Mimi keeps on with her pity party. She is still convinced that Shawn would leave her for being unable to give him a child of his own, and that the moment he is single, Belle would run. Phillip is convinced that Belle would never leave him and Shawn would never leave her, no matter what happens. He calls someone to convince Mimi that it would never happen. Phillip was talking to a research doctor who is willing to look at Mimi’s chart and help her out. He has another procedure that may work better for her. Mimi is happy about the prospect of having her own child after all, and maybe this doctor can help Philip and Belle, too. Phillip thinks it might be possible, too. Maybe Claire could have a little brother or sister after all. Mimi thinks he has a problem. Mimi tells him that even though this doctor may be able to harvest more eggs than the old one did, she still probably won’t be able to carry to term, which means she still needs a surrogate. After the disaster of the other one, she may not be able to find one. Turns out, Phillip is ahead of her there, too. He got the Kiriakis Foundation working on it and found her the perfect candidate – totally screened and waiting for contact.

Phillip and Mimi come back (to loft #1) as Belle apologizes for taking so long. Phillip says its okay, as they aren’t going to the reception anyway, they are going to the hospital. Mimi is excited about both couples getting babies soon.

BACK AT THE CHURCH: Everyone is cheering as Jen and Frankie are pronounced married. She hugs Frankie, and looks back to see Jack in the doorway. In stunned disbelief they stand there staring. Abby rushes over and hugs him, vowing that she always knew he was alive and that mom shouldn’t have married Frankie, but remained faithful. Jen asks what is going on, as the crowd turns to stare at Jack and at each other. He walks up the aisle and starts to apologize since he had no idea that it was their wedding, as he came to light a candle and say a prayer. He addresses her and she passes out in Frankie’s arms. Jack remembers being pulled from the car by a fishing boat, who joked about him being the catch of the day, but Jen says that all the boats denied it. Jen wanted to know why he didn’t call her. He told her that he was at the house at Christmas to check on her, which infuriates her.
Jen can’t believe he can still be dying, or he wouldn’t have come back just to say goodbye. Jo feels the same way. Jack is positive he shouldn’t have come back, and he wants to leave again. They want him to stay, but he can’t do that to them. He is glad that they got married and have each other when he finally dies. He is worried that he came in and interrupted too soon. Jen reassures him that they said, “I do,” but Frankie reminds him that by being alive, he has made the marriage null and void. Jack is bothered by that, “I guess I always did have lousy timing.” Abby keeps telling Jack about telling her mom that she should have waited for Jack, that they belong together, but Jack tells her that they don’t belong together, not anymore, as Jen turns and puts a hand on Frankie’s shoulder. Jack corrects Abby. He wants Jen and Abby to be a family with Frankie. He is still dying, and only has a couple days left. He came back to say good-bye. Jen tells him that she still loves him and he is not going to die alone. He will be there with them, not with strangers. Jack tells them that he didn’t come back by choice, but with someone else. He apologizes to Jo for not telling her before now, but he came back with Steve, his brother. Jen reminds him that Steve is dead, but Jack tells them all that he is alive and well and right outside. (Frankie looks like he is in shock this whole time – he doesn’t say much, and doesn’t look like he is believing most of it).

Carrie mentions giving them some privacy, so they get up to leave (of course, everyone else stays). Lexie follows them out, vowing to make Sami pay for telling Abe about her and Tek (she is well behind them and talking to herself). Sami is upset that the limo is gone, and Lucas explains that he sent Gran and Maggie home first. Sami doesn’t understand why they couldn’t all go. They all want to know why Sami is so upset. She breaks the news about Lexie and Abe’s marriage, and him finding her with Tek. Lucas wants to know why she cares so much about their marriage. She is concerned for Abe and Theo. Abe is like family, and Lexie is a DiMera – sister to Tony and daughter to Stephano. She has cheated, been caught and forgiven once, who knows what she is capable of lying about now? She can’t be trusted for anything anymore. Austin thinks he knows what is going on. Austin is sure that Lucas’ threat that something bad would happen if she showed up, was bothering her, but it wasn’t her doing. She should be totally able to identify with Jennifer – as she’s been in her shoes. Theo’s situation is upsetting her, because she was his age when she lost her parents. Lucas tries to butt in, but Austin turns and tells him to shut up and goes on about how Sami is probably feeling. Sami is grateful that he understands, as she wasn’t even sure she did.

Carrie and Austin have separated from Lucas and Sami. Carrie is glad that Austin and Sami’s relationship is working out. He is good for her. Austin thinks that Sami is good for him, too. Carrie confesses that she feels rushed with Lucas and doesn’t Austin and Sami to feel the same. Carrie wants to know if he loves Sami. Austin does love her, but Carrie interjects but she isn’t the love of your life. Austin reminds her that she is the love of his life, but she chose Lucas and he has to accept that. Yes, he does love Sami, but in a different way and his future is with her, and Carrie’s with Lucas.

Lucas wants to know if Austin was right about why Sami was upset, maybe she is really worried about her own wedding. She is adamant that she and Austin are going to live happily ever after and there is nothing that Lucas or anyone else can do to stop her. Lucas isn’t so sure. Lucas thinks she is acting defensive because she is desperate. She is up to something and afraid to lose everything. Sami thinks about all their lives being destroyed if she can’t keep Lexie’s big mouth shut.

TEK goes to check on Lexie, and she scolds him for following her. Lexie can’t wait to expose Sami. Tek wants to know what she is waiting for. She knows it’s coming, so why not now? He wants to see it. Abe catches them and is angry. Abe and Tek face off. Maybe Abe can’t fire him for making his wife his whore, but he better watch his steps carefully. All it will take is one small mistake (punching out five minutes early, leaving a coffee cup in his car, etc.), and he will have his badge. If he touches his wife one more time, he is a dead man. Abe sends Tek away and tells him to stay away from both him and Lexie. He leaves and Abe goes back to confronting Lexie. Lexie says that Sami Brady is going to pay for this, but he says Sami didn’t jump into bed with Tek, she did. She will be hearing from his lawyer.

BO WANTS TO TALK to Hope, as the wedding is obviously over. She thinks it can wait as Frankie and Jen will need them. They leave, as Chelsea mutters under breath to hurry up and get divorced already. Max comments on the situation and how much it would hurt Frankie. Chelsea is happy for Abby, but still bothered. Bo asks Hope again for time together. She wants to be there for Jen and for Jack, which he understands, but asks for time for them, too.

Chelsea and Max discuss the situation. Frankie knew that Jack was Jen’s one true love, but she is going to lose him again. He turns it back on her and asks about them – has she given any thought to where their own relationship stands?

KAYLA FREAKS OUT OVER STEVE. (She is in or near tears the entire episode. Very moving!!!) She held him in her arms, picked out his casket and buried him (she even points to his grave). He didn’t want to scare her, but he doesn’t know any of that. He mentions that she looks just like the photo – which prompts her to ask: Doesn’t he remember her? How could he not know her? They had a life and a baby together. He apologizes for not remembering her or Stephanie (Kayla tells him her name, how she was named after him and was his life). She was a baby who adored him, but now she is all grown up and he missed her entire life. He thinks it is impossible and a mistake, he can’t be that guy. His name is Nick Stockton and he had a life and a job at a hospice a couple of hours drive away. A couple days ago a patient swore he recognized him and it blew him away. He was talked into a DNA test that proved he was this Steve Johnson and the patient’s brother. Kayla is almost as blown away by the fact that Jack is also alive and came back to Salem, too. Steve tells her about how Jack is still sick and how he and the doctor tried to talk to him, but he was sure of what he wanted. He only came home because of Steve and wanting him to reconnect with the family. He tells her that he wasn’t expecting her, but he still doesn’t know her, or anyone else in Salem. Jack told him about the Brady family and Kayla, and showed him a picture, and she was pretty, but he doesn’t know her. She tells him about her feelings after he died – that she loved him so much, that she could never move on after losing him. She is upset for Jennifer, finding Jack and losing him again. She runs and grabs Steve and tells him that she is not going to lose him again. He puts her back and apologizes, sorry it isn’t going to work. Kayla shows him a whole bunch of pictures of them together, to try to jog his memory. A few days ago he was happy with who he was, but now he suddenly has a wife and a kid and a dying brother. It’s a lot to adjust to, and he is not sure if he wants to. He doesn’t want to hurt her, she has been through a lot already, but what if he never remembers? What if his old life is one he doesn’t want? How does he know if it’s the life he wants or not, if he doesn’t remember it? He doesn’t think it will be easy to remember. Jack tried by telling him stories and showing him pictures. She is sure he didn’t try this – and pulls him into the biggest kiss ever (WHOA!! – Swooning, then doing happy dance!!!!!)

In come the previews:

Steve: I don’t want to give you false hope that things are ever going to be the way they used to be.

Austin to Lucas: If Carrie chose me, boom, I would ask her to marry me and then she would be pregnant with my baby right now. (as Sami’s head comes peeking around the door).

Mimi: Why can’t I be lucky like Belle? (both girls are in hospital gowns).

Bo: Fancy Face? (They are outside and she passes out into his arms)

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