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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Episode: 10,335
Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Tape Date: 5/15/06

Another enjoyable show as GREAT flashbacks of Kayla and Steve together and Jennifer talks Kayla into coming home for her wedding; Jack tries to find ways to show Steve/Nick that he’s his brother; Bo professes his innocence as the women in his life react differently; and Abe saves the day by calling one-minded Tek away from Lexie.

Pop Shawn is disappointed when Caroline tells him that Kayla said she’d “think about” coming home to Salem. Caroline knows the memories of Steve are what keeps Kayla away. After all these years, she’s never gotten over losing Steve.

We see Kayla trying to decide whether to go home to Jennifer and Frankie’s wedding as she clasps hers and Steve’s wedding picture (sniff) while listening to “The Rose”. (oh man, a tear jerker all by itself) She has a WONDERFUL flashback of when Steve proposed to her (man, they still both look great after all these years)…another flashback of when she steps in the boxing ring and he helps her on with boxing gloves. She punches him in the face and whamo…knocks him into the ropes. A third flashback (I’m getting shivers here) as he does hand sign language (she was deaf for a while) of THE ROSE… he hungrily watches him hand/sing the song to her….Back to present, the phone rings as the song continues. She answers the phone and says “I can’t believe it.” It’s Jennifer. Kayla knows her mother put her up to the call and Jennifer tells Kayla she knows how painful it is to lose someone you love and every memory isn’t necessarily a bad one. Living in Salem, she has good memories of Jack too. She asks Kayla if that means she’ll come home for her wedding. Kayla agrees, asking how can she refuse to see her become her sister in law all over again (remember, Patch was Jack’s that’s why they’re sister in laws now). Jennifer tells Caroline the good news, Kayla’s coming home. Caroline hopes that Jennifer can help Kayla move on after Steve. Jennifer knows she loves Frankie, but if Jack were still alive….

Kayla looks at a picture of Steve on her computer and tells herself that Jennifer’s right, it’s time to go home. She’s the fastest packer in the west as we moments later see her leave her apartment with her rolling suitcase and over the shoulder carry on . She looks at her and Steve’s wedding picture and puts it in her carry on and leaves.

Jack’s insistent that the orderly is his brother as “Nick” gets a little frustrated and leaves the room, promising to send in a pretty nurse in his place. Later he returns with orange sherbert for Jack and tries to rationalize it’s Jack’s illness that makes him think he’s his brother. Jack knows that Nick is Steve Johnson, his brother, and will prove it to him. He’ll call his wife, Kayla! Patch/Nick says..oh goody, now I have a wife? He suggests that Jack call his own wife, but Jack explains he can’t call his own wife because she thinks he’s dead already. He’s determined that Nick is his brother. Nick pins a button on Jack that says I AM LOVED on it (aha, the infamous button!) Jack shows him the locket and asks if Steve knows who the woman is. Steve says “It’s your wife.” It was only by reasonable deduction that he guessed that. Jack tries another alley and says Nick needs to grant his dying wish and see his wife. Nick refers to her as Kaylie, LOL, as Jack corrects him. Jack asks Nick to take a DNA test with him. Nick agrees to do what Jack wants if he’ll eat and Jack obliges.

CELESTE and her tarot cards are out to breakfast and trying to learn Lexie’s fate.

LEXIE (in her office at the hospital) tells Tek she can’t do this any more when Celeste calls her asking why she’s late meeting her. Tek tells Lexie that they have unfinished business as he won’t let her go (take a cold shower man!)

ABE confronts the dirty cop (Detective Michaels) about the log only showing Bo’s name. Abe knows Bo didn’t do it and he’s there to prove it. Abe’s known Bo his whole life and knows he didn’t do it. He knows who could prove it and makes a cell call. He calls Tek and orders him to meet him in the evidence room. Tek agrees and leaves, but not before insisting that Lexie live up to her “one more time” promise she made him.

LEXIE joins CELESTE at JAVA CAFÉ and lies about being late due to work at the hospital. Celeste knows it’s because she was with Tek. Lexie tells her mother that she wants to get back with Abe and told Tek so, but Celeste can tell by Lexie’s nervousness that it’s not that easy. Lexie smiles as she tells Celeste how Tek said he loved her when she told him it was over. Celeste warns Lexie not to fool herself. She read Lexie’s cards while waiting for her, but not only risks losing Abe, but Theo too. Lexie gets a cell call and says it’s the hospital. She leaves after assuring her mom it’s over between her and Tek. Celeste is worried that Tek will be Lexie’s undoing.

IN THE COURTROOM, Frankie asks Bo for the truth, saying to considered it privileged information. Bo figures if he’s questioning him, what must Hope think? He didn’t do it!

Jen and Hope talk privately on the other side of the courtroom. Hope’s determined to sign those divorce papers now. Bo got Chelsea off and that’s all that’s ever mattered. Jen tells Bo to give Hope space and to prove he didn’t switch the disk. That’s the only thing that will save his marriage.

Patrick arrives fashionably late in a grey suit, saying he heard the verdict and asks if Bo switched the disk. Billie honestly tells him she doesn’t know if Bo did, as Kate plays innocent with the demon child smiling next to her. (PLEASE, make Kate pay writers!) Kate’s anxious to celebrate the good news as Hope walks out and tells them not so fast! Hope tells the group that she accepts the judge’s ruling and suggests that Chelsea not screw up her second chance. Chelsea asks if she forgives her and Hope said no, but she knows Zack loved her and hopes she appreciates her second chance and knows she can’t be tried again due to the double jeopardy laws. Chelsea said she loved Zack too. Hope tells Chelsea that justice was not served there and she and Chelsea both know that. Chelsea walks away and Billie and Kate follow after and ask why she left, that Hope was trying to make peace. Chelsea realizes that and asks what’s wrong with her. Kate said she and Billie both have made mistakes too and they have to learn by them. Chelsea says she will learn by what happened.

Patrick tells Hope that was a wonderful thing she did for both of them. Hope can’t hate Chelsea, it wasn’t Chelsea’s fault. Hope mentions Bo and he walks up saying he didn’t do it, but he knows who did. He says Patrick did and Patrick denies it, saying he was the one who found the disk. Bo thinks Patrick did it to cause a bigger rift between him and Hope. The two men argue as Hope accuses Bo of being desperate to try and cover up his guilt. Hope calls Bo a liar. Hope asks Patrick for time alone with Bo. She admits she’ll always love him, but all she wanted was justice, some closure. Chelsea’s picking up trash in the damn park doesn’t do that for her. She tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but can’t any more. What they have is over, it’s finished!

Jennifer arrives at the pub to see Caroline. Caroline says Jennifer has a wedding to plan.

FRANKIE asks Chelsea if she’s going to do the right thing and admit what she did to Bo and Hope. Of course she refuses, saying it wouldn’t make a difference. Chelsea figures Hope will never forgive Bo for switching the disk. Their marriage is history and even Frankie has to know that.

BILLIE accuses Kate of tampering with the evidence. Kate justifies that Billie was going to go to jail for Chelsea, so just appreciate the second chance she’s gotten. Kate brings up that Billie should go after Bo now and as they start to argue, Chelsea asks if they can go celebrate now.

TEK arrives and tells Abe and the dirty cop that the computer might help solve who did take the disk out of the evidence room as he hid a camera there. Bingo. As Tek sits down to see if they can get the pictures of who was in the evidence room, Abe tells the Detective to drive him over to the courthouse so he can tell Bo (what, his cell phone doesn’t work?). The Detective figures she should stay and help Tek, but Abe knows Tek can take care of it himself and she nervously follows Abe out. Tek clicks the keys and stares at what he finds.

Abe and the dirty cop arrive back to the courthouse to find Bo, Hope, Billie, Chelsea, Kate still there. He tells them the possible good news about finding the guilty party. Detective Michaels whispers to Kate to destroy the disk as Kate says she has to get back to the office. Abe takes her arm and says she should join them as this has to do with her granddaughter. Bo tells Hope that she’ll find out he had nothing to do with this as the show closes with her staring at Bo…and the previews roll…

MIMI TO SHAWN: “I’m afraid I’ll never be able to give you your own child” we see Abes face…
And TEK telling LEXIE (outside Room 4 at a motel) that he “needs to be with her one last time”…as they start kissing and we see there’s someone in the bushes watching….

SAMI tells KATE (and Austin): “ I don’t care what you think I…what did you say?”
KATE: “I agree.”

HOPE TO BO: “Bo, what did you do?”
ABE (holding Hope): “Bo, why don’t you tell us?”

As the credits roll…

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