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Tuesday, June 20th

Episode #: 10,320 – Directed by: Albert Alarr – Tape Date: 5/23/06

It’s a new day in Salem as the wedding party and guests make their way to the church, despite their own problems at hand.


Ej’s doing his morning pushups (shirtless) while listening to music (or perhaps a book on tape? Nah) He remembers dancing with Sami and smiles.

Across the hall we see Austin (shirtless of course) and Sami. She’s checking out the photo proofs, reassuring Austin she’d rather be with him, but it’s nice being with EJ who doesn’t know her past. She steps in the hall to get the newspaper and sees EJ looking at his paper in his doorway. Lucas also opens his door (shirtless of course too) and warns EJ about Sami and best guy finishes last. Carrie rushes out and chastises him, saying that’s not fair as Sami eavesdrops from behind her open door (think I’d be moving..too darn crowded there!) EJ tells Lucas he’s a big boy and asks Sami to come out from behind her door. She does so, as does Austin (who’s now dressed) and the whole gang gathers in the hallway as Sami says she’s not going to the wedding, but Austin says she is. He tells her to go get dressed and she does so reluctantly. Austin invites EJ over to see the proofs and he accepts after he gets dressed. Lucas (munching on toast) and Carrie say they want to see them too and he walks in and picks up the proofs (he IS the competition, isn’t he?). He warns Austin that there’s some serious chemistry going on with these two (Sami and EJ in the pictures) as EJ walks up (now in t-shirt) listening. Carrie urges Lucas to get dressed after Sami walks in (wow, she’s FAST) all dressed and made up..looking gorgeous. EJ admires how great Sami looks in the photos, a natural. Carrie and Austin chat in the kitchen area as she tells him she can tell he loves Sami. He knows he has to let Sami be Sami and she has changed. He thinks trouble is behind them. Carrie figures accepting Sami is the way to go and Lucas walks in not agreeing..but looking very handsome in his suit. The trio watch Sami laughing with EJ while looking at the pictures.

We find Lexie crying in front of her mantel as Abe carries Theo out after breakfast. He tells him Celeste will be there to take him to the park as he and Lexie have to go to a wedding. (Theo’s being shy today and we hear Theo ask Abe why he can’t take him to the park..but his back is to the camera…guessing they recorded his voice at different time, haha) Abe takes him upstairs to get dressed and Celeste arrives, admiring the beautiful day for a wedding. Lexie tells her that Abe found out about her and Tek. Lexie asks how he found out and Abe walks in and tells her about the note as Lexie continues to boo hoo. He tells his adulterous wife to say where she was last night and warns Celeste this is between him and Lexie. She asks where Theo is and goes to get him. Abe said he’d see her at the church and she asks for a ride (thought it was walking distance?). He tells her if she needs a ride to call her lover and leaves (atta boy!). Celeste shuts the door behind Abe and can’t believe who would tell Abe on her. Lexie says it had to be Sami and Celeste knows Sami would do it, but had said she wouldn’t. Lexie is angry and said Sami ruined her marriage and perhaps she’s losing her son too…(no…YOU did this to yourself Lexie) She vows to make Sami lose everyone who cares about her and hopes she’s at that wedding and storms out as Celeste looks worried.

(Here’s MY GUESS on the situation….my theory is the gloved hand was Kate…who knew Sami had something on Lexie but didn’t know what. Perhaps she saw Lexie and Tek kissing in front of the pub when she arrived for the shower and followed them to the motel….then slipped back to the shower to leave Abe that anonomous note leading him to the motel, knowing Lexie and Tek would accuse Sami of doing it? That way Sami would get retaliation…but not from her.)

While Theo plays video games, Celeste whips out her tarot cards and shocked that others will be affected in Salem.

Bo wakes up on the couch and groggily opens the front door to get a cell signal. He finds Hope sleeping in the chair there. He wakes her up and she doesn’t feel well. He says she looks pale and helps her inside before rushing to make coffee. Hope remembers today is Jenn’s wedding. He asks why she slept there all night and she says she couldn’t leave him. He asks her not to shut the door on them and she’s the last person he’d want to hurt. Hope rushes out, not wanting to be late for Jenn’s wedding as Bo follows..saying he’ll get her there on time.

Max is shocked to see Frankie there. He came to get his tux (slung over his shoulder) and not worried about old wives tale of seeing each other before the wedding. Max tells Frankie about wanting to be exclusive with Chelsea, expecting discouragement from his big brother. He tells him he found a girl that’s not into him for once and Pop Shawn arrives to hurry them into their tuxes.

Inside Kayla is helping a nervous Jen with breakfast. Abby and Chelsea join them (both pretty glum) and Jen follows Abby to have a chat. Kayla asks Chelsea to chat too (who looks very cute in her teal dress and glittery hair. Kayla assures Chelsea that everyone doesn’t hate her, citing Max. She steps away as the caterer brings boxes of booze in for the reception and Chelsea opens a bottle of vodka smiling. She fills her purse flask to get her through the day.

Ding dong…the bells rings and Kayla opens it…saying the surprising words…It’s you! LOL. It’s her mother in law, Jo Johnson. She says it’ll be hard watching her sons widow marrying another man. She’s so happy to see Kayla again and Kayla rushes on about having to leave for a trip to Africa soon. She tells her that Stephanie is doing great. Jo says Vern is traveling a lot lately, but they hoped to fly out and visit them. Jo is welcome by Abby and Jennifer. Kayla and Jen rush upstairs to get Jen finished dressing. Jo tells Abby she misses Jack too, but is happy for her mom. The reality is her dad isn’t there any more and her mom needs her. Abby says she likes Frankie. He’s a nice guy. He loves her mom she knows. Abby says it’s wrong and she’ll never accept this marriage though. Out of the blue Alice tells her she’s making a mistake and will live to regret it. Maggie is with her (where did they come from?)

Steve is driving Jack home to see his “wife and kiddies”. Jack reminds him that Steve will see Kayla too (did they confirm she’s in Salem?) Jack knows it’s going to be a shock for Jennifer and asks if Steve has a cellphone so he can call her first. The phone rings and Chelsea answers it. Jack asks who it is and he says it’s Jack and he needs to speak with Jennifer. Chelsea is shocked and looking at the wedding cake centerpiece just brought in, says Jennifer’s busy and she’ll give her a message. Jack rambles on about he’s coming home and bringing his brother Steve with him. Chelsea doesn’t believe him (asking if he’s the one that looks like Johnny Depp in the movie) and hangs up. Abby walks in and she tells Abby it was a prankster and glad she didn’t answer it. It appears she really believes that’s the case. Abby heads up to get dressed and Chelsea takes the phone off the hook in case that psycho calls back. Jack tries calling back (doesn’t Jen have a cell phone?) and Steve asks who Chelsea is. Steve says they’ll just have to be surprised. Steve announces the next exit is Salem.

Max (holding his tux over his shoulder) sees Abby and Chelsea arrive. He said he’d understand if she wanted to date others and she asks for time to figure it all out. He heads inside. Bo and Hope arrive (fast trip home and they’re all dressed to boot) and she rushes in to see Jennifer as he talks to Chelsea. She asks if they’re back together and he feels encouraged. Hope rushes in and tells the gals Bo kidnapped her last night. Ma, Kayla and Jenn ask if she heard Bo out and Hope doesn’t want to talk about that now. Jenn slips out of her robe and Maggie helps Alice in (who’s looking pretty feeble, poor dear). Alice asks where the bride is and Jennifer steps around the corner in her slim gown, looking beautiful. Maggie comments that Jack would be proud and Jennifer hopes so, as it was his idea and she wants him to give her away.

Later it’s just Caroline, Jen, Hope and Kayla. Caroline and Kayla head out to be seated as Hope wishes Jennifer well and to enjoy the day. She hopes Frankie’s heart can take it when he sees Jenn come down the aisle.

Steve and Jack arrive at St. Lukes. He asks “Jackson” why they stopped there and Jack says it’s where he and Kayla got married. He asks if it looks familiar. Steve says no. Jack notices something going on and suggests they check it out. Steve knows Jack is stalling, nervous about reappearing from the dead. (no late arrivals see them standing there?) Steve finally agrees and goes to the church as Jack gazes at his locket. He says he’ll see her soon.

A lot of extras are at the wedding as people are seated. Jo comforts Abby (why isn’t she in her mom’s wedding?) who says it was too soon for her mom to remarry (maybe that’s why, haha). Abe arrives and finds a seat. Lexie is searching for Sami, wanting to make her pay for what happened. Caroline and Pop Shawn arrive and sit down in front. Bo is waiting for Hope and Jen to come out of the brides room. He tells Hope he can’t wait for their talk later and gives Jen a kiss on the cheek, telling her she looks amazing (which she does) and to be happy. He goes to find his seat and Jen tells Hope she hopes she listens to him…but Hope sushes her and says today is HER day. They tells each other I love you once again and Hope walks down the aisle and turns at the altar to watch for Jennifer. Jennifer looks up and says “wish me luck Jack” as the screen splits as we see Jack standing outside looking at the locket….as the previews roll…

TEK TO SAMI: “You’re going down Sami. Lexie’s going to blow you out of the water right here in front of everybody.”

BO (looking at Hope): “She’s coming back to me. I know it.” Hope looks over at Bo.

JENNIFER to FRANKIE (vows): “I am yours and I am going to love you all the days of our lives.”

JACK standing at the door saying softly…”Jennifer?”

KAYLA turns and says “Steve”? as we see Steve looking at someone…(this scene is in black and not sure if it’s her thinking of Steve or actually seeing him…)

As the credits roll


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