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Episode: 10345 Directed by: Herb Stein Tape Date: 5/26

Jack sees JJ, Steve tells Kayla what happened years ago; Hope gets some surprising news; Shawn and Bo argue and Mimi’s worst fear is confirmed, Austin stands behind Sami…but she’s about to be exposed…

We join Jack and Abby talking as he has her in his arms while lying on the bed. He apologizes for all he’s put her and his family through. As he grimaces in pain, she rushes out the door for something that will help.

Downstairs, Kayla tells Steve she’ll tell him whatever he wants to know about his life, family, them. He wants to hear, but doesn’t know where to start about him. She does…she wants to know what happened the day he died! GOOD QUESTION! He has a flashback of a messy room and asks if she really wants to know. She says yes. He says it comes back in brief flashes and he woke up in a dirty motel room. He was dizzy, disoriented and it was like a hangover..but worse. We see him drink melted water from the ice bucket in the motel room. (He’s in a white long sleeved t-shirt and short sleeved grey t-shirt over that…guess he wasn’t buried in that?) He didn’t remember who he was or where he was..but knew he’d been through something pretty rough and was damn lucky to be alive. She asks what he did. He says he looked around the room and found a wallet with $500 in it and a photo ID saying his name was Nick Stockton. No other memories or anything that looked familiar. He went to the address on the ID and it was a run down part of Cincinnati. (so apparently Cincinnati is just a few hours drive from Salem USA ;-) It made the motel room look upscale. Someone ambushed him. He woke up in a hospital room with some blue coats (cops) telling him a neighbor saw him unconscious and he had a nasty gash on his forehead. He didn’t have any idea who he was or why he only had one eye. Kayla can’t imagine how that felt. He said the hospital people were wonderful and he volunteered there to thank them. He eventually went to work there, got a place to live and has been there ever since.

Outside Frankie asks Jennifer what all this means for them after Jennifer tells him Jack came home to say goodbye before he died. She realizes how she unintentionally has ignored him (Frankie) since Jack’s return and he completely understands. She doesn’t and said Jack encouraged him to pursue her and they stood up and were married earlier today. She is his wife. Frankie loves her so much and is so grateful she feels that way and pulls her into a kiss. (I will truly miss Missy Reeves stellar performances when she leaves the show next month!!) She tells Frankie these next few weeks are going to be hard on everyone as they both know she needs to be with Jack. He’s wonderful and understanding as he tells her he’ll be there if she needs anything.

Meanwhile, Abby brings JJ in to see his daddy. Jack holds his son and tells him how this is like a dream come true. We return to Abby determined to search the web about his disease and find a cure. She’ll accept it if she can’t find one, but wants to spend as much time as she can with him. Abby takes JJ to bed and Jack gets up to get some fresh air. He looks out and takes a deep breath and sees Frankie holding Jennifer outside. He shuts the window and returns to the bed.

Lucas is positive Sami did something wrong, something she isn’t proud of…he knows her. When Austin figures out what it is, he’ll “kick her to the curb for good”. Sami walks away. Lucas tells Austin about Sami’s closet full of wedding gowns, each with their own story (LOL…what’s up with keeping all those..closet space has got to be a premium in an apartment especially!) Lucas doesn’t know WHAT Sami’s done, but knows it has to be something that Austin will object to. Austin stands behind Sami, figuratively and literally. Lucas calls Lexie and asks her to come over to Sami’s apartment …there’s something he’d like her to clear up. We return to find out that Lucas only left a message for Lexie on her machine. Sami remembers her showdown with Lexie at the church threatening to expose her for her part in telling Carrie she and Austin couldn’t have a healthy baby. Sami thanks Austin for trusting her. Lucas picked up that Sami knew about Lexie and Tek’s affair and used it to her advantage. Austin has enough and asks Lucas to leave. Carrie takes Lucas by the hand and leads him to the door. Lucas said Austin is a good guy and might forgive her if she admits what she did wrong. He asks her to fess up as to what Lexie has on her.

A repeat of Hope telling Patrick they have to talk about their future. He says it sounds serious and she agrees, but Shawn and company arrive before she can say anymore. Bo follows them in and Shawn tells him it’s all HIS fault. They take their arguing outside Hope’s room and the rest of the lofters follow..leaving Hope and Patrick to talk. He tells her about Bo’s earlier discussion saying she and Bo were reuniting.

Bo and Shawn go into a room and Bo rolls up his sleeves as he tells the nipping Shawn (figuratively) that after he’s been married more than a few weeks he’ll understand that marriages have their ups and downs (guess hanging around getting your eggs harvested isn’t a newlywed tradition?) Bo explains how Hope wasn’t strong enough to hear the truth after Zack died and needed him…so he didn’t tell her. Shawn rants on with the whole chain of events that Bo agrees were wrong, but wasn’t his idea (Billie taking the blame, etc.). The lofters sit outside the room listening uncomfortably. The missing video is mentioned and Bo denies having taken it and determined to find it. Bo’s grateful that Shawn’s so supportive of his mom, but reminds him that he also lost a son and may lose the woman he’s loved all his life. He might try to understand that. Shawn shouts he knows exactly what losing the love of your life is like and Bo needs to move on just like he did. We see Mimi rush off the bench outside the room after hearing that and Philip stops Belle from following her..saying she’s probably the last person Mimi wants with her now. Philip turns and says to himself…”you bastard, you’re still in love with my wife.”
A crying Mimi goes down the stairs of the hospital. Philip asks Belle if she knew that Shawn was still in love with her. Belle tries to assure him it was past tense..but Philip’s got custody of the Salem brain today and knows Shawn said he lost the love of his life.

We return to Shawn still nipping at Bo and telling him Patrick’s been there for Hope since Bo went AWOL, choosing Billie and Chelsea over his wife. Bo admits not being perfect and trying to be there for him and his mom. He loved Zack and he too has been out of his mind in grief. Chelsea is his daughter and he loves his family. Shawn says some more than others…Bo agrees and said Hope, he and Shawn were what he wanted and had..but Chelsea has a lot of time to be made up for. Shawn cites how Bo wanted him to pay the price for breaking the law (when he ran h is motorcycle through the church window). He knew his dad was right for that…but now he just wants to protect Chelsea. His actions toward Hope speak very loudly. Bo said he doesn’t understand the horrible position he was put in as his daughter killed his son and he needed to help his wife as well. Bo doesn’t know how else to explain, and Shawn agrees they’ve said all they can say and leave it at that. Bo disagrees, saying he can’t lose his wife and son. Shawn leaves and says he has to find Mimi. Philip and Belle point the way and Philip tells Belle that Mimi will leave Shawn and Shawn will come back to Belle, wanting her back. What will she do then?

Shawn finds Mimi in a corridor and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him…”you want Belle, you can have her. I want a divorce.”

Patrick is remembering a sensual scene of him and Hope making love on the island while Hope’s busy talking with a nurse. She asks what he was thinking about and he admits he was thinking about the night they spent together and wonders if it meant anything to her.

Bo returns to hear Hope tells Patrick that night was special to her too…(not knowing Bo was walking up at the time, but Patrick did). Another doctor walks in and said Lexie was called away on an emergency (LOL, yeah…to Sami’s apartment) and has Hope’s test results. Seeing the two men there, she asks if now is a good time, and Hope says yes. The doctor assures her nothing is wrong with her and that the symptoms she had are normal with pregnancy. Oops…cue surprised faces at that news…

We return to the Deveraux home as Jack descends the stairs in the outfit he arrived in. Everyone asks where he’s going and he said back to the hospice to die. Steve holds up the car keys (I think relieved to get out of there) as everyone there says NO.

Lexie arrives at Sami’s apartment and stops Carrie and Lucas from leaving. She says they’ll all want to hear what she has to say…as Sami looks away.

as the previews roll…

JACK: “What kind of man would I be to stick around?”
FRANKIE: “What kind of man would you be if you don’t?”

STEVE TO KAYLA: “You’re not my wife, not anymore.”

LEXIE (Kate’s there now too): “Do you want to tell everyone what you did, or shall I?”

HOPE (almost in tears) TO BO: “What if this baby isn’t yours?”
BO: “Then Lockhart’s a dead man”…as he hears Patrick walking in and turns and punches him. Patrick stumbles and falls and Billie rushes in telling Bo no and Hope yells STOP IT!.

As the credits roll…

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