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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Episode: 10,338
Directed by: Roy Steinberg
Tape Date: 5/10/06

Our Salemites are young and restless (oops, wrong show) as they visit, plan and plot.

Belle shows Claire pictures of Uncle Brady and Aunt Chloe (we don't see them), saying they hadn't met yet and then pix of Uncle Shawn. She remembers dancing with Shawn and because it's so hot, opens the window for fresh air. She notices Mimi's out on the other terrace and Shawn joining her. Mimi says she's nervous this in vitro won't work and they won't be able to afford another go at it. She worries she'll be like her own parents and he assures her she isn't and he likes her mom, but Mimi's not like her. She wishes they had better financial security and then remembered his invention. Mimi tells him how she always wished she were Belle with the perfect life...she had everything Mimi wanted..including him. Mimi remembers when she and Belle first met Shawn on the playground in grade school. They were climbing the jungle gym and a blonde bully told them to get off as he wanted to play on it. Belle told him no and the little boy threw his soccer ball (?) at her and she fell to the ground. Shawn got off the swing and told the other boy you're not suppose to hit girls and to leave them alone. The little boy left and Belle went into his arms and gave him a long hug. Mimi said from that moment on she knew that he and Belle belonged together and probably still do. Shawn tells her to stop doing this to herself. She's smart, beautiful and his wife. She's his future, not Belle. They hear Claire cry next door as we see Belle trying to comfort her (Belle would be cooler if she didn't wear that hot robe). Shawn knows Claire's window is right off their balcony (aren't they across the hall from each other?) and they should talk quieter. Claire finally stops crying as Shawn remembers what he felt the first time he held Claire and he's excited about holding his own child for the first time as Mimi's face shows her internal turmoil, knowing he is Claire's father. Belle admits to Claire how she feels about Shawn, but not to tell her daddy.

Austin steps out of the bedroom, apologizing to Kate for how long the call took.
On the roof...
Kate can't wait to tell Austin how Sami's throwing herself at another man. Sami tries to convince EJ to work with her and Austin and Kate tells herself that if she gets this partnership to work out, Sami's chemistry to EJ will be her undoing. EJ agrees that this idea will work out for the both of them. Kate returns and tells Austin her great idea about using EJ for both his product line and for Basic Black. Kate tells him she did some research while Austin was on the phone and EJ is very popular in Europe. She could hire him for just Basic Black, but being he's her son, willing to share him with Austin. Meanwhile EJ agrees to work with Sami and Austin.. Excited, Sami gives him a hug in gratitude before rushing down to tell Austin the good news. EJ stares longingly at her as she leaves (I do like Sami/Ali with bangs).

Back in the apartment....
Austin warns Kate that she'd be not only in business with him, but Sami too and that Sami's good at her job. He mentions wanting to get married soon if this works out. Kate gulps, but tells Austin maybe she'll see this new Sami while they work together (liar liar, pants on fire). Austin believes her lock, stock and barrel. Sami rushes in so excited and tells him how she went up on the roof and got EJ to work with them. She's not pleased when she hears about Kate's idea to use EJ as well. (looks like the words and their lips moving aren't in sync during this conversation). Sami isn't buying her and Kate having the same idea as Austin and Kate try to convince her otherwise. They talk privately and he tells Sami they'll need help and Kate's family. Ding's EJ, now wearing a shirt. Sami isn't surprised that EJ and Kate know each other as Kate answers the door. EJ's impressed that they were able to merge with Basic Black on this venture and asks how. Kate identifies herself as the Executive Director there (who never works, LOL) and Sami sarcastically explains they're just one big happy family, LOL. Austin privately tries to convince Sami they can get married sooner if this works out, so that's all Sami needs to hear. EJ talks with Kate, but watches Austin and Sami embracing.

Bo calls Hope asking to talk about the trial, leaving a message asking her to call and said he'd email her as well. He explains in his email that he and Billie only held back the truth about Chelsea driving until they thought she could handle the truth. He asks her to give him another chance..for both their sakes and Zack's.

Hope had called Jennifer to meet her there (what, no coffee shops open?). She tells her about seeing Zack, her visit with Marlena and feeling it's a sign for her and Bo to reunite. Jen tells her she has to move forward just as she did after losing Jack. Chelsea overhears Jen and Hope talking down the pier and pretends loudly to be talking to Max and saying that Bo is only pretending to want to reunite with Hope so she'll go easy at the trial. Hope confronts her, asking what she's up to. They argue and Chelsea leaves. Jen tries to convince Hope that Bo does want to get together and Bo pops on deck and agrees with her when she says Bo doesn't want her to testify. He says he was just emailing her downstairs about the trial (oh great, can see it now...Chelsea's lurking nearby and will probably go change the email before sending it). Yup...we see her take off her shoes and climb down the ladder into the water to swim to the boat. Bo got a call from the station that he has a situation there. He suggests Hope go read his email while he's gone. Chelsea decided her dress from Paris she's wearing won't be able to worn in prison, so she'll sacrifice it for her swim. Bo tells Hope he wrote the email from his heart and heads off to the station. We see Hope and Jen head for the boat as Chelsea (wrapped in towel) finishes up her email modification and runs to the bedroom. (wonder of wonders, Hope doesn't notice the chair just vacated by the sopping wet Chelsea, is even damp) Hope reads that Bo tells her he wants their marriage to work and he loves her..but if she testifies at the trial against Chelsea, that their marriage is over. (and gee, no water spots, wet footprints on the floor, or even pools of water on the deck where Chelsea obviously had to hoist herself over the side....o.k. everyone....roll your eyes, too! ) Hope leaves upset, with Jen in her wake, as the devil child snickers, saying she should feel sorry for Hope, but she doesn't. She returns to the computer and changes it back to what it said. Hope tells Jennifer that she has made her decision and this time it's forever ... as the previews roll...

EJ TO SHAWN: I know that Titan has made you an offer, but I'll double it. Name your price.Max walks in and says: I knew it, you want my engine!

LUCAS TO SAMI: I knew it, you have a crush on EJ.

HOPE TO JEN: (First few words were said too fast to understand), but something that she'll go against anyone she needs too, including Bo and God give her strength.

BILLIE TO BO: Chelsea's not the one to blame, I am.
As the credits roll...Linda

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