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The evidence room video is played, Mimi & Shawn decide on another way to have a baby, while Austin Reed & Co. has their first photo shoot with EJ as their model, and a surprising twist.

Episode #10,336 - Taped 5/16/06, Directed by Deveney Kelly

The Hospital

Philip & Belle talk about Mimi losing her baby, and how devastated she & Shawn must be. Bonnie arrives, overhears, and rushes into Mimi’s room. (wonder how she knew exactly where it was?) She gets the news, and tries to soothe Mimi with talk of trying again. Dr. Doom & Gloom comes in (Lexie) with test results. It seems Mimi’s body did it’s best not to allow the embryo to attach itself, and it is highly unlikely that Mimi could ever carry a baby to full term. Mimi is devastated. Out in the waiting area, Philip & Belle wonder why they have not been able to get pregnant yet, as they are trying a lot, and yet were able to conceive Claire so easily. They decide to talk to Lexie about it, as long as they are in the hospital already. (hmmm, and not an obstetrician or gynecologist, huh?) Meanwhile, Lexie is suggesting that Mimi & Shawn could use a surrogate to carry their baby. She leaves, and they do not like the idea of a stranger doing this. Bonnie tells them it does not have to be a stranger, and offers to do so herself. Mimi wonders if Bonnie can give up alcohol for a whole 9 months. Bonnie assures her she could, but that would not include beer, right? LOL, as Mimi tells her yes, and also no cigarettes. Bonnie is crestfallen, as she realizes she could not do that. Outside, Philip & Belle have talked to Lexie, and already taken fertility tests, and being as things are slow in the lab, they should be ready soon. She gets a call, (it is Tek) and she fakes her “I cannot do this” routine with him, but he gives her info on where to meet him. Someone arrives to give Belle & Philip their test results (boy, those always go to my DOCTOR!) and Belle opens the envelope, takes out the paper, and seems disconcerted. Philip asks if all is o.k., and she says that yes, with her, but it seems the problem is with him. He takes the paper, reads, and says “low sperm motility”? as he again mentions how easily Belle became pregnant with Claire.

The Photo Shoot

Austin & Sami come in and talk to the very Italian photographer, about the first shoot featuring EJ. He mentions Kiara, and Sami is puzzled, but it turns out that is the female model who will be posing with him. We hear a lot of laughter, and as the group goes to check, we see EJ doing pushups, with Kiara lying atop his back. Sami pitches a fit, Kiara stalks off, and now no model. Sami was insisting that Kiara has all the wrong look for this campaign, it needs the girl next store look, etc. etc. EJ suggests that Sami herself would be perfect. She declines, but both Austin & the photographer agree, so she does. We see a series of “make up” shots, and out Sami comes. (Ali is one beautiful lady, and always looks so gorgeous!) The shoot begins, and is going very well. Outside, Kate & Billie arrive, and Kate is more than thrilled to see Sami with EJ. She comes in as the models take a 5 minute break. Sami begins to explain about Kiara not being right for this project, and Kate startles her by agreeing completely. Sami is rather taken aback, but Kate think this is all perfect. She introduces EJ to Billie, who gets a bit gushy, and when she leaves to get her daughter (hmm, I thought Kate & Billie were taking Chelsea out to celebrate??) she makes sure to mention that she is definitely single. LOL

The Cop Shop

Abe, Bo, Hope, Tek, Billie, Kate & Officer Michaels gather to watch the tape from the surveillance camera in the evidence room. It shows Bo going into the room, and dismissing the guard as he does so. Hope immediately accuses Bo of doing so in order to conceal his tampering with the disk. Bo denies it, claiming the guard needed a short break. (I do not know how ANYONE can miss the knowing looks between Kate and the dirty cop – Overkill! LOL) Then we see, on the tape, Bo coming up to the vent, raising hs hand to the grate, and then the tape goes blank. Bo claims that he heard a noise, did not know what it was, so went to the vent and hit it a few times. Hope will have none of that, even tho Bo claims he did not know the camera was there. Bo pleads with Abe, Hope stalks off. Billie tries to talk with Bo, but he has to go after Hope. Billie is upset with Kate, who tells her that someday she will thank her for what she did. (And boy, Kate, someday, I truly hope you get what YOU definitely deserve!). Abe & Tek talk a bit about Bo & Hope, with Abe saying how he does not think he could ever forgive Lexie if she betrayed him. He goes on about loving his wife, and wanting to spend more quality time with her, etc. Tek takes off, telling himself he can’t let Abe get back into Lexie’s good graces and calls her to meet him “one last time”. Abe calls Lexie, but has to leave a message. Lexie has told Tek no, but of course, doesn’t mean it. She meets him at the place he named, telling him she only came to tell him she cannot do this. (Oh, puleeeze!), but kiss, kiss, they are at it before you can blink an eye. A gloved hand watces through the bushes into the window as they fall onto the bed.

Jen’s House

Jen & Frankie talk a bit about Chelsea, and then the divorce papers that Hope asked Frankie to get ready pronto. Neither one believes Bo tampered with the evidence, and are dismayed at Hope’s determination to go through with the divorce. Jen tells Frankie about talking with his sister, Kayla, and how she is coming home for their wedding. Hope arrives, tells them what happened with the video, and asks Frankie for the divorce papers, she wants to sign them now. There is a pounding on the door, as Bo has arrived. Frankie opens the door, and Bo tries to talk to Hope, but she will have none of it. He tells her he will never sign the papers. She tells him she is signing the papers and slams the door in his face, then asks Frankie if it is true the papers only need one signature. Yes. She signs. Outside, Bo sits on a bench, looks up, saying “It can’t be over. It can’t be over”. And the previews show

SHAWN TO MIMI: So what do you say? Youwant to take the next step and find a surrogate for our baby?

LEXIE TO TEK: This is gonna be the last time, o.k.? (This has to be the 328th time she said that…Lol)

We see a small white envelope with the name Abe Carver scrawled on it

KAYLA TO BO & HOPE: I am not leaving this town until the two of you have worked this out (Yayyy, Kayla is back in Salem!)

JACK TO NICK (PATCH): If Kayla see you walking through that door, it’s gonna blow her away.


P.S. to the readers, here. Days is definitely calling him Steve, not Patch, and his name IS Steve. But until he is no longer Nick, and gets his memory back, I cannot help myself. It is sooo good to see him again.

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