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Episode #10,341 . Tape date – 5/24 , Director Herb Stein

You are all invited to the wedding of Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux & Francois Henri Von Leurschner Brady, as St. Luke’s is location of nearly all the scenes today. The wedding is the background as we see how it affects various Salemites. A well-acted episode, kudos to the cast!

LUCAS, CARRIE & AUSTIN are yelling for Sami & Will to get a move on or they are going to be late for the wedding. Will comes out needing an adjustment to his tie. Sami fixes it, as Will asks her if she is sure she wants to go to the wedding, with her bad karma, something is bound to go wrong. Sami assures him Jennifer & Frankie will have a beautiful wedding, while Lucas is saying the same thing about Sami to Austin & Carrie, but Austin tells him to put a lid on it. Will’s comments have Sami imagining her getting married to Austin, and just as they are about to be pronounced man & wife, Lexie bursts in, ranting about Sami blackmailing her into telling Carrie she & Austin would have a child with birth defects……and then Sami imagines Austin, Carrie & Lucas all yelling at her, and Will telling her her never wants to see or speak to her. She shakes herself out of her daydream.

AT THE CHURCH, Abe looks across the aisle at Lexie, who remembers Abe bursting in on her & Tek in the motel, & vows Sami is going to pay. Tek enters and sits behind her (how obvious can he get). Max tries to calm down a nervous Frankie, Caroline assures Shawn she is too happy to cry, while Kayla reassures Bo that all will be well for him & Hope. Chelsea whines about the A/C breaking down & it is too hot, while Jo tries to cheer up the very obviously discontented Abby, & Maggie tells Alice she hopes Abby doesn’t make a scene. The music begins, and Hope comes down the aisle, goes to stand at the altar as Bo beams at her, and she remembers her wedding to Bo, while Kayla is also remembering her wedding to Steve. The wedding march begins, and Jen comes down the aisle, stops & kisses Alice (THAT is a very touching moment, just wonderful it was included). As Jen & Frankie stand together, and the priest begins to recite the ceremony, Kayla has flashes of memories of her & Patch – making love, holding baby Stephanie, having a picnic – and it overwhelms her. She whispers to Caroline she has to step out as it is too hot. Abby watches her mother and is very unhappy.

OUTSIDE, we have a replay of Jack & Steve arriving at the church, Jack asking Steve if he remembers getting married there. Steve says nothing looks familiar to him. Now Jack is nervous about seeing his family again, realizing after talking to Chelsea, what a shock it will be for everyone. He wants to go light a candle, say a prayer, and Steve says that can’t hurt.

Kayla sits inside, alone, commenting on how much she still misses Steve, then hears a creaking noise. It is Roman. They hug, but within a minute or two, Kayla is talking about Steve and begins to cry, then runs outside. Lexie has gone outside for a minute, followed by Tek, telling him she is sure it was Sami and she is going to blow the whistle. Jack has brought Steve into the garden, telling him this is where he & Kayla exchanged vows, then mentions it is also where his funeral was held. Jack FINALLY wonders what happened back then, since Patch is very much still alive. Steve says he would like to know, too (YES, guys, get to work together and solve that mystery for us! LOL Can’t wait!) Jack wants to go inside, but Steve realizes a wedding is in progress. Jack goes up to the door, seeing the flowers, Jen’s favorite flowers, then gets weak, and begins perspiring. Patch comes up, getting the overwhelmed Jack to sit down. Steven wanders off. We see Kayla at Steve’s grave, murmuring how she still misses him. She finds Zack’s headstone, and wonders why those we love so much are taken from us. Steve finds his headstone, and aloud wonders about Steven Earl Johnson. Jack begins to look in the church window, and suddenly faints. Just then the apartment dwellers arrive with Will, all rushing inside, not noticing Jack on the ground. Tek grabs Sami, letting her know that she is going to pay for blackmailing Lexie. Sami claims she has done nothing, that Abe doesn’t know, but Tek tells her that indeed he does. Sami is shocked, and Tek warns her that it is over, as Lexie is going to tell everyone what she did.

BACK INSIDE, Hope & Bo are constantly exchanging rather loving looks, Abe tells Roman he & Lexie are splitting up, and how he caught her cheating again. Roman seems surprised, but wonders if it cannot be patched up. Abe assures him Lexie is incapable of fidelity and it is over. The ceremony is going on all this time, and little conversations are had here and there. Austin wonders where Sami is. Frankie & Jennifer each make individual speeches to each other, with Frankie talking of how long he has loved her, will always love her, how sorry for the circumstances that made it possible for him to realize his dream, etc. Jennifer talks of how Jack gave his blessing for them, of her late grandfather and what he taught her, and then thanks her grandmother, who is responsible for her being the woman she is today. Everyone claps, except for Abby, who sits with arms folded, looking rather dour. The looks between Bo & Hope have Bo thinking to himself that they ARE going to get back together. Finally Frankie & Jen exchange vows (this is where the priest calls him Francois Henri, they exchange rings, and are finally pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Francois Von Leuschner Brady (I thought the actor was promised that name would never come up??) Lexie is begging Abe to forgive her, but Abe just looks ahead, ignoring her. He finally tells her he will never forgive her, it is over. Music starts up.

Outside, Patch is standing at his headstone. Kayla, on the bench, asks aloud where Steve is, then imagines Steve being there, saying quietly I’m still here, here in your heart. Suddenly she hears a voice saying “I’m still here”, & she jumps up, looking around. She thinks she must be hearing things, and now imagines marrying Steve in this garden. Jack, laying on the grass, is remembering marrying Jennifer. He hears music, one of Jen’s favorites (Canon in D Major) and jumps up, going to the church door.

Kayla is crying, and Patch comes up behind her, asking if he “can help you, miss”. Kayla is startled, knowing the voice is so familiar. (Be still my heart here, folks). She turns, sees him, says “Steve”, and faints, with Steve catching her, and getting her to the bench. He touches her face, and says “Kayla”. (oh, man, I get goose bumps just typing this) Back inside, Jack has opened the church door, and sees Jennifer & Frankie up on the altar. He begins to walk towards them. They have just been pronounced man & wife, and Jennifer is hugging Frankie, and over his shoulder, sees Jack. She says his name aloud, as Jack begins to walk up the aisle. Frankie turns around. Close up of the shocked look on Jennifer’s face, freeze frame……..and the previews show……..

Belle to Shawn: When two people love each other, nothing can come between them , & nothing can keep them apart in the end.

Hope to Bo: Your brother is going to need you, & Jen is going to need me. We can’t leave, not now.

Chelsea, with Max standing behind her, says petulantly: why don’t you two just shut up & get divorced

Kayla, hugging Steve: I’m not gonna let you go

Steve: This is not gonna work - camera now on a sobbing Kayla, hand over her mouth, saying “NO”

Jack: well I guess I did always have lousy timing (to Jen & Frankie)


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