Tuesday, June 27, 2006


WEDNESDAY, June 28, 2006

Episode #10,346, Taped 6/1, Director-Phil Sogard

The pace on Days has once more slowed to a crawl, as nearly half the show is set in Sami’s apt. where absolutely nothing happens. Elsewhere, Jack is determined to return to the hospice, while Hope gets startling news at the hospital.


Jack comes downstairs, telling everyone this has been a big mistake, and he is going back to the hospice. Everyone protests, but Jack is adamant. Frankie tells him he is not going to let him walk out on his family again. Jack protests, telling Jennifer that if he knew this was her wedding, he never, never would have come back. He talks of how he intended to stay away, but then he found Steve, and he just had to bring him back. He did so, now his job is done. Kayla is thankful for that, but everyone scolds him for wanting to leave again. Frankie reads him a riot act, while Jen really reams him out. Patch & Kayla leave to give them all some privacy. Abby mouths off, telling her dad that Frankie is just a replacement, husband #2, & he should stay. Frankie goes to leave, but Jack stops him, and both Jack & Jennifer admonish Abby for talking that way. Jack explains how he chose Frankie, how he wants Jennifer to be happy, and that Frankie has done that for her. Abby offers to take Jack back up to bed.

Outside, Steve tells Kayla that he will have to leave with Jack. She pleads with him, but he says no, he wishes he could remember, but he can’t and she is not his wife anymore. He notes that his headstone says he was dead, and that she had made a life for herself, gone to medical school, and did fine without him. She assures him she never stopped loving him, always has, always will. She tells him how he hated to tie himself down to anything, but that he did with her. And he is still that kind of person, who would want to fight to find out what happened.


We once again see the doctor telling Hope her symptoms of late are common in a pregnancy. Hope is startled, Bo is thrilled, while Patrick looks askance. Hope remembers having sex with both Bo & Patrick, & is in quandary. Patrick goes out in the hall, as Billie arrives, telling her about Hope. Billie realizes he could be the father, and gets that “look” on her face. Back in the room, Hope makes Bo realize that he might not be the father, that she was with Patrick, too, and it had been a while since she & Bo had been together. So the baby could be Patrick’s. (One wonders why the men in Salem just have never heard of condoms, doesn’t it?) Bo, being Bo, naturally has to punch Patrick out as he comes back into the room. Billie separates them, with Hope yelling at them both to stop. Bo & Billie go out in hall, where they argue. Bo comments that if that baby is Patrick’s his marriage to Hope could be over. Light bulb time for Billie, as she tells herself this would be her chance to get him, and then tells herself to stop thinking like that. Bo realizes that Hope was recently with Patrick, and her symptoms had started recently, but Billie reminds him that Hope did not realize for months that she was pregnant with Zack. (true, Hope was locked in the turret with Stefano at the time). Inside the room, Patrick is saying nearly the same thing to Hope, and she realizes she has to get answers. She pages the doctor, as she has to find out how far along she is. The doctor is unable to tell her this….as she has always had irregular menstral cycle, and has been spotting for the past several months. And without a last period to go by, it is impossible to tell without more tests. (And none of the women in Salem ever heard of the birth control pill, or even the morning after pill, amazing, huh?) The doctor tells Hope she is going to have to see an OB-GYN, (oh, thank heavens, that cannot be Lexie, can it? LOL ) but that she will schedule an ultra sound.

SAMI’S APT (yawnnnnnnn)

Carrie & Lucas are leaving as Lexie comes in, stopping them as she says they will want to hear what she has to say. Most people would have spit it out right there and then, but nooooo. Sami tries to deflect attention away from herself to no avail. Now, in comes Will, with an “awww, mom, what have you done now?”, followed, of course, by a smirking Kate (who else?) who wants to know, too. Sami tries to talk to Will alone, but he tells Lucas he wants to move back in with him again. Kate is pressuring Lexie to tell her what it is, and Lexie assures her that Sami’s life, as she knows it, is over. Austin & Carrie sit at a table, whispering about what it could be. Yes, folks, everyone will be rolling eyes, and yelling at the TV to just say it, already. Nope, Lucas & Sami now are arguing, as he begs her to tell what she did. They talk a bit of their lives over the years, with Sami reminding him how he always was mooning after Carrie. She talks of seeing her mother sleeping with another man & how it affected her. Austin begs her to tell what she did herself. Now Lexie is talking to Carrie, asking is she is happy with Lucas, and if things were different, would she prefer to with Austin. Carrie gives one of those non-committal answers we all have heard before and hate. Oh, Austin was the past, I have moved on with Lucas, and now am carrying his child. (But unconfirmed by a doctor, Carrie!). Now Will talks with Kate about his mom. Sami finally decides, at Lucas’s urging, that she is going to tell what she did herself. She is asking Austin to try and understand. Austin tells her that he loves her, but until she tells what it is, he is not going to promise anything. Ooops, she has an eyelash in her eye, and has to run off to the bedroom. Now Sami talks to her alter ego in the mirror, at a loss as to what to do. She imagines going out and hitting Lexie over the head with a frying pan as she is about to spill the beans, saying, oops, it was an accident. She finally comes out, ready to tell on herself, but begins to stall again, asking Will to go to his Dad’s apt. as this may get ugly. He refuses, and Lexie finally blurts out that “Sami has been blackmailing me”.

Freeze frame on pics of Sami & Lexie……as the previews show……..

Jennifer bending over a dying Jack, holding on, as he is perspiring and in obvious pain: You can’t leave us yet. You hear me…..not yet!

Mimi shouting at Shawn: Stop it, you don’t know what you’re saying. You can’t trust me. I’m a fraud.

Kayla to Steve: What is it? Do you remember something?

Sami to Lexie: You can call it blackmail if you want, Lexie, but you are the one who ruined your marriage. I’m not going to take the blame for it.


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