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Friday, July 14, 2006

Episode: 10356 Directed by: Albert Alarr Tape Date: 6/14

Today we find out WHO'S THE DADDY for all 3 of our pregnant Salemite ladies (ok, the surrogate..not Mimi); Carrie and Lucas are so on fire their apartment joins in and EJ continues to try and be a friend for Sami.

Dr. Bader returns with Hope’s test results and she feels confident they can determine who the father is. The doctor asks to speak with Hope alone and Bo says he’s her husband, but Hope asks Bo to step out. Hope asks the Dr. who the father of her baby is. In the hallway, Patrick asks Bo if the blood tests are back and Bo said before they find out, there’s something he needs to know. Patrick tells Bo it’s Hope’s decision who she wants to be with, him or Bo. Bo says he’s her husband. The doctor shows Hope the results showing how many weeks pregnant she is. Hope knows who the father is and asks Dr. Bader to let Patrick and Bo in. They step in and Bo asks who’s the father. Hope looks at Bo and says, Patrick is the father.

Austin and Sami return home exhausted…(it has been a LONG day, hasn’t it, still July 5th in Salem on July 13th)? Austin suggests they go to bed and snuggle. She likes the idea, but before they do, they talk about EJ’s needs. Austin gets a call needing a spreadsheet and goes to fetch his laptop from the car. Sami pulls the note from her purse. She mumbles about what will happen if the truth comes out and of course the door’s partially open and EJ overheard. He walks in (still in full suit and tie) asking what she means. He apologizes for overhearing, but the door WAS wide open…(hello…just what we’ve been saying all these years). EJ wants to know what’s bothering her. He tells her that he’s her friend and she can trust him. He’s not from Salem and won’t hang her out to dry. He won’t judge her.

Outside Austin and Billie run into each other (literally)…as she’s out running to clear her head (must be 1 am by now?) He asks what’s wrong and she changes the subject to how hard it must have been for him to see Carrie marry Lucas (who probably have their bedroom window open upstairs and overhearing, haha).

Nope…the newlyweds are busy in bed and she’s starving now. He had Maggie prepare them a late night snack being they didn’t eat at the reception. He grabs his pants to go fetch it (doesn’t ANYONE go out of town on their honeymoon anymore?) Carrie talks to her baby, asking how her “sweetheart” is doing and so glad to have it’s daddy in her life. She gets up and dizzy…then passes out on their bed. Lucas returns and finds Carrie unconscious. He brings her around and wants to call 911 or take her to the hospital..but she refuses, saying it’s because she hadn’t eaten all day probably. She doesn’t want to spend her wedding night in the hospital. He abides by her wishes and gets the food out. Later she feels better after eating and Lucas tells her he has something special for her. He gives her a box and she opens it to find a silver rattle that belonged to his father. Gran gave it to him and he promises to always be there for her and the baby. She’s grateful about that and says she had a crazy childhood too and has been looking for something her whole life. She feels so lucky and blessed to have him. We return later to them making love in bed as the breeze blows their curtains. Unfortunately they fall asleep and the curtain blows into the candles and catches fire. Sound sleepers, they don’t smell the smoke 3 ft. from their bedside (nor the loud music playing..oh, that’s just for us for dramatic effect…sorry).

Billie has the Salem brain this week and tells Austin she can tell neither he or Carrie are really happy with Sami and Lucas. He knows Carrie’s holding something back, but doesn’t know what. He asks if it’s hard for her to believe that Sami’s changed and she says YES. He’s not happy with that answer, but she asked why he asked then, LOL. She’s happy for him if he’s truly in love with Sami. It hit him finally that she changed the subject and asks what’s going on with her. He knows that Hope’s pregnant with both of HER (Billie’s) ex’s, and how is she handling that. Billie insists she deserves to be more than someone’s second choice. Austin says he knows the perfect guy for Billie (not EJ I hope..he’s too young for her) Yup…that’s who Austin has in mind. Billie knows who EJ is and says he’s cute, but too young for her (hey, told you she has the Salem brain this week, didn’t I?) She’s not into younger men and Austin reminds her about how women live longer than men, yada yada, as they laugh about the analogy. She agrees if the opportunity presents itself, but that’s it. She jogs off.

Upstairs EJ continues to try and get Sami to confide in him. He asks if there’s anyone else she can talk to. Sami says her mother is a good listener, but has her own problems and just got her memory back. She’s out of town with her husband now anyway. Her family wouldn’t understand. She tears up saying she use to be able to talk with Lucas, but he wouldn’t understand what she did. EJ calmly says no matter what she did, it’s usually easier to solve a problem with two people. She finally decides to tell him if he promises not to tell anyone else or judge her. She asks if he decides it’s too horrible, to just walk away and she’d understand. Now in tears Sami’s worried about being burned in the past by “friends” and he starts to leave saying if she can’t trust him it’s her problem. She calls him back and hands him the note. She asks him to promise after he reads it…and stops.

At home, Belle and Philip chuckle about almost being a family of four. She’s grateful for everything he’s done to help Mimi and Shawn by getting them a surrogate. Nurse Betty calls and tells them Dr. Jaynes wants them back at the hospital. Philip’s surprised they have to return tonight, but she tells them they might have a slight problem. He tells Belle about the call and they head to the hospital (now who’s watching Claire?).

Mimi and Shawn are with Dr. Jaynes and he tells them there may be a mix up with the embryo transfer. He tells Mimi her surrogate may have gotten the wrong embryo. Mimi tells him her mother knew something would go wrong, but never figured it would be THIS. Philip and Belle arrive. The doctor tells them about the possible mix up and the rare occurrence of it happening. Philip explodes, saying it happened to his mother in the same hospital and his father is on the board of the hospital and the doctor’s a$$ is on the line. Dr. Jaynes remains calm and tells them the lab is checking the residue from the catheters used to implant the surrogate and Belle to see if there was a mix up. The four of them sit around awaiting results. Philip can’t believe it’s happening again. Belle chuckles, remembering about asking the nurse if there was any possibility of a mistake during the procedure and the nurse assured her it wasn’t possible. Mimi’s distraught and leaves the room. Philip says he feels like breaking something himself. Shawn goes after Mimi, who explodes in angst, saying his ex and her best friend might be pregnant with their baby.

The two lab techs check their microscopes and worry there’s a bigger problem than they even thought. They talk with Dr. Jaynes and tell him the correct eggs were implanted into Belle and the surrogate. However, they were overly thorough and checked the markers in the men’s sperm and got some interesting results. Dr. Jaynes asks if they’re certain of this and they nod. Dr. Jaynes dramatically takes his glasses off, sighs deeply and says “God”.

Dr. Jaynes tells the couple about the right eggs were inserted into the surrogate and Belle. However, they found out that Philip’s sperm fertilized Mimi’s egg and Shawn’s sperm fertilized Belle’s egg. Mimi comes unglued that Belle’s carrying Shawn’s baby and out loud comments how she and Philip are having a baby. Belle looks shocked, but remains silent. Philip verbally tears into Dr. Jaynes threatening his career is over as the glove pulls back the curtain watching as the previews roll…

JENNIFER cries next to JACK’S bedside (he’s hooked to IV’s), as she says “I need you so much. Please, I can’t live without you, please” as sweet Frankie watches from behind.

EJ burns the document and says “neither Austin or anyone else will ever know the truth.”

HOPE tells Patrick “this baby is really lucky to have you as it’s father” and she hugs him as Bo snarls (and Billie behind him) watches.

PHILIP: “the only sane thing to do is terminate both pregnancies right now.”
BELLE: “absolutely not!”

As the credits roll..

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