Thursday, July 20, 2006


Friday, July 21st

Episode 10361, Directed by Herb Stein Tape Date: 6/21/06

Another ho hum show as the loft dwellers go from the track to the hospital and rant about their current problem; Austin has a big surprise dinner planned; Stephanie and Max work together on his totaled race car.


Austin’s concerned why Sami’s so upset.

Lucas rants at someone on the phone about how long it’s going to take for their apartment to get back to normal. He apologizes to Carrie after hanging up, saying he’s been going round and round with this guy all day. She’s pawing through their things and finds the baby book was damaged. Feeling hormonal because that book was discontinued, he promises softly that they’ll search on the internet for another one. They discuss Sami’s reaction and she asks if he wished Sami were having this baby instead and he honestly agrees that yeah, they had talked about having another brother or sister for Will, but they’re over now. She laughs about how her priorities have changed since she got there from LA and now doesn’t even know if she wants to work full time after the baby’s born. He tells her she has 9 months to decide and he’ll support them if she chooses not to work at all. He can’t wait to be there for this baby being he wasn’t for Will. Secretly he hopes it’s a girl and tells Carrie he loves her.

We see Philip on a gurney as nearby Max blames himself for what happened. He tells himself he shouldn’t have told Philip he had a chance at being his second when he knew Philip had no experience and it would take years of practice and training. Stephanie tells him it’s ok and hugs him as Chelsea watches jealously nearby. EJ spots fuel dripping from the car, but doesn’t say anything. A replay of Shawn trying to calm Belle down by saying he doesn’t want to lose her or the baby and he loves her, then realizing what he said, tries to stick his foot in the mouth even more to clarify that. Mimi tells him she and Philip (who’s also listening) know exactly what he meant and she’ll meet them at the hospital. Shawn goes after her and an explosion goes off cuing McDonald’s Carey intro to the show……

Austin massages Sami’s shoulders and she starts to tell him what’s wrong and his stupid cell rings and he insists on taking the call despite her pleading with him to give her five minutes first. Nope, he HAS to take it, and indicates it has something to do with a surprise he has planned for her (Sami, not just any woman, is begging for you to listen to something she wants to confess and you take a call for a surprise for her?)

Lucas tells Carrie the contractor will have their apartment (and new nursery) done by the time they return from their Italian honeymoon (who’s paying for THAT?). They kiss and Carrie dreams of kissing Austin as he pops into the open door of the apartment and sees them kissing.

Mimi tells Shawn she wasn’t hurt physically from the explosion (just sooty), but knows he’s not over Belle yet. She shouts not to lie to her any more. Belle has always been the love of his life and always will be.

Belle talks to Philip who gasps as he tells her he’d rather die than see her with Shawn.

EJ tells Max…”sorry about your car mate”, shakes his hand after offering to help if needed and leaves. Stephanie understands Max’s car was his baby and has a right to be upset. He was when she just dented it that time. He calmly says it’ll be okay and they walk off arm and arm as Abby returns Chelsea’s urgent page and calls. Chelsea tells Abby she needs to take a certain woman out of the race.

Chelsea tells Abby about turning off Max’s cellphone at the pub after seeing Stephanie’s caller ID. She’s not liking anyone taking HER guy.

Stephanie and Max are doing a car autopsy in the garage, salvaging what they can. He’s a little madder about Philip taking his car as they talk about how much racing means to him. Chelsea and Abby walk in and when Chelsea shows some attitude, Stephanie doesn’t back down and asks why she didn’t tell Max she was trying to reach him. Stephanie reminds her what resulted due to her pettiness. If she had talked to Max, he might have gotten there faster and saved more of his car and helped the rescue squad get Philip out faster. Chelsea explains saying she thought Stephanie was stalking her boyfriend and not saying it because she’s jealous, just thought it creepy. Chelsea cites seeing Chelsea peering through the pub window at them having breakfast. Stephanie says her mom is staying at the pub and when she didn’t see her there, kept walking. Max yells for Chelsea to get out, he’s not in a good mood. Outside Chelsea isn’t happy Abby didn’t back her up inside, but Abby agreed with Stephanie. Abby asks what happened to the new, reformed Chelsea that was grateful for not going to prison, etc. Chelsea realizes she has herself to blame. She’s not going to let Stephanie get her claws into Max and promises he won’t even remember Stephanie’s name when she’s done with him.

We return to Stephanie and Max as he apologizes for Chelsea giving her a hard time. He says Chelsea is young and immature. Stephanie understands, saying she’d be jealous if she were Chelsea too, working so close to another woman. She might be worried they’re doing more than working.

Philip is brought into the ER by the paramedics and Lexie (uh oh) shoos Belle out. Philip tells Lexie it’s his chest. She listens and doesn’t think it’s a collapsed lung, but fluid built up. An x-ray will confirm that. She tears into him for driving 200 MPH and asks what he was doing. He says he did it as his wife is carrying Shawn’s baby. Lexie and Philip chat about why he’s upset, afraid of losing Belle to Shawn. She tries to calm him down saying the in vitro incident was unfortunate, but Belle didn’t do anything wrong and for him not to take what happened out on himself, Belle or the baby. She urges him to talk to Belle, Shawn and Mimi and says that Belle loves him. He agrees, saying a Marine has to focus on maintaining his position and thanks Lexie. She wants to keep him overnight for observation and goes to get Belle.

Shawn chases after Mimi assuring her it’s her he loves. Mimi gives him a reality check that after his (and Belle’s) baby is born, it’ll pull him closer to Belle. He hugs her from behind saying that won’t happen, but she asks him not to make promises he can’t keep. Instead of lurking outside Philip’s door, Belle watches/listens from the other side of the swinging door to what Shawn and Mimi are saying. She finally joins them. Belle tells Shawn that Philip is totally freaked out being she’s carrying Shawn’s baby. They chat and Shawn knows he did crazy stuff too, like crashing his bike through St. Luke’s window, but that was because Jan (hmmm..could she be “the glove?) drugged him. Mimi goes to call her mom and Belle tells Shawn she couldn’t want anything more than to have his baby. Mimi overhears this through the door.

Lexie returns to her office and finds a report on her desk. She’s shocked when she sees it and calls Carrie to ask her and Lucas to come to her office right away. Carrie tells Lucas her test results are back and she needs to see them.

EJ arrives at Sami’s and tells her about Philip’s accident. He asks if she told Austin yet and she tells him she tried, but Austin left after getting a call about a surprise for her. He insists she focus and tell Austin. He knows it’ll be 100 times worse if Austin finds out from someone else. She doesn’t know where he is, but he does, across the hall in Lucas’ apartment.

We return to Austin in a daze picturing himself kissing Carrie. He asks if Lucas still had the box of cd’s he brought from NYC with him. Lucas goes to the bedroom to get them, hoping they’re not a clump of plastic. Austin checks on how Carrie’s doing and she says okay. Lucas brings the cd’s in and they chuckle about his oldies with Marvin Gaye, Barry Manilow, etc. Austin asks about when they’re going on their honeymoon and Lucas said when the contractor and landlord agree on a renovation schedule, which is never…so they’ll stay in a hotel until they go. No, no, Austin won’t hear of it as they have an extra room and Will will love having his parents under the same roof and he’d like them at the surprise dinner he has planned for Sami (hello…it’s SAMI’S apartment..shouldn’t you ask her first …and how many bedrooms do they have NOW?) Sami overhears from the doorway and tells them no, they can’t do that. Sami just figures they’d want to be alone now. Lucas accepts saying they’d like to be closer to Will and what’s going on with their apartment. Sami tries to stop Austin from leaving, reminding him she was trying to tell him something and he kisses her saying they’ll talk at dinner. Sami leaves, saying she’d see them tonight. Lucas notices Carrie’s a little off, but says everything’s okay.

Sami slams back into her apartment and tells EJ what happened. EJ tells Sami he thinks she’s trying to get out of telling Austin. He tells her that the next note might go to Austin and he’d rather find out from her than someone else. Austin pops in, asks EJ to their dinner and rushes off when he gets beeped with another reminder. Sami tries to talk to him, but he puts her off promising to talk later (talk about selfish..the woman just wants a few minutes man!) EJ sees her problem and says she’ll have to pin him down. He promises to be there to help when it does go down. She thanks him saying if she just has one best friend, she’s glad it’s him. The glove is watching/listening from the window as the previews roll…

CHELSEA is flirting and kisses a stranger in the bar when Stephanie and Max arrive…

EJ TO SAMI: If Austin can’t forgive you, he doesn’t deserve you.

FRANKIE TO JEN: We shouldn’t do this.
JENNIFER, almost desperate: No, we need to do this, please…as she leans forward to kiss him.

LEXIE TO CARRIE: There’s something else I need to discuss with you.
CARRIE (in tears): Lexie please, don’t tell me I can’t have children….

As the credits roll…

PS: We receive MANY emails asking if know of a PASSIONS site like ours. No, we don't and none of us even watch the show, nor do we have day ahead information on it. (I got the following email that I thought I'd share with you Passions fans. Thanks Sara!

I noticed that you said you don't have any links for a Passions EE. Well, it's not quite as detailed as yours, but there is a Canadian site for Passions which gives early updates one day ahead. You can refer anyone here:

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