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EPISODE: 10,366 – DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman - Tape Date: 6/28/06

The green eyed monster grabs Chelsea; Sami continues to rant to EJ on the roof while Carrie is honest with Austin; Steve tells Kayla to move on….(hurray up new writers….Salem needs you!!)

Chelsea and Abby stop by the garage to find Max. Abby tells Chelsea she’s only interested in Max when someone else is. Chelsea figures they’re at Lookout Point, but Abby says Stephanie isn’t interested in Max. Chelsea wonders if Stephanie is a virgin and Abby says how Stephanie and her mom are close (oh yeah?) and she told Jennifer she wants to wait until she’s married first. Chelsea says being Abby’s related to Stephanie, that figures. Abby fires back with, yeah..but so are you, so maybe not, LOL. Chelsea explains she’s from the WILD side of the family. Chelsea rushes over to the lockers to rummage through them and Abby tells her not to. Chelsea goes through Stephanies back pack and finds a paperback copy of Wuthering Heights, comments on when she bought it and being a slow reader…insisting that Stephanie is beautiful and loves cars too, so why wouldn’t Max fall for her? Abby keeps insisting she’s wrong, saying Stephanie is NICE to Max and maybe Chelsea should be too. Chelsea says she is and asks Abby if she doesn’t think she is. Abby says some of the time, but reminds her how she flirts with other guys and that’s not nice. Chelsea pulls out a notepad where Stephanie’s written Max’s name and has hearts around it and shows it to Abby. Now she knows she’s after her boyfriend. She rants on, grabs Stephanie’s lipstick, commenting on how cheap it is, just like Stephanie (she doesn’t have a sugar granny like you do Chelsea!) and writes WHORE on Stephanie’s locker. Abby yells for her to stop, but Chelsea gets this smug look on her face when she’s done.

Stephanie tells Max that if she were his girlfriend, she’d never treat him the way Chelsea does. She compares Chelsea to Sami, but Max doesn’t agree. She apologizes if she hit a nerve when he says she’s not like Sami. Stephanie says Chelsea is Sami on training wheels, LOL..good one. He justifies Chelsea as a shy, insecure woman inside (oh yeah, right). He points out that Stephanie was right when she told Chelsea that she was jealous of her. They joke (cute) about what they should do now. He asks how she’s doing and she says she’s getting in a groove back in Salem, happy that her dad is alive. She knows her mom still loves her dad or she would have gotten a divorce by now. He kids about if she believes in fairy tales and happy endings and she smiles and says he must too to continue going after Chelsea (touché). He pays the bill and asks if she wants to go back and work on his car and she happily agrees.

Abby tries to get Chelsea to wipe off the locker, but she refuses and tells Abby she can’t either. They leave and seconds (literally) later Max and Stephanie walk in. She goes to change and sees her locker. Max does too and asks who could have done that (hello…have you heard of KEYS and locking up your garage??) and she knows it was Chelsea. It upsets her and she goes into his arms to be comforted, which he does. Outside Abby gives Chelsea a reality lesson saying what she did was childish and immature. Chelsea agrees with Abby and when they turn to go wipe it off, see Max and Stephanie hugging as he wipes a tear from her eye.

Sami tells EJ she’s sorry if she upset Carrie. He insists she tell her friends and Austin the truth NOW. Grabbing her, he tells her to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. He strongly tells her how she’s told him that Austin values honesty above everything else. She reflects back (flashback time) of when Austin left her at the altar in Las Vegas as Austin told the wedding guests what happened between him and Sami stays between them and he doesn’t want to hear or talk about Sami Brady any more in the future. She fingers her ring saying she can’t lose Austin again or she’ll die. EJ insists she has to make a choice. She wonders if the person sending the notes really knows what she’s done. His greatest fear is that the note sender is writing a note right now and going to give it to Austin. Looking at her ring she says she can’t. How She Ruined the Best Night of her Life and Made it her Worst by Samantha Brady, found at booksellers everywhere. She knows Austin would never forgive her. She did what she did out of greed and selfishness, she didn’t want to be alone. He’ll understand when she tells him what she did.

Lucas follows Carrie back to Sami’s apartment and she cries that she rushed their wedding because she thought she was pregnant. She only married him because she thought she was pregnant. Austin overhears from the always open door with a deer in the headlights look. Lucas tells her they have time to get to know each other better before they adopt and calms her down before getting her some aspirin. Austin steps inside the door looking at Carrie. Lucas returns saying Sami didn’t have any aspirin, only bottles with hearts on them, LOL. He speculates she’s use to giving headaches, not getting them (ouch). He apologizes to Austin for that, saying old habits are hard to break. He asks Austin to stay with Carrie when he goes to buy some aspirin. Carrie tells Austin she feels like a failure and can’t do anything right. He pulls her close and kisses her head. She tells him about not being pregnant and feels stupid she believed it. Austin feels bad, knowing how badly she wanted a family. He mentions her and Lucas may adopt and she says that’s not what’s bothering her. She tells him he was right, she only got married because she thought she was pregnant. This marriage was a huge mistake. Austin reminds her she agreed to marry Lucas before she thought she was pregnant. She nods, but says she made a mistake. He tells her she doesn’t have to answer him, but is she saying she wished she’d married him instead of Lucas? Carrie knows it won’t change the fact she’s married to Lucas and he’s engaged to her sister. The glove slips a note under the door and runs just before Lucas returns and calls after them.

Kayla and Steve continue their discussion about where he belongs…in Salem or Cincinnati. He doesn’t want to hurt her any more than he already has, but he thinks it’s time they said goodbye. She knows she’d fight for her family and asks him if he doesn’t want to fight for them. Solemnly he agrees he doesn’t want to. She tells him just because he’s giving up doesn’t mean she will. He isn’t giving up, just not fighting for it. His life is in Cincinnati, just like hers is in LA. Nope, she’s not buying it. Her life is with him and he’s the only man she ever loved. Their child is the only thing that kept her going, to give her some family. She knew in her heart she couldn’t love anyone else like him and the one man she tried to move on with understood that. As she chokes up (sniff), she said she’ll love him for the rest of her life and that’s the way it is. He tells her she deserves someone better than him. She’s wasted too much of her life on him, but she needs to move on. He’ll never be the guy she remembers. He goes on about how she should go to Africa like she had planned. She tells him he’s her husband. He jokes about how she doesn’t give up and she agrees with him. He says she’s asking him to give up what’s comfortable and familiar to a blank slate, which would she choose. She realizes she’s not going to convince him to stay with her. He says it’s good to know someone once loved him and she says she still does. He asks her to understand he’s not the Steve Johnson she loved. She says she’ll never understand, never…and leaves. She goes out to her car and throws her keys to the ground as she’s so upset she can’t unlock the car and says DAMN IT.

As the previews roll….

Carrie to Austin: I can’t do this to someone as wonderful as Lucas.
Lucas walks in to find them hugging…

Stephanie to Max: Don’t apologize for Chelsea.
Chelsea to an angry Max and Stephanie: I owe you both an apology.

Sami to EJ: This is exactly why I didn’t tell you what I did..because know you’ll hate me too.

Kayla looks back in the bar and sees Steve kissing the other woman

As the credits roll…

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