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Monday July 17, 2006

Episode # 10357
Tape Date: 6/16/06
Air Date: 7/17/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Nothing much new here…Austin, Sami and EJ rescue Carrie and Lucas…Bo has a rough time dealing with Hope’s news…as Philip and Mimi also have a rough time with the mixups, even though Belle and Shawn seem to remain calm and collected.

At Sami’s Place…EJ goes to leave as Sami stops him and gives him the note, begging him not to hate her after he reads it. He reads it and then tells her he will not judge her. He asks her if it is true and she says no, she didn’t do it, but everyone will think she did anyway. He reads it out loud and it doesn’t really say anything specific… “I know what you forced Lexie Carver to do…if I tell, you will lose Austin and everyone will hate you”. She snatches it from him and he wants the truth…what did she do, but she won’t answer him. She admits she did do something terrible, and she thought that Lexie would tell on her, but she didn’t. EJ thinks that whoever this person is must have something on Lexie as well. He suggests that she go to the police, but she refuses. He thinks that maybe then, she should just ignore it. But she is sure that who ever is doing this is just waiting for the perfect time to destroy her. She says it has Kate’s name all over it, but it can’t be her, because she has been bugging her for weeks trying to find out what Sami has done. EJ suggests she burn the note so no one else will see it, so she does. But she knows that whoever wrote it isn’t going to give up…she must find out who it is and stop them. But he tells her no…keep her hands clean…HE will find out for her and make sure it doesn’t happen again. She hugs him and then they hear the fire alarm and smell smoke.

In Lucas’s Apartment…He and Carrie are sleeping as the fire rages on. Down on the street, Austin looks up and sees smoke and rushes up there. He makes his way into the apartment and tries to wake them up. Lucas comes to but Carrie doesn’t, so he carries her out into the hallway. On his way out, Lucas passes out on the floor. Austin starts CPR on Carrie as Sami begins screaming for Lucas and rushes into the burning apartment, finding him on the floor out cold. EJ rushes in and helps Sami, carrying Lucas into the hall as well. Carrie is coughing and hacking as Sami is crying over Lucas and begins giving him CPR as well.

At the Hospital…There is a replay of Dr. Jaynes giving the loft dwellers the bad news (as the hand lurks…then slips out a door). Philip verbally attacks the doctor, threatening to destroy him. He then calls his lawyer (Gene Bricsoe) telling him he wants the doctor ruined as Mimi is panicking. He wants to take Belle home but she says she is fine. Shawn tries to calm Mimi down and wants to take her home as well. She just babbles on that this is all her fault. Shawn tries to keep her calm and says they must figure out what to do but Mimi is hysterical, saying Belle is having his child…maybe this is God’s way of telling them that he and Belle belong together. Belle tells Philip that ranting and raving isn’t doing any good and it won’t change anything. He accuses her of being happy that she is carrying Shawn’s baby. He fumes as Belle says it’s not the baby’s fault…it was a mistake. He is so angry, but then calms down a bit and apologizes and tells her that he loves her and that he is going to talk to Shawn and Mimi. Shawn is still trying to calm Mimi down but she is too upset, talking about when the children are older and asking questions…she says this can never be normal and that they will be freaks. She apologizes for over reacting and Shawn goes to call Mickey. Philip comes over and tells Mimi that he called his lawyer as well. They are both upset over what has happened and even more upset to see Shawn on the phone…with Belle by his side.

Hope tells Bo and Patrick that Patrick is the father of her baby. Bo is in disbelief and wants another test but Hope says there is no way that Bo could be the father. But Bo refuses to accept it. She asks Patrick to leave so they can talk and Bo loses it, saying he can’t handle this. Hope says…like when I found out that Billie was pregnant with YOUR child? (touché!) He quickly apologizes and tells her that he loves her and they just can’t throw everything away. He talks about how he loved JT and Zack and tries to assure her that he will love this baby as well. In the waiting area, Patrick calls and gives Bonnie the news, then turns around to find Billie standing there (she overheard). Hope tells Bo that they can’t just pick up where they left off, even though he wants a clean start. But she says it’s Patrick’s baby and that he will want to be a part of its life. Bo begs her, saying that they can make it work…remember all they had…listen to her heart. She says she is listening to her head and it tells her she needs time away from him. She asks him to leave so she can get dressed. Before he leaves, he says he will never stop loving her and never give up on her. Billie congratulates Patrick and says she is sure that Bo is devastated…as he walks up and hears.

Patrick leaves them alone to talk as Bo tells her he is going to fight for Hope…she is the only woman he has ever loved. He realizes what he said and apologizes, but she tells him not to worry about her. She says she feels like all this is her fault anyway, considering it happened because of Chelsea. Bo thinks that maybe Shawn was right and Hope and the baby will be better off without him. He just can’t believe this is happening…he thought this could be a chance to make up for his mistakes. He talks about losing Zack and his family falling apart. Billie tries to assure him that Zack would forgive him. Bo talks about how everyone he loved has turned their backs on him and yet, Billie is still there. But she says that she has been a pain to him…now, what is he going to do to save his marriage?

Jack is in a room as Lexie is administering the experimental drugs to him. She begs him to hang in there. In the lobby, Jen and Frankie wait as she thanks him for all he has done. She prays that this will work as she watches through the glass window. Lexie talks to Jack, saying he must do his part now and give the meds a chance to work. She goes out and tells Jen that it is too soon to tell if it is working, give it time. She goes to make rounds and to call her if they need anything. Later, Frankie and Jen are in Jack’s room and Frankie goes to get her something to eat. Hope comes by to see her and tries to get her to stay positive. Hope says how ironic it is that before Jack left, he asked Frankie to take care of Jen…and now he is taking care of all of them. Jen also thanks Hope for always being there for her. Hope tells her she is there taking tests…then tells her that she is pregnant and it’s Patrick’s baby. Jen asks her what she is going to do, but Hope says the only thing she is sure about is that she is not sure. Jen shows support for her and Hope thanks her, saying she is the only one who understands. Jen begs her to go home and rest and says that no matter what happens, they will both be okay. Hope finally leaves as Jen returns to Jack’s side. Hope runs into Patrick in the hall and he says they need to talk. Frankie watches as Jen talks to Jack, asking him to squeeze her hand if he hears her. He weakly manages a squeeze and she is thrilled…telling him to hang in there for them and how she loves him. Frankie overhears this.

Patrick talks about how he and Alma wanted children but after she died, he never thought he would be excited about being a father, but he is. She assures him that he will have a part in this baby’s life. She also says she is sure that he will be a great father and they hug…as Bo and Billie see this.

The loft-dwellers return home and Philip wants them all to come over so they can decide what to do. They go inside and Philip tells them he thinks they should just terminate both pregnancies now. Belle says ABSOLUTELY NOT! and Shawn says no way is that going to happen. Cut to Mimi…then freeze frame on Philip’s angry face…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Shawn): I am scared that this baby with Belle is going to come between us and ruin all our dreams…

Frankie (to Jen): You said you love him and need him…that’s really what you want isn’t it Jen?...

Sami (to EJ): This person says they are going to ruin my relationship with Austin…I don’t know what to do (as she hugs EJ)…

Austin (to Carrie): I can’t lose you…

As the credits roll…

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