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Monday, July 31, 2006

Summary: Chelsea shows some remorse and guilt and actually accepts responsibility! EJ gets the story from Sami, Lucas encounters the gloved hand, and Austin finds a note for Sami, while both try to comfort and make their stand with Carrie. Steve/Nick and Kayla deal separately with the woman in Cincinnati (excellent scenes for these two!)

AT THE GARAGE, Max asks Stephanie who could have done it (the writing on the locker), but she knows without question who it would be. He doesn’t want to believe Chelsea capable of it. Stephanie admits it was childish and she shouldn’t be so upset, and Max shouldn’t apologize for her. Chelsea comes back and does apologize for being so childish, stupid, dumb, immature. She tells him that she did it to get back at Max for leaving her at Dune – but chose to target Stephanie for leaving with him. Stephanie hopes she feels better for telling the truth. She reassures her that she is not after Max – they are just friends and she has nothing to worry about. (She is trying to teach Chelsea a lesson about being nice and growing up). She leaves to give Chelsea and Max time to talk. Chelsea asks if he forgives her and he gives her a very simple no. He wants to know why he should. She tries to be honest with him about her feelings, but he wants to know if she is for real, or playing games still. He wants her to trust him and stop playing games. She is shocked to know that he loves her, even after everything that has happened.

OUTSIDE, Abby tries to talk Chelsea into going back to clean up before it gets found. Chelsea admits it was stupid and, feeling guilty, goes in to clean it, but finds Stephanie in Max’s arms. She goes back outside with Abby. She doesn’t care if it’s her cousin, she will get her for trying to take Max. Abby lists Stephanie’s good points and warns her that if she keeps playing games, she will lose Max to Stephanie for good. She tells her to start acting like a good person. Chelsea is tired of being sorry for everything, including being alive.

Stephanie finds Abby outside. Stephanie wants to know why she is friends with Chelsea – they don’t have much in common. Abby doesn’t know, either, but is sure that Chelsea is a good person deep down. Stephanie is the voice of reason about Chelsea. She feels sorry for her, but maybe she needs for people to be mad at her for her actions. Max finds and tells Stephanie that he is going to take Chelsea home, but wants to look at the car later. He tells her that Chelsea freaks when things happen, and needs hand-holding, but will be better.

Chelsea thanks Abby for making her go back and apologize. She got Max’s forgiveness, and his declaration of love. Abby tries again to reassure Stephanie that Chelsea really does care for Max. Steph is still worried that Chelsea will hurt Max unforgivably.

STILL ON THE ROOF, Sami tries to convince EJ that she is wicked, despite what she seems. She admits that she kept two people apart who would probably be together, just because she doesn’t want to be alone. She wants a man to love her totally and completely, like she loves Austin. He asks f she is sure, and she claims that she is. She has loved Austin since she was a teenager, and everyone else was just a substitute. She gets uncomfortable when he brings up Lucas. She is still afraid of losing Austin over what she has done. EJ tries to get her to tell him, but she doesn’t want to lose the only friend she has left. He wants to assure her that as her ‘true’ friend, he will not abandon her over what she has done. He is very insistent that she share her secret so that he can help her. She finally gives him the story – the platonic roommates, her efforts to get him to pay attention, Highstyle, both guys wanting Carrie, Carrie leaning towards Austin….he jumps in, figuring out that this is why she was blackmailing Lexie – to get her help. Sami is sure she shouldn’t have told him, because now he will hate her. She tells him what they told Carrie, but accepts that Carrie still had a choice – and chose Lucas. He stays quiet and she assumes it is because he hates her now. He claims that he doesn’t hate her. He is actually in awe of her – not many people would fight so hard for what they want. He is convinced that Austin can’t sweep Carrie off her feet as long as she is married and pregnant with Lucas. She sees his point and thinks that she might have a chance after all. He wants to know if she is ready to rethink telling the truth.

DOWNSTAIRS IN HIS APARTMENT, Austin has found a note under the door and notices it is addressed to Sami. Lucas finds the gloved hand reaching for the door knob and yells and runs after them, only to lose them when he stumbles at the entrance to the stairs. Austin and Carrie come out and he tells them about the lurker, whom Austin assumes is the one who put the note under the door. Lucas wants Austin to open the note, but he won’t. It was sealed and addressed to Sami. Lucas is still uncomfortable with a stranger stalking the halls and vows to call the super in the morning. Lucas shows Carrie the headache pills he got for her and goes to get some water. She turns to Austin saying their conversation has to be over. Lucas loves her…and Austin interrupts that so does he, and she loves him. Lucas comes back and finds Carrie crying – so she tells him that Austin knows about the baby. He offers his condolences, and Lucas gives her a nice speech, aimed at cheering her up. He decides not to wait till morning to call the super and goes to call right away. Carrie says that she can’t hurt someone as wonderful as Lucas – better yet, she won’t. Lucas comes back to find Carrie in Austin’s arms and bites off what he was going to say, as Austin just stands there holding her, and looking at Lucas (she is facing away and doesn’t see Lucas). Lucas tries to comfort Carrie himself. They got bad news, but they will get through it. It will be smooth sailing now that they got their problems out of the way early. She goes to wash her face with cold water and Austin decides to go check on Sami. Lucas wants to settle something before he goes, though. He comments on how he saw Austin comforting Carrie and thanks him for being so unselfish and caring for them. He is feeling really bad for Carrie, who is taking it really hard. Austin thinks it has to be really hard for Lucas, finding out that Carrie isn’t actually pregnant with his child….as Sami and EJ come through the door.

IN THE PARKING LOT IN CINCINNATI, Kayla is crying and can’t get her keys in the car door. She calls her mom, who asks what is wrong. Kayla tells her mom that he isn’t Steve, but Nick, and Nick doesn’t want her. She tells her mom where she is and what happened. She admits that she is hurt. Caroline can see and feel the connection, but Kayla doesn’t think he feels it. She feels his life is in Cincinnati with his friends at the bar. She thinks she should move on and go to Africa, and forget about him. She was hopeful, but now her hopes are dashed. (She is so emotional here – excellent job!) Her mom’s words get to her and give her back her fire. She knows she lost him once and may never know why or how, but she will not lose him again.

INSIDE THE BAR, Steve asks Rosie for a cold one. Della says she should be glad he is back, even if she is a roach. She is worried he was buying “Blondie’s” act, but he turns on her, telling her it was the truth – she was his wife and he even has a daughter. She turns on the heat and claims that although he may have been married to her (Kayla) once, he is with her (Della) now. (He is not looking very comfortable as she puts her arms around him from behind.)
Steve tells her that he is not in a partying mood and brushes her off. She tries to egg him on, but he gets angry and pushes her off. Della thinks “she” got to him. She claims that she wants to know what is going on, because it is her life, too. That bothers him, since he doesn’t know anything about his life. She says he does, and so does she. He tells her to come here, and sits down. He tells her he never meant any of it to happen. He onl y went as a favour to his dying brother. He knows that there is a wife, but she was supposed to be in LA. She can figure out the rest. She is sure that “Blondie” got cozy with him, after pulling out the big guns. She wants to know if he actually does remember. She claims to feel for him, but maybe it is a sign that his life with her is over – if he was supposed to be with her, he would remember. She goes to restart the jukebox, while he sits thinking. Turns out it is there song, and she wants to dance, and he goes, but reluctantly. We see them dancing through the dirty window.

Kayla goes back inside and Steve and Della talk about their song. He doesn’t know why he has always had a thing for that particular song. Kayla looks on as he kisses Della. He leaves her and goes to sit back down. She is upset that he walked away. She was sure his favourite song would help. She is pissed that he is thinking about “that woman”. He gets very angry and tells her to back off because he can’t breathe. Kayla is outside on her phone, asking about the next flight to Salem – can she leave tonight. She drives off as Steve runs after her, with the previews following:

Austin: It’s addressed to you.
Lucas: It’s way past time we open that.

Steve/Nick (to Della): If somebody can stage my death and erase my memory, that somebody's got a lot of power…So I have to assume that they’re coming after me again.

Jack: I’ve tried, I really have. But I think it’s time for you to let me go.

And the credits roll…


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