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Episode # 10355
Tape Date: 6/14/06
Air Date: 7/13/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: This is definitely a MUST (not) SEE episode! Skip it if you need to. Chelsea is jealous of Stephanie…Hope, Bo, Patrick and Shawn await news of the baby’s paternity…Mimi worries that something will go wrong, and of course it does.

At Dune…Max and Stephanie talk about what happened on the race track earlier as she gives him a hard time. Abby arrives, looking for Chelsea. She tells them about the possible good news about Jack. They see Chelsea dancing (if that’s what you want to call it) with some guy. Chelsea sees her and comes rushing over and she tells her the news. Max thinks they should all go somewhere more quiet to celebrate, but Chelsea says she is having a good time and refuses to leave. Some guy asks Stephanie to dance as Chelsea snarls. Max accuses Chelsea of following him and Stephanie and he claims that they are just friends. But Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about it…she just wants to dance. Abby and Max talk about Chelsea being jealous of Stephanie and Abby asks him not to give up on Chelsea. Max decides he needs air and heads outside and considers leaving when someone walks up behind him and covers his eyes. Chelsea brags to Abby about the “hot guy” she has been dancing with as Abby lets her have it about the way she is treating Max and playing games with him. Outside, Max turns around (expecting to see Chelsea) and finds Stephanie smiling at him. She admires his car (he tells her not to get near it…it has no scratches on it, lol).

They banter about their earlier incident and she says she needed to see if he was as good as everyone says. As she checks him out, she says there is only one way to know for sure…to take him for a test drive and kisses him. Abby accuses Chelsea of liking stringing Max along and then informs her that Max left…with Stephanie following him (which doesn’t sit too well with her). Max stops kissing Stephanie and tells her that he does care about Chelsea and can’t do this to her. Stephanie says she hopes Chelsea realizes that he is a good guy and leaves. After she leaves, Chelsea comes out. She sits with Max in his car and apologizes for the way she has been treating him and how patient and understanding he has been with her. She asks for another chance…he is the best thing that has ever happened to her and if he still wants her, then she is his. He doesn’t answer so she goes to leave but he stops her and they kiss… as Stephanie sees this.

At the Hospital…Bonnie finds Mimi and they talk as Mimi tells her about Hope’s ultrasound. Bonnie is excited that both of her “babies” may hit the jackpot tonight. Mimi tells her about the successful implantation process as Bonnie is on cloud nine as she thinks they may all soon be on easy street. But Mimi is worrying that something may go wrong…she just has a bad feeling. Bonnie says now, if Celeste said that, then she would worry, but Mimi is NOT psychic and assures her that all will be fine, stop being so pessimistic. Meanwhile, the 2 nurses are wringing their hands and worrying about the mix-up with the trays. Nurse #1 is SURE there is no way that could have happened. They are sure that there must be some logical explanation…as the “hand” lurks behind the curtain. They are bewildered as to what happened and decide that they must tell Dr. Jaynes. The nurse stumbles against the table, making a huge crash (which Mimi and Bonnie hear and Mimi comes rushing in). They assure Mimi that all is okay and she goes back to her mom. Later, the nurse explains what has happened to the doctor and he says that both couples must be told what happened.

Elsewhere at the hospital…Dr. Bader is Hope when Patrick arrives (Hope called him). Bo is sure that the baby is his as he and Patrick argue about it. Shawn arrives (Hope had called him as well) and asks Bo if he gets a second chance, what will he do with it. Shawn says some pretty rough things to his dad about not loving Hope or Zack enough. Shawn is pretty bitter, but Bo fires back, saying that Shawn is just making things more difficult. Shawn goes on about how Bo let them all down and hopes that he will be a better father than Bo. He also says he hopes his mom doesn’t take him back. Bo lectures him about upsetting Hope and Shawn says that both Hope and the baby would be better off without him. Dr. Bader comes out and gets Bo and Patrick for the ultrasound. Hope is just anxious to get it over with. Caroline shows up for moral support as Shawn fills her in on what’s going on. He tells her about his and Mimi’s good news and she is happy for them. He tells her that he is afraid that Bo is the father and he believes that his mom would be better off without him. Dr. Bader checks the ultrasound as Hope is happy that the baby is healthy. Bo sits near her and tells her that they have been given a second chance…the baby is their future. Caroline tries to talk to Shawn, asking him to forgive Bo, but he complains about how Bo protected Chelsea instead of Zack and how he was so easy on her. He says that his dad made the same mistakes over and over and he can’t forgive him. He goes on to talk about how Bo destroyed the evidence against Chelsea. But Caroline says that wasn’t proven and she would never believe it. Shawn is afraid that if the baby turns out to be Bo’s, it will lead to him pressuring Hope even more to get back together. Bo and Hope watch (Patrick is in the background) as they hear the baby’s heartbeat and Bo babbles on about their second chance. But Dr. Bader can’t tell how far along she is from the ultrasound. She suggests a blood test to get more info as Hope wants it done immediately. After Dr. Bader leaves, Hope talks about how it is suddenly so real that there is a baby. Caroline tells Shawn that Bo is a good man, even though he has made mistakes. Bo and Patrick come out as Bo thanks “Ma” for coming. Bo and Patrick tell them what’s going on and that the baby is healthy. Shawn pulls Patrick aside and thanks him for standing by Hope (lol, lying by her too, I assume ;-) and thanks him for all he did for her. He apologizes to Patrick for not trusting him before. He also informs Patrick that their IVF procedure was a success so he goes off to find Mimi. Thanking Shawn for his support. Observing all of this upsets Bo but Caroline tries to calm him down. Shawn goes to see his mom and she is happy he is there. He tells her about the IVF procedure and she is happy for them. Hope worries about how Shawn feels about her and how complicated this has made everything. Bo tries to get Caroline to leave, but she is determined to stay with him. He says that if this baby isn’t his…he could lose Hope for good. Hope tells Shawn that they need to focus on the good things…he may soon have a brother or sister…AND a baby of his own. He tells her that Belle’s implantation was successful as well and she laughs that “it’s raining babies in Salem”. She wants to congratulate Mimi, so Shawn goes to get her. After he leaves, she rubs her stomach and says she loves this baby…no matter whose it is. Bo and Dr. Bader come in as Dr. Bader tells them that she can now determine who the father is.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is trying to get Mimi to stop worrying. Patrick comes in and congratulates her. Bonnie asks about Hope and Patrick tells her they are still waiting. Shawn walks up and tells Mimi that nothing will go wrong this time…but then Dr. Jaynes walks up and tells them he is sorry to tell them…but there IS a problem…Freeze on Mimi’s worried face…as the previews show…

Sami (to herself): What am I gonna do?...What if the truth comes out. EJ walks up and asks…Truth about what?...

Hope: I know exactly who the father of my baby is…Bo: Who’s the father?...

Mimi (to Dr. Jaynes): If our surrogate isn’t carrying OUR baby…then WHO’S baby is she carrying?...(as Philip and Belle walk up)…Philip: Hey, what’s going on?...Belle: What are you doing here? Mimi has a shocked expression on her face…and the credits roll…


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