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Tuesday, August 1st

EPISODE: 10368 DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard TAPE DATE: 6/30/06

Another marathon night in Salem continues as Jack's days look minimal; Nick and Della talk as he ponders what to do, Stephanie and Kayla have a heart to heart talk and Sami learns about Carrie’s


Nick returns inside after seeing Kayla drive off and is defensive when Della rants about Kayla. (Interesting reading SoapNet’s interview with Stephen Nichols and he uses Marlon Brando as his role model for Steve/Patch…and the woman in the pool hall is “Della” where “Stella” was in Streetcar Named Desire ;-) Della tells him “blondie” wouldn’t take as good a care of him as she does and you can tell he’s having second thoughts as he says he pushed Kayla away. She brings him a beer in a bottle saying blondie would probably bring it to him in a glass. She asks him to put on a smile and show her how much he missed her. She tells him he has his place, his woman, his friends there as she strokes his face. Later he tells Della about his mother, dying brother, wife and daughter in Salem. He tells Della how pretty and smart his daughter is and drives a race car for a living. He missed her whole life. Della laughs she must have learned to drive from him as her mother probably never drove a mile over the speed limit. Della calls Nick scared of being rejected by his wife, so he got rid of her fast. She can tell Nick wants Kayla. He laughs as he tells Della how he use to be a cop and a government undercover agent. She laughs saying he use to be her own Ethan Hunt. He tells her he didn’t have regular amnesia, someone made him forget. He’s worried that whoever did this to him might find out he knows who he was now and might have it in for him. He’s worried he can be putting Della’s life in danger just like he was his family in Salem. He’s got to be ready in case that person comes after him again. We see someone looking in the window at Nick as he’s saying that.

Kayla returns to Salem and to the pub. She can tell Stephanie is upset about something by the way she’s twirling food on her fork. Stephanie tells her she saw the man she had told her about tonight (again, Kayla and Nick drove to Cincinnati..did their Eddie’s bit, then she sat around the airport, flew home and back at the pub and people are still out and about, LOL) and knows now they’ll never be together. Kayla offers to talk with her about it, but Stephanie gets defensive about how she and Kayla never had mother/daughter talks where they each talked and shared. It was always Stephanie talking and Kayla told her what to do. Kayla never shared anything with her. Kayla tells her how young Stephanie was when Steve died and she had already lost her Papa. She wanted her to know she’d always have her mommy and was determined to be strong for her. She apologizes for holding back from her and tells her that she was right. She shares how she also had a rotten day and that Steve just didn’t stay in Cincinnati, but he isn’t coming back and for her to move on without him. (Mary Beth rocks in these scenes!) Stephanie says “that sucks!” Kayla agrees and had felt Nick was anxious to know more about his past. She tells her daughter how Nick’s had a whole life without her.

Stephanie takes her mom’s hand and promises she’ll always have her. She apologizes for blowing up earlier and Kayla asks her to tell her about that guy she was interested in. Stephanie takes a deep sigh and stares. She doesn’t say her boyfriend’s name, just that he has a girlfriend that doesn’t deserve him and doesn’t share any of his interests like she does. This girl has been in trouble with the law and she hasn’t even had a parking ticket. She’s been down this road before and doesn’t want to lose this guy. Why doesn’t he see she’s as good a catch as her girlfriends say she is? Kayla hugs her daughter. Kayla figures out that this guy doesn’t know how she really feels about him, thinking they’re just friends. She tells her daughter to take a risk and put her cards on the table about how she feels. Stephanie asks if she’s willing to do the same thing with her dad.

A replay of Sami and EJ overhearing Austin saying Carrie isn’t pregnant. Carrie explains how they found out she wasn’t pregnant til just now and didn’t do an ultrasound when she was there before. Sami asks if they’re still going to Italy on their honeymoon and tells Carrie she’ll probably come back pregnant after that…cue the silent pause. Sami doesn’t understand and EJ grows uncomfortable and mentions leaving. They tell him no and Carrie tells Sami how Lexie told her she can’t have children, ever. Sami apologizes profusely to her sister and feels terrible for her. She knows Carrie’s had a hard time between the fire and this and goes to get her some wine. EJ follows and continues his mantra about when is she going to tell Austin the truth. She tells him never as she knows Austin would leave her and be with Carrie if she did. Lucas asks to borrow Sami’s heating pad, saying he sprained his knee running after the person lurking by her door earlier. Sami is shocked and learns Austin knew about it too. She asks what it was all about and he holds the envelope saying the person left this. Sami sees the envelope is addressed to her and asks if anyone has opened it. They say no, but it’s past time she opened it.

Lexie tells Jennifer that Jack’s taking a turn for the worse. She tells her about Jack’s regaining consciousness for an hour and talking to Maggie. He wanted Jennifer to have time with Frankie, so didn’t want them to call her. Lexie says Jack’s got a high fever and not responding to the treatment. She warns Jen to plan for the worst. Jennifer goes in to see Jack after asking Frankie to make some calls. Jack tells Jennifer he knows it’s time and she must feel it too. He’s grateful for the time he’s had with her that he didn’t expect to have. He tells Jennifer she’ll be okay and Abby rushes in and hugs him, begging him not to leave. Later he tells them both he knows they’ll mourn him, but asks them not to make a career out of it and to be happy, live their lives and move on. He asks them to give Jack Jr. a hug and kiss for him and Maggie walks in with him. Frankie had called Maggie and Maggie said they have people in high places there and were able to bring him in. Jen holds her son as Jack touches him (JJ’s busy eating cheerios) and Jack kids about this isn’t upsetting his appetite. He sees Frankie walk in and tells him not to be a boring deadline type. He’s growing weaker and Maggie thinks he’s just tired, but Jennifer said this isn’t good and Maggie rushes out to get Lexie. Jack rambles on weakly and finally either falls asleep or ??? as Jennifer touches his face asking him to keep talks…the screen freezes on her gazing at him….as the previews roll…

LUCAS TO SAMI: Nobody in this room knows you better than I do, so why don’t you tell me what’s going on?

MIMI TO PATRICK: If I told Shawn the truth he’d leave me for Belle in a second.
PATRICK: You’ve got to tell him the truth.

BELLE TO SHAWN: If you bonded so close to Claire before the transplant, I think I know why you’re so close to her.

CARRIE: Of course I did, like you wanted me to (and they kiss)…

And the credits roll…

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