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Episode: 10,353 - Director: Albert Alarr Tape Date: 6/7
Lots of little conversations and talk about a ho hum reception..even the bridal couple’s parents drank at the bar most of the time, the bride’s sister and groom's brother (members of the bridal party) don't attend the reception as they're too busy at the hospital trying to get pregnant (couldn't that wait a day?). Best part of the show is the last minute.
Also..Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Stephen Nichols (Steve) are on SOAP TALK today...check your listings and set your recorders folks!!!!

The apartment dwellers show up at the hospital in their wedding clothes to receive bad news The doctor only tells them that so many of the hospital staff is off due to the holiday (remember, it’s still July 5th there), that there’s a delay. Relieved that’s all there is, they assure him it’s okay as Shawn and Mimi’s surrogate isn’t there yet. We see “the hand” watching as the nurse prepares for the procedure. Philip gets a call from the foundation. Mimi and Shawn’s surrogate was in a car accident on the way to the hospital. The nurse takes Belle back to start with her while Philip tries to find out more information on the surrogate. The doctor tells Mimi and Shawn that their surrogate has arrived. The accident was minor and she hopped on a bus to get there. Mimi asks to meet her, but the doctor tells her she can AFTER the procedure (excuse me…after the last surrogate catastrophe..I’d INSIST on meeting her and know more before she was allowed to carry my baby!) The glove watches Belle and Philip as Belle’s in a bed, anticipating her new pregnancy (those who are trying to figure out who the hand is can eliminate those at the reception).

Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Roberts try to share a quiet moment in Maggie’s office when there’s a knock at the door. Lucas figures it’s his mother and will get rid of her, but it’s Maggie with a telegram for Carrie. She opens it to find it’s from Dr. Mike Horton, wishing he and Jeremy could have been there and sends his good wishes for the newlyweds (Lucas is his brother for those who forgot).

Kayla looks for her mini photo album and Steve tells her he has it. He needed to look at Stephanie’s picture again. He apologizes and says he forgets people he met just the day before all the time and doesn’t want to forget his daughter. She suggests he let Marlena help him when she and John return to town. He’s seen other doctors, but agrees to try. He mentions how the last thing she remembered about him was the day he died and for him, he woke up in a motel room not remembering anything, his memory was wiped out. Kayla gets an unpleasant thought and he asks what. Kayla thinks Stefano Dimera faked Steve’s death and erased his memory.

Roman tells Kate no one throws a party (or throws money around) like she does (ouch). He warns her to not interfere with his other daughter’s happiness with Austin and to leave it alone. He knows Kate better than most and knows she isn’t going to stop trying to break up Austin and Sami. She tells him while she doesn’t agree they belong together, she’s “off the case”.

Austin and Sami grab some champagne and she can’t wait until it’s their turn. She asks to lock their arms and practice a toast. EJ arrives and Sami tells him the wedding went fine and how happy she is for her sister. He asks Sami if she’s pregnant and she tells him that’s a personal question, but no, she’s not. EJ figures she shouldn’t rush into a wedding then. He explains that a wedding takes too much prep time and they need that time to focus on their work. Worried they’ll lose EJ, Austin promises that he and Sami will dedicate all their time on work and not the wedding. Austin steps away and Sami asks EJ why he is trying to stop her wedding. He tells her it’s all business, but then says it wasn’t Austin as to why he chose their company over Titan, but her. You can tell she’s surprised at that as Austin comes and asks her to dance with him. They go to dance as she looks back at EJ.

Caroline and Alice are happy about another Horton/Brady wedding. Alice wishes Bo and Hope would find their way back to each other.

Bo and Billie chat and she asks him to try and relax for a few hours. He watches Hope, escorted by Patrick, arrive and knows that isn’t going to happen. He tells Billie he’s not going to cause a scene, but goes over and says hello to them. Billie asks Patrick privately how he’s doing while waiting to find out if he’s the father of Hope’s baby. He’s more worried about Hope. Hope asks Bo if he’ll still love her if Patrick is the baby’s father. He says he’d do anything to not lose her. Privately Patrick offers to take Hope out of there if she wants. She thanks him for not pressuring her and he says she doesn’t need any more stress and needs to think of the baby first. They’ll know soon enough “who the daddy is” (his words).

Abby and Chelsea chat outside. Abby remembers when she used to have more fun and came to this wedding for her dad. Chelsea feels bad for Abby, wishing she could do more. Abby sees Max lurking near the door and suggests Chelsea give him another chance. Abby gives Chelsea “the look” and goes inside. Max tells Chelsea he realized he wanted to be with her, not Stephanie. He asks if she believes he came to the reception to be with her and she softly says she does. Austin runs into the bride and politely tells her she looks happy and deserves to be with the man she loves. Lucas joins them and hopes he and Sami are as happy as they are. Austin wishes them a great life. Maggie formally introduces Lucas and Carrie Roberts before they dance their first dance as husband and wife. Austin watches and dreams of dancing with Carrie instead. Lucas dips Carrie and the attendees claps and whoop as they watch. Sorry, I don’t know the song or singer (does anyone really care, this couple has no chemistry in my opinion). Roman and Kate sit at the bar (why aren’t they out there watching their daughter and son dance???) Roman tells Kate she thinks she knows how to run her kids life better than they do and shouldn’t. He loved her being a strong women, but he also loved the soft woman she as and asks if that part of her is still there.

Steve and Kayla step away from watching Carrie and Lucas dance and he asks about Stefano Dimera. He says Salem doesn’t seem like a place a crime family would want to be in. Kayla explains that Stefano had this thing for the Brady’s, especially Marlena and Hope. She has another idea how to get his memory back.

The dance finishes and Maggie announces (for the newlyweds) to have everyone join in dancing. Max and Chelsea dance. He tells her he’s not waiting around for her and she tells him she’s going out later, with “friends”. Max gets a cell call and tells the obvious woman caller he’s not in the middle of anything and can go somewhere. He leaves Chelsea mid dance and takes off.

Billie asks Bo to dance, saying it might make him feel better. Patrick and Hope watch and she asks if he minds if they do leave.

Austin and Sami dance and talk about what EJ asked of them. He’s surprised she took it so well. Carrie and Lucas cut in and they exchange partners. Sami tells Lucas that it’s strange being at his wedding with her sister. Lucas sincerely tells her he’s proud of how much she’s changed and wants her to be happy. Sami looks about to break into tears as she puts her head on his shoulder (after straightening his fallen hair)…oh, this couple so belongs together!

Carrie tells Austin she’s glad he’s still in her life and he promises to always be there for her.

Back at the bar EJ joins Kate (who’s now alone) and asks for a dance. She isn’t in the mood and he tells her he can tell Sami and Austin aren’t her favorite couple. He asks what she has against Sami being they’ll be working together. Kate leaves, saying her son got married today and she’d like to end the evening on a positive note (so not only did she not dance with Lucas, but is leaving without saying goodbye? Talk about bad manners Kate!)..but looks back over her shoulder at EJ before leaving.

Kayla takes Steve into Maggie’s office (?). He asks why they’re there and she says they’re just talking, but lightly grabs him by the lapels and says she wants to change that if he’s interested…he is…and they kiss and fall back onto the couch together kissing.

EJ tells Austin: “If you don’t tie the knot soon enough, someone else might just jump in there.” (first he tells him to slow the wedding down, now he's rushing him?)

SAMI to CHELSEA: “I have a proposition for you.”

KAYLA to STEVE: “Somehow you were brought back to me and I want you.”

JENNIFER TO FRANKIE: “You’ve given us hope that Jack might survive. Oh my gosh…” as she hugs Frankie.

As the credits roll

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