Monday, July 17, 2006


Tuesday, July 18th

Episode: 10,358
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 6/19/06

Pretty boring show as the loft dwellers continue to disagree about their pregnancies; Carrie’s men stand by her as EJ takes Sami home should Will call; Jennifer and Frankie talk about what’s going on and the Johnson family talks at the pub.

The foursome return to the Kiriakis loft and we see a replay of Philip suggested they abort the pregnancies at this early stage, Shawn and Belle strongly don’t agree with that. Philip says it’s pretty much rape as their wives are carrying each other’s baby. Shawn mentions losing his brother earlier in the year and wants his baby to live, no matter who the mother is. Mimi grabs her purse and heads out after hearing that and Shawn’s right behind her. Philip comments on Belle’s being so quiet (gee..and so is Claire..have they checked on her?) He asks how can she keep the baby she’s carrying being it’s Shawn’s. He tells her he’s not going to watch her have Shawn’s baby (too late bubba…you already did.) Belle said they were just implanted today and might not even be pregnant. Philip rants what an impossible situation this is. Who would get which baby and what would they tell Claire about who her sibling is (they should have a class at Salem Elementary for that anyway with the way Salem is so interrelated, ha!). Belle asks him to have some faith that this will work out. Philip can tell that Belle’s not completely unhappy about being pregnant with Shawn’s baby. She tells him she’s going to bed (about time, let July 6th begin!!) and he shoves stuff off the table in frustration.

Shawn finds Mimi under the covers at home. Mimi is crying as she asks him if it doesn’t bother him that she’s carrying Philip’s baby and Belle’s carrying his. He tries to make the situation lighter, and then brings up how she’s done this before. Hurt, she said she’d never ask another woman to abort a baby like she had to. Putting his arm around her, he says they can do this. They both agree an abortion is not an option and she doesn’t like the idea of his having a baby with Belle. Shawn tells her he wants to have a baby with her (Mimi) and she says she wants to climb mountains with him at 60 and do laundry together, etc. She fears having this baby with Belle is going to come between them and their dreams.

We see Jennifer’s plea to Jack to fight and live for her and the children. Lexie asks to examine Jack and Frankie takes the opportunity to chat with Jennifer in the hallway. Jennifer apologizes to Frankie that he was hurt by what she told Jack. He asks her what he’s suppose to do if Jack lives..just walk away? She doesn’t know either. She has two husbands and confused too. (we see Lexie examining Jack as he calls out to Jennifer) Frankie understands now is not the time to make decisions and right now it should be about Jack. Lexie rushes out to tell Jennifer that Jack’s asking for her.

IN THE ER…Carrie is wheeled in, unconscious due to smoke inhalation. Lucas is frantic as Sami and Austin watch, assuring the new ER woman doctor (hallelujah!!) that they’re okay. Lucas tells the doctor his wife is pregnant before she rushes back to check on Carrie (don’t forget to tell them to fill out all that paperwork while they’re waiting). EJ assures Lucas the measure of the man is in his response and he did well. The doctor comes right back and assures Lucas that Carrie (and the baby) are fine. She wants to keep her overnight for observation and to let the air clear from their apartment. Lucas stands by Carrie and nearly in tears, kisses her and tells her he’ll be there all night with her. The nurse tells him the doctor gave his wife a sedative, but she’ll be fine. Lucas returns and tells them Carrie is okay, but asleep because of a sedative. He asks to speak with Sami alone and tells her she’s a hero for saving them. She remembered how hard it was on Will when he almost lost Lucas at the Kiriakis fire. She tells him he’s her son’s father and she cares about him. He looks her in the eye and said how much that means to him and he’ll never forget it. Privately Austin asks EJ to take Sami home and EJ mentions Austin and Carrie’s previous relationship, concerned how he’s doing. Austin tells him that he and Carrie were married a long time ago, but that’s over and he’s happy for his brother (yeah, right). Austin tells Sami that EJ will take her home and when she resists, reminds her Will might hear about the fire and call worried. She’ll be there to assure him everyone’s okay (guess Will doesn’t know their cell numbers?) Sami’s grateful that Austin thought of that, as is Lucas, and she leaves with EJ.

EJ and Sami return home, thankful Will was staying at his grandmothers tonight. Sami sees another note under the door and rushes to it. EJ runs out to see if the person is still in the building. He returns and Sami’s distraught that someone is trying to break up her and Austin. He comforts her in his arms.

Kayla asks Stephanie to consider quitting racing. Stephanie bristles as Kayla explains how dangerous racing is and she worries about her. Now that her father is home, doesn’t she want to spend as much time with him as she can? Stephanie tells Kayla her profession is dangerous too and even though she was the only parent she had, didn’t object to her going to Africa as she knew her mother wanted to. Steve arrives and whistles to stop the arguing and the two women are quiet. Stephanie pops up and hugs her dad (so glad we’re not seeing another angry teenager type reaction!!) and asks him to come see her race and to agree with her about letting her do something she loves. Poor Steve is trying to digest it all. Stephanie fights for her cause and reminds them how they were when they were younger and they chose difficult careers and made it happen. Steve hears her out and agrees she should do what she loves. He doesn’t remember the old Steve Johnson, but is happy to have people who care about him and asks Stephanie if she has a guy. She looks off to the side as we go back to Max and Chelsea. Stephanie asks Steve about love and she tells him there’s a race car driver she’s interested in. We return to Stephanie rushing out and Steve figured she wanted to give them time alone together. Kayla wonders who the racer is that Stephanie’s interested in.

have Buddy’s Burgers and beverages and out for a late (very late…can’t believe Buddy’s is still open!) picnic. She’d rather go to the Dunes, but Max reminds her it’s not known for their food..but Buddy’s is. Chelsea munches on some fries as Max stares at her. Max calls her on being jealous of him and Stephanie. She denies it and goes to leave and he stands up and they kiss. Later they’re lying down and things are getting heavy as he asks her if she’s sure she’s ready to do this. She says yes and tells him to stop talking as he reaches for her strap. They realize neither of them was prepared for sex and he moves away from her. He figures that’s a sign that they aren’t prepared to be together. Max asks her if she’s even thought about being exclusive with him and she tells him that he’s the only one for her (crossing her fingers behind her juvenile). That’s a good place to start for Max as he continues on making love. Stephanie pops up in the bushes (what, does she have a tracking device on them or something, LOL).

Lucas asks Austin to keep an eye on Carrie when he goes down to the cafeteria for some REAL coffee (LOL) and he readily agrees. He whispers to the sleeping Carrie that what happened tonight woke him up and he can’t lose her. He whispers to her that he hopes they can be together again some day and have been through so many dark times. He prays he never loses her, he’ll even take being friends if that’s what it takes. Somehow, someway he hopes she’ll come back to him. She chose Lucas and he’ll never understand that, and he shouldn’t say it..but whispering he says he’ll always love her, always and kisses her forehead. He steps out and she opens her eyes and whispers his name. Lucas returns with coffee and surprised Austin isn’t in with Carrie. He said he had to use the men’s room, but Carrie’s sleeping. Lucas goes in and finds Carrie on her side, awake. He asks if she’s okay and she says she and the baby are okay. Austin walks in and finds them hugging. She looks at Austin over Lucas’s shoulder while he’s holding her with the look in her eye saying it all….as the previews roll..

HOPE TO PATRICK: This baby is yours. This baby needs you and I need you.

EJ TO SAMI: You need to tell the authorities.
SAMI: I am NOT telling the police.

CARRIE TO AUSTIN: Austin, we need to talk.

SHAWN TO BELLE: What is it. Is something wrong with the baby?
BELLE (in tears): No, but I think my marriage is over…as she goes into his arms…

And the credits roll…

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