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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TAPE DATE: 6/23/06
Episode: 10,363

Summary: Not too much today, but a bit of progress. Billie has lots of love and relationship advice for Bo and Austin. Bo goes to Hope to ask for another chance. Sami and EJ chat about her feelings about Austin and why she wants him so much. Lexie tries to counsel Carrie. Mimi turns to her big brother.

BO FINDS BILLIE AT THE HOSPITAL, where she has just come from visiting Jack. She is upset because he is not responding to the treatment yet. Bo is picking up prenatal vitamins for Hope. Billie wants to know if they are back together, but he got the message from the pharmacy by mistake and decided to help her out. Billie tells him it is a chance to talk things out, but Bo feels she doesn’t want to talk to him. Billie wants to know if he is going to give up on her then. Bo has been wondering over the last few months what it is he has been trying to hold on to – the past, or a possible future? He still wants her, but things have changed. There’s Zack, Chelsea, and another man’s baby. Will she still want him? Billie knows that Hope still wants him, but is being stubborn, which he is always good at, too. She tells him not to give up, but to convince her. He realizes now that it is true – you have to lose something to really appreciate how much it meant. She understands completely and promises to be his friend.

PATRICK HAS FIXED HOPE’S KITCHEN SINK for her, at her request. He wants to talk to her about the baby, but she looks uncomfortable. She gets up to go make tea, but he stops her. She is very nervous. He can pretty much figure out why – she is having his baby while married to another man. He wants to know that he will be involved in his child’s life. That is the only thing she is clear on. She tells him that she doesn’t know what she feels right now. His phone rings, and Mimi tells him that she needs him. He promises he will be there when she needs someone to talk to, and goes off to find his sister.

Bo stops by the house to drop off the vitamins for Hope. He tells her that he knows he didn’t have to, but he wanted to stop by. He misses her and them as a family. He wants another chance. Hope tells him that isn’t as easy as he wants it to be. He asks what she wants, as he will do anything. She wants what she doesn’t have – to see Zack and have him run to her and ask her to read him another book. He would give anything to bring him back, but she knows he can’t rewrite history. He tells her about his nightmare and his wish to change the outcome. She tells him that when Chelsea came into her life, he kept putting her first, and neglecting his son that needed him. (She thinks) He felt that they needed him more. He says he loved and needed only one woman – always her. He wants to be the best husband and father he can be. He claims that he will love that baby, no matter what. She wants to know if he can do that, given he has always hated Patrick. He thinks they can make a good family. But Hope wants to know if he can handle having Patrick in the baby’s life. Hope eventually confesses that Chelsea and Patrick aren’t the real problem. It’s the lack of trust she has in him. She wants him to prove he didn’t tamper with the evidence (to prove she can trust him again), and then maybe they can work on their marriage.

IN LEXIE’S OFFICE, Carrie tearfully confesses to Lexie how she married Lucas to have a baby, and even ended up with morning sickness over a baby that didn’t exist. Carrie is very upset about the decision she made and how it affects other people. Lexie tries to reassure Carrie that Lucas will take care of her, no matter what. Carrie is upset because the love she feels for Lucas is nothing like her love for Austin. She goes on about how she made her decision, and how she is questioning her choices now. If she had known that she couldn’t have any children, healthy or otherwise, she would have chosen Austin. Lexie tells her that it wasn’t her fault. She gets interrupted by a text message that Carrie tells her to get – she can wait 30 seconds to hear what Lexie wants to say. The message says, “Don’t do it.” She panics, starting to hyperventilate as she looks around the room, and Carrie grabs the phone, but doesn’t understand the message. Lexie comes up with a story about her and a nurse giving up caffeine together and knowing that she is having bad coffee cravings, the nurse is trying to watch out for her. When pressed, Lexie no longer wants to get involved in Carrie’s personal decisions. When asked for advice, she tells her to let go of what might have been and give Lucas a chance. She advises seeing a counselor and then a lawyer only after a year has passed and her feelings for the two haven’t changed. Carrie decides she owes Lucas and her marriage a chance and will work on it.

UP ON THE ROOF, EJ is watching as Austin proposes to Sami. Sami likes the ring, but can’t accept it. Austin is confused, as she accepted his proposal weeks ago. Sami won’t accept the ring because it was too expensive (she liked it, so he got it). He tries again and she says yes this time. He slips the ring on her finger and they lock lips as EJ looks on. Austin breaks it up to go downstairs to get dinner and dessert. Sami tells EJ to go ahead and say it, she’s a coward. She just couldn’t ruin his happiness and his hard work to make their night special by telling him her secret. EJ tells her that Austin is happy because he thinks she has reformed, and tries again to make her tell before someone else does.

Sami looks at her new ring, while EJ pours some champagne. Sami tells him her history. She claims that she is a joke, but he claims he doesn’t believe it. EJ thinks that back luck runs in threes (this is her third try to marry Austin). Sami thinks the third time is the charm. She begs him to let her un-postpone the wedding. He thinks that she should tell, but she thinks that she can’t. She wants to be married and pregnant so that he won’t leave her. EJ doesn’t like it, but she makes it clear what she wants. She wants him to swear on his mother’s life that he won’t tell. This upsets him and sets him off (ah ha – a clue!) He tells her that she doesn’t know if he has a mother and if she is even in his life or alive… She stills begs him and promises to do anything for him. He wants to know what she will do if he tells. He claims that if he was a real friend, he would run and tell right now. But she can have it her way and he will keep quiet. She shows him the initials in the door – Lucas and Carrie and Austin and Carrie. She tells him about her past – about living in Carrie’s shadow, about losing her mom young and getting her back at 15. She was her happiest for those first couple months, after her mom came back and before her parents divorced, and that was when she met Austin. She wants that happiness back and can’t lose him. He tells her that even if it doesn’t work out with Austin, she could have her pick of guys.

BACK DOWNSTAIRS, Austin is working on the meal and tastes some whipped cream, which reminds him of a meal he cooked for Carrie. (He wanted to convince her that he baked the pie himself, but she thinks that you can buy a good pie and spend the time you saved doing better things….) Billie walks in on his reverie and claims that she knocked twice and got no answer. He wants to know what he was thinking about. She is convinced it was Carrie. He tries to tell her she is wrong – that he is in love with Sami and Carrie is married to Lucas. He tells her about the fire (which she didn’t know about). He gives the details. Billie can see that he is worried. He is feeling great. His business is on the verge of greatness and a beautiful woman just accepted his proposal. Billie is convinced that it is the wrong beautiful woman. Austin tells Billie that he loves Carrie, but she married Lucas and he has to move on. Billie warns him what happens when Sami gets hurt. He is not going to hurt her. He ends up inviting her to dinner and lets slip that EJ will be there. She catches on and declines the invitation. She is not interested in EJ and will find her own love, and he should do the same.

PATRICK FINDS MIMI AT THE HOSPITAL and wants to know what is wrong. She tells him that she is going to lose Shawn. He tries to calm her down. Despite the mix-up, shouldn’t she have some faith in her husband? She certainly doesn’t think so. Her husband is having a baby with his old love, not with her, and combined with what she heard between them, she should just pack her bags and leave town. Patrick wants details. She tells her about Belle being happy about having Shawn’s baby, while Mimi and Phillip are seething. Shawn is being so protective and happy, and she can see in his eyes how much it means to him. Patrick reminds her that Shawn married her, but she knows that Shawn now has the best reason in the world to want to be with Belle. (She is very nasty about Belle here – as is evident by her choice of words!) Patrick tells her that he feels the same with Hope. He loves her, but she still loves Bo. The bond of a child doesn’t mean that they will be romantically involved. Mimi is worried that sharing a past romatic relationship and when you already love a person and already share a child… he catches it and questions her. She tells him about Claire being Shawn’s. Freeze on Mimi’s face - fade to black and white and the previews….

Hope: I want more than anything to believe in you again.
Bo: and you will. I’m not going to lose you, Fancy Face.

Flash to Shawn, then to Mimi: and if, when I do tell him, he does leave me?
Patrick: that’s a chance you’re just going to have to take, Honey. (as he enfolds her in a big hug)

Belle to Shawn: I didn’t marry Phillip in good faith. My wedding vows were a lie.

Kayla: Who the hell are you?
Woman: I’m his wife. Who the hell are you?

Off to the credits.


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