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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

Episode #10354
Tape date-6/13
Director-Roger Inman

As Lucas & Carrie have their honeymoon night at home, some of their guests have ventured over to Dune, while the others are at the hospital, Steve makes a decision, and Frankie finds hope for Jack.

Lucas keeps Carrie waiting as he lights candles, turns on music and strews rose petals over the bridal bed. He then gets her, carries her to the bed, as she ooohs and ahhhs over everything. He comments on how light she is for a pregnant woman, & she admits her gramma had to take in the dress before the wedding, but since her mom gained barely any weight with her, she is not too worried. But she will mention it to Lexie. (Sure, Carrie, don’t even THINK of seeing an OB-GYN….after all, Lexie IS a specialist in every field imaginable). The breeze blows the thin curtains close to the lit candles, but Lucas & Carrie concentrate on their wedding night.

Steve breaks away from kissing Kayla, saying he cannot do this, he doesn’t remember being her husband. But she does, replies Kayla. And she wants him, and knows he wants her. (Love the background music here....very appropo)They begin to kiss again, but Steve breaks away once more. Oh, he loves kissing her, but he can’t do this until he knows who he is. It just will not work. Kayla reassures him, but tells him what happens if he never gets his memory back, some people never do. She lost him once, she never ever stopped loving him, and she wants him to know all they went through to be together. Steve promises not to leave her and Stephanie. He will stay, he feels connected to them, and she says he was always a fighter, and that is what he intends to do.

Mimi worries about their surrogate, Shawn reassures her, while Belle is ready for her in vitro procedure, with Philip by her side, and the “glove” hiding behind the curtain. (Awwww, c’mon, Days, give us all a break here.) Nurse Betty assures Belle & Philip there are no slipups, it’s her egg, they have been doing this a long time, and there is no room for error.(what a laugh, this IS Salem Hospital, right? Lol) Now the glove has our 7, 435th flashback to switching the lids on the petrie dishes, because Days is quite sure none of us has seen it before, or else we have the attention span of a gnat and have forgotten it. Dr. Jayne comes in to begin the procedure. He tells Belle to count to 10, and it will be over. She does, and it is. He tells her to stay still, while Philip goes to check on the sitter. In another room, a nurse brings in a tray with the the two petrie dishes on it. Yep, no room for error, all safety precautions are in place at all times. She leaves, and ol “glove” takes the opportunity to switch the dishes themselves. Just exchanging the places where they sat. Oh, by the way, evidently the surrogate Lauren is also having the procedure, as Mimi & Shawn refer to her a couple of times. Now nurse Rhonda Bailey comes in, takes one look at the tray, and immediately pages nurse Betty Grainger, stat. Belle gets back into her bridesmaid dress, and Philip gifts her with a ring, that belonged to his sister, Isabella. Victor had given it to her when he found out she was his daughter, and he said it should get passed down to a daughter. So since Belle is named after her, she gets it. They go out to converse with Mimi & Shawn. Nurse Betty arrives, nurse Rhonda shows her the trays, and Betty is horrified. She cannot understand this, it is impossible. (yeah, we think so, too!) She cannot believe the Kiriakis egg could be implanted into Lauren, and the Brady egg into Mrs. Kiriakis. (And if this all sounds stupid, it is just as ridiculous seeing it)

Austin & Sami arrive at the nightclub, with Angela giving Sami a bit of a hard time, hoping no trouble will ensue tonight, like the last time. She seats them, and we see EJ arrive, and then Max, whose cell phone rings. It is Stephanie, promising to be there soon. (Wow, in Salem just a couple hours and she already has Max’s cell number. LOL) Now Chelsea arrives. Max knows she followed him, but she claims she was meeting someone there, spots Sami, and claims it is her cousin. Max has her number, tho & is not buying that. Sami tells Austin it is good to be out without Lucas & Carrie, Austin agrees, saying there has been too much togetherness of late. They talk of their wedding down the road, with Sami wanting a bit more pizzazz in hers than Carrie had. She talks of her “bridal party”, mentioning Carrie & Belle, but wants one more. He suggests Stephanie, but she thinks Stephanie is too beautiful, and she doesn’t want a gorgeous teenage redhead outshining the bride. LOL. She mentions that Carrie is beautiful, but will be very, very pregnant, so it will make her look thinner. ROTFL. She spots Chelsea, & decides she knows just who she will ask, and leaves. Cue EJ to come over, and talk to Austin about his upcoming wedding, and being a client. Austin assures him they will be taking care of business, and offers to put Sami completely in charge of his account. EJ looks very pleased. Behind them, the “glove” is putting a note into an envelope, and seals it, then walks away. (Well, that let’s out EJ, doesn’t it?) It is amazing that no one notices this figure all in black with black gloves in these odd places. Back to Sami asking Chelsea to stand up to her wedding. Chelsea is surprised and asks “why her”. Sami says, well everyone hates us, so maybe us Brady bad girls should stick together. Who knows, we could be friends, help each other out, and show folks we are not so bad. She mentions helping Chelsea get her boyfriend back. Chelsea wonders why Sami thinks she lost him. Sami looks over to where Max and Stephanie are enjoying themselves. She leaves. Chelsea gets behind a waiter, gives him a push, and he spill his tray of drinks all over Stephanie. She laughs it off, and goes to the ladies room for damage repair. Max tells Chelsea he knows she did that on purpose, but Chelsea denies it. Sami goes to the bar for a refill of her wine. The bartender gives her a white envelope. She opens it, reads it, and definitely is not a happy camper. Meanwhile, Stephanie returns from the ladies room, dried off, but dress has a stain, she says. Max asks her how she got ink all over her hands, she looks and has no idea where that came from.

Jennifer bathes Jack with cool water, wiping his face with a cloth. Frankie reassures her as she tells him she doesn’t want him to die, she just cannot let him go. He has been her husband for so many years, and she has loved him all that time. Doorbell rings, and Frankie goes to answer it. He lets Lexie in, who goes upstairs. Frankie sits down at the computers, types a few keys, and suddenly sits up, exclaiming “wait a sec, why haven’t we heard of this before. This could save his life”. Upstairs, Lexie has put on her doom & gloom face, telling Jen that Jack is dying, he knows it, and yes, he could probably hear Jen, who immediately begs Jack to hang on and not leave her. Downstairs, Frankie knows it is a long shot, but makes a phone call. Upstairs, Abby comes in, and Jen lets her know her father is dying. Abby wonders if Dad got well, what would that mean for her mother’s marriage to Frankie, and Jennifer says she has not given that a single thought. She can’t, and it is pointless, as Jack is not going to survive. Abby apologizes for the way she has been treating her mother….and Frankie, and tells her mother they can still pray for her dad. Jen puts her arms around Abby, as both recite the Lord’s Prayer.

Downstairs, Frankie is on the phone with “Hank”, begging him to take his friend in this trial group. Hank says there is no room, but then agrees, but wants to talk to the doctor. Cue Lexie to come down the stairs and take the phone from Frankie. When she hangs up, she tells Frankie she doesn’t know how he did that, get Jack into the program. Jennifer, coming down now, hears and asks what is going on. Frankie tells her of learning about this program being run by a friend of his, called in a favor and got Jack in. Jen is ecstatic, telling him that now there is hope, that 2 minutes ago, there was no hope, but now there is hope. She hugs him. And the previews show…

Hope is having a sonogram and says to Bo: It’s a miracle, a gift from God after losing Zack. Bo replies: This baby is our future. Patrick looks on.

Shawn to Caroline: If this child turns out to be my father’s, he will put even more pressure on her to get back together

Mimi to Bonnie, in hospital, as they hear a loud crash: Oh, God, what was that? The “glove” is holding the curtain. (Boy, that person gets around fast…..faster than a speeding bullet, it seems, lol)

Stephanie to Max: I wanted to see if you are really as good as everyone says you are. Max replies: So, what’s the verdict? Stephanie shoots right back: I’ll have to take you for a test drive.

And the credits roll


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