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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tape date-6/13
Director – Albert Alarr

A good day to go to the beach, work in the garden, read that book you have been wanting to start, go shopping, take a nap. It is baby talk, baby talk, baby talk, as most of the involved parties talk or yell about having babies by the wrong fathers, tell family members the news, and in general, twiddle their thumbs. Yawwwnnnnn.


Philip asks Belle for coffee, but she says she cannot have any because of being pregnant. Philip is angry, saying she drank it all the while she was pregnant with Claire, but Belle says she did not know she was pregnant then. Now she does, and the lst trimester is so important. Philip blows up, and they argue about her not wanting to terminate the pregnancy only because it is Shawn’s baby, he knows she still loves him, always has. She tells him she loves him and their baby, Claire, but Philip is raging, and tho I have no idea why he takes off his shirt right then, he storms out of the apt.


Mimi & Shawn wait for news about a checkup for their surrogate. Nurse Betty tells them all is o.k., & apologizes again for the mixup. Shawn spots his mom, and goes to talk to her. Mimi declines to go along, Shawn leaves and Patrick arrives. Mimi tells him her news about the mixup of sperm, and cries on his shoulder about Belle having Shawn’s baby. She asks if he has learned who the father of Hope’s baby is, and Patrick admits it is him. Mimi is delighted, saying he will be a good father. (lol, the guy who has been footloose and fancy free, been a con artist, stayed away from home for years…yep, definitely a good father)

Lucas is by Carrie’s side as she awakens, murmuring Austin’s name. He says it is understandable, since Austin saved her life, saved them both. He assures her that both she & the baby are fine, and talks of having the apt. remodeled while they go on an extended honeymoon to Italy, perhaps visiting her mother in Milan. He says the damage is mostly in the bedrooms, and they will have them redone, and turn the spare bedroom into a nursery. And remodel the bathrooms, too. (Everyone who remembers the 1 bd.rm. apt.when it belonged to Austin, raise your hand. Lucas came from the nursing home, had to sleep on a bed in the living room as no other bd.rm. When Sami stayed there (in wheel chair) there even was a curtain to hide the crib I guess maybe now, 2 apts. have been joined together. Sure has a lot of rooms, now, just like Sami does across the hall, in what used to be Carrie’s little 2 bd.rm. lol).

Shawn talks to his mother, telling her about the mixup with the invitro. She realizes he is not all that unhappy about fathering a Belle baby. Shawn admits that he & Belle talked about this for so long, and that he loves his wife, and wants to raise children with her. Hope tells him about Patrick being the father of her baby, and Shawn asks what this means in regard to Dad. She is not sure. He talks of how he will be a dad and a brother again all at the same time (I truly am going to be sick here), and how he helped her with Zack, will be there for her with this one. Hope tells her son she wants him to know and have real happiness, with Belle & their baby. (Gee, all those “sacred” vows everyone always talks about are dust under their feet now, huh). Shawn vows not to hurt Mimi, like his dad did to his mom.

Shawn leaves and runs into Belle outside the door. She cries, as she tells him she thinks her marriage may be over, and repeats the things Philip said to her before he stormed out the door. He holds her, as Mimi watches.

Patrick goes in to see Hope. (Oh, by the way, Hope and later Patrick both say they came to support Jennifer, even though neither has made any effort to see her. LOL) Patrick brings Hope a stuffed stork, carrying a bundle. She laughs, then gets sad, remembering all of Zack’s stuffed animals. Hope tells Patrick that the baby needs him, as she puts his hand on her stomach (barf bag, please) and that she needs him, too.

We see Philip driving a car, cursing Shawn, as he angrily holds onto the steering wheel. The speedometer shows him going faster and faster. Suddenly he puts his hand up over his eye, and his head drops down to the side.


Sami quickly hides the latest note from the black glove, as Austin returns from his run. He goes to take a shower (that guy is always going in or just coming out of the shower, LOL) EJ arrives and Sami begs him to help her with whoever is trying to ruin her relationship with Austin. EJ tries to get her to tell the authorities, but she refuses. He tells her that the person is dangerous, is stalking her, and if the person really wanted to ruin her relationship, would already have done so. He prefers torturing her. In the shower, Austin has a fantasy about Carrie coming in and joining him. (???) When he comes out, he hears Sami talking about Austin not finding out, but Sami covers, saying EJ was helping her plan a surprise dinner for Austin. Yep, he believes her and leaves to run errands

Lucas & Carrie return to their apt, which they say stinks, and all their clothes are ruined. Lucas says they will get new ones. Austin comes in, (boy, for a fire, that place looks pretty good). Lucas takes a call from Jerry the contractor, giving Carrie the opportunity to tell Austin they have to talk, that she heard everything he said last night in the hospital.

EJ convinces her that the only way for Sami to show Austin she really HAS changed is to tell him the truth about whatever she did. She agrees, and he hugs her…..as the black glove watches. And the previews show...........

Chelsea: Do you really think I could be in trouble? Max: Yeah, Chelsea. You could be in some huge trouble here.

Carrie to Austin: Do you really think it’s a good idea to marry my sister, if you are still in love with me?

EJ to Sami: If I had the opportunity to be with a woman like you, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

Shawn to Belle: Don’t put yourself and the baby at risk – OUR baby! Mimi watches.


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