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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Episode # 10364

Tape date-6/26

Director-Jim Baffico

Hooray, cuz today we have Steve & Kayla back, traveling together to Cincinnati, while Mimi continues to tell brother Patrick all her fears about Shawn, Shawn explains to Belle how things stand, & Hope continues to keep Bo at arm’s length.


Patrick & Mimi rehash the story of Claire’s paternity. First Patrick takes them into a cubicle, drawing those infamous soundproof curtains around them, so no one will hear them. LOL. Mimi whines about Belle being pregnant with Shawn’s baby, and since Claire is already Shawn’s, he is sure to leave her and raise his children together with Belle. Mimi explains to Patrick how she believes that Claire was conceived the night of Belle’s accident, when they sought shelter in the barn, were suffering from hypothermia, & used body heat to keep warm. She explains how they were rather out of it, both “dreaming” they had sex, and do not realize they did, probably because of the subsequent fire and smoke inhalation. She tells him how Belle told her of her “dream”. Patrick still doesn’t understand how Mimi found out the paternity factor. She explains how Philip’s blood did not match, Shawn’s did, and his little brother was a match for organ donation. Then says Bonnie did some digging and found out the truth. Patrick cannot believe Bonnie could have discovered this, but Mimi says she doesn’t know how Mom learned of it. But she did.

Meanwhile, Belle tells Shawn that Philip is doing well, Lexie is running a few more tests, but it is a miracle he is going to be o.k. Now she brings up them having a baby together. Belle wants to leave Philip, and have Shawn leave Mimi, but he refuses, he will not leave Mimi. She talks of how she does not love Phil the way she always has loved Shawn, admits her vows to Philip were a lie, and that is grounds for annulment. Shawn is adamant that he will not desert Mimi.


Bo insists he will do anything to prove his love to Hope, who continues to insist he bring her hard evidence that he did not tamper with the evidence against Chelsea. She tells him if he cannot, their marriage is over, and rants on about how many times he lied to her, and that she can no longer trust him. He explains again how he only went into the room to get evidence for another case, at the request of the district attorney. Hope is not sure Bo would accept and love her baby, seeing as how he reacted when JT was born, how he left them when JT was sick and they needed him. She thinks, being the baby is Patrick’s, that Bo will not love it as he would if it was his. Bo brings up his Pop, who is not his bio dad, but loves him just as much, and how he knows he means the world to his Pop. He mentions being so angry, when he learned Victor was his bio dad, but he made peace with it. He promises to find out who really was responsible for the loss of the evidence against Chelsea…..and leaves.

Later, Maggie & Alice visit. They all have tea, and talk of the pregnancy. Hope considers it a gift from God, as Alice tries to counsel her about love and her husband. Maggie talks of how blessed she & Mickey were to have Melissa, so she understands what Hope is feeling. But Hope insists she only wants one thing from him - proof that Bo did not tamper with the evidence. Alice tells her that Bo always comes through, and he will again.


Bo is at his desk, when Billie comes in, all upset because the judge called her and Chelsea has not yet signed up for community service. Bo thinks some jail time would do her good. (so do we, lol). He is concentrating on his own investigation, calling the dirty cop, Eve Michaels to ask some questions. Billie interrupts him (how convenient) by saying she knows who did it. After the commercial, she announces that it was probably someone on the “inside”. (DUH, Billie!). Bo asks if Eve noticed anyone near the room, she says no, and then he tells Eve he wants a list of all the people working that day, and all the visitors. She promises to get right “on it”.


The duo are on a plane to Cincinnati, as she tells him the last time they were on a plane to Ohio was when they went to Cleveland to search for her sister’s little boy, who had been kidnapped. (Sister is Kimberly Brady Donovan, the little boy was her son, Andrew). She assures him they were successful and found him. Now they talk of finding answers or clues to Steve’s previous life. Kayla wonders if this might not be dangerous for them, as someone went to an awful lot of trouble to keep them apart, and now that they are not, it could be difficult for them. Steve wonders if someone deliberately took his memory away, ….since Kayla has told him of the lifelong vendetta Stefano has had against the Bradys.

He then says that he has done some research on Stefano, who has a definite talent for making people appear dead who aren’t. And his progeny, Tony, tried to frame Dr. Marlena Evans as the Salem Stalker, making Kayla think half her family was dead, but they were not, were instead alive on Tony’s island. He wonders why Stefano might have something against him….and Kayla explains how, on their honeymoon, they ran into this little boy, Benji, who turned out to be Stefano’s son. Steve asks how many pups this guys has (lol) and Kayla replies, too many. She tells him she lost touch with Benji, who was being raised by his maternal grandfather. (Benji was deaf, and both Steve & Kayla knew sign language, so were able to communicate with him) Kayla mentions that they are having Steve’s casket exhumed, so will be looking forward to learning the results of that.

Now Steve & Kayla are outside a seedy bar called Eddies. (Think Cheatin’ Heart, but even worse). He calls it a sort of “rough” place, but says he hung out there all the time. (For a guy working in hospice, a surprise!). We can hear someone being sick, ugh. They go inside, and Steve is greeted by all the regulars with open arms. Outside some guy goes up to someone we do not see, saying, “I got it, I know what to do”. Inside Steve is greeting several people by name, Rosie comes up to give him a hug, Stinky wants to play a game of pool. The guy from outside hits on Kayla, warning her that Nick is a low life, lying, cheating two-timer, & says he will protect her. Along comes Steve, who pulls the guy away, and a bruhaha ensues, with Steve getting the best of the guy, who leaves. Outside, he tells the “someone” that the next time “get someone else to do your dirty work – that guy is crazy”. The guy leaves. Inside, Kayla wants to know who that guy was, he kept calling Nick, a liar, a liar.

Back to the cop shop,
where Eve makes a call, telling the person “You think you can hang me out to dry? Think again. You gave me the idea, and Kate Roberts paid me to do it”. Oopsie, guess what? She is talking to the unseen person outside Eddie’s in Cincinnati. She continues….”Bo Brady is pulling out all the stops to find who took the evidence. I’m gonna need more money. Good…..when you get back to Salem, you better have the cash and be ready to stop Bo in his tracks” Outside Eddie’s, the unseen person closes the cell phone……and is wearing black leather gloves!

Inside Eddie’s,
Kayla again asks who that guy was. Patch replies it was just some punk who always had it in for me. Forget it. As you can see, I get along with almost everyone. A female comes up with outstretched arms. “Nick, baby, I missed you so much. Give me a kiss, lover….and she kisses him. Kayla pulls her away. “Excuse me, who the hell are you?”. The woman snottily replies, I’m his wife….who the hell are you”. Kayla looks at Steve, shocked. Freeze frame on both their faces, as the previews roll……

Mimi to Shawn, Belle, Philip: We all need to be honest about everything. There’s something you all need to know

Lucas to Carrie: Now that you are not pregnant with our baby, what are you saying. Are you saying you regret marrying me?

Kayla to Patch: How serious is it? Do you love her?

Sami to Austin, Lucas, Carrie, and EJ: There’s something I want to say to you all. Something that could change all of our lives forever.


P.S. Don’t get your hopes up over these previews. I have a feeling that once again, no one will really spill out their “secret”. It is a pattern on Days. LOL

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