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Taped 6/7
Director Albert Alarr

It is the day of Lucas & Carrie’s wedding, and all the guests have arrived early enough to engage in lots of little chats, most of which we have heard before. (yawnnnnn) But everyone looks lovely. (DOOL will be preempted on Thursday and Friday...so check back on Friday for Monday's EE)


Max moans about his car, and we once again see him yelling at the driver of the car that sideswiped him. The helmeted driver comes up, takes off the helmet, shakes out her long red hair, and tells him the damage is not bad, but it was his fault. She was in her lane, and he strayed out of his. He asks who she is, but she just laughs, saying that she is surprised he did not know there was a female driver on the circuit. Max admits he hasn’t raced much this year, as she tells him he was her inspiration for getting into racing, as she wanted to be good enough to beat Max. They banter a bit, he challenges her to a race, we see them afterwards. It was a draw evidently, but she claims she could have floored it and won. He gets out of his racing suit, talking about having to get to a wedding. His good clothes are underneath, and he tells her he would invite her to go with him, but that racing suit of hers would not be suitable attire. Cue her to step out of her racing suit, and voila, gorgeous spaghetti strapped dress. She fixes her make-up a bit, as an astonished Max cannot believe she was going to the same wedding as him. (He STILL does not know her name) She says yes, the Brady/Roberts wedding at St. Lukes, the same church all my family gets married in, and I was baptized there, too. (This is obviously Stephanie Johnson, Steve & Kayla’s daughter)


The loft dwellers arrive, and chat outside. Philip makes some remark about his wife’s sister marrying his brother, and nothing like keeping it all in the family. (Except Carrie is not related by blood to Belle at all!) Belle mentions she hopes Carrie is not making a mistake, and getting married only because of the baby. Mimi points out that Carrie was engaged to Lucas before she got pregnant. Now all their talk drifts to them all getting preggers via the petrie dishes…..and we get treated to the 147th flashback of the gloved hand switching the lids on the dishes. Evidently the “glove” is still in the lab, hiding, as we now see Dr. Jaynes coming in all ready for the fertilization process, but the view is from the “glove’s” hiding place.

Carrie is nervous, & Roman tries to calm her down. Caroline shoos him off, so she can help Carrie get ready. Billie makes sure Austin is o.k. about Carrie marrying Lucas, while Will is assured by Lucas that all is going to be fine. Abe ponders how he & Lexie ended up like they are, while Tek is asking Lexie if Austin dumped Sami. He is astonished to learn that no, it did not happen, Lexie could not do it. She refuses to talk about it, and leaves. Kate naturally, has to give Sami a hard time, badgering her, and claiming she is going to find out Sami’s dirty secret sooner than later. She lets her know that she heard Sami’s phone call to Lexie. Mimi, with Shawn, lights a candle to pray for their surrogate . Shawn calls Dr. Jaynes (oh, puleeze, it COULD wait til after the wedding) and learns the fertilization was successful. The foursome is all excited, as they talk about getting pregnant, having babies at same time, maybe same day, how they will play together, go to school together, and be best friends. (I am going to be sick, for sure) Roman talks to Abe, asking him to give Lexie another chance.

Billie & Kate argue about Kate meddling in her children’s lives. In the lab, the glove is once again after the petrie dishes, but is interrupted and hides again. In the Bride’s room, Carrie panics as she seems to have lost weight, the dress doesn’t fit right. How can that be when she is pregnant. Caroline thinks perhaps she hasn’t been eating right, but Carrie assures her she has been careful, and eating a proper diet (but not seeing an OB doc, getting weight checked, and all that stuff other pregnant women do, huh, Carrie?) Caroline figures it is probably her fault, she had the measurements wrong, and takes out her sewing kit to fix the problem. Back to Roman & Abe, with Roman talking about Theo not having both parents around, and how Sami suffered for not having hers around. (Wait a sec, John, with everyone thinking he was Roman at the time, was around for her back then!) Abe tells him that was not his fault, it was all Stefano DiMera, and that much of his problems with Lexie stem from the fact she is a DiMera herself. Stefano always said she would be true to her name. (hmmmm, interesting that the DiMera name has come up). Abe talks of how Lexie cheated on him again and again, but finally agrees he will talk to Lexie

Outside, Lexie is in the garden, and upset. Tek comes up to her, but she won’t tell Tek and runs off. He vows to get to the bottom of it. Kate runs into Lexie and now badgers her. Lexie explains there is nothing for her to tell Kate. And that if she could say something about Sami, she would. In the Bride’s room Carrie is now dressed. She comments how she wishes her mother could be there. And if she had not moved up the date of the wedding, she would be. But her mother had this big fashion show planned for a year. And then John & Marlena are out of town. Caroline assures her that when she has her baby, her mother will be the first one there, and then gives her a gift from her mother….a bracelet that has been a family heirloom. Outside, Tek & Lexie are once more chatting. Lexie moans about Sami, and losing Abe, (of course not that she herself was constantly cheating on her husband) and how it is all Sami’s fault. Tek holds her as he comforts her. Abe comes up behind them, takes one look, turns around and leaves.

Inside the church, the guests are finally all seated, and the wedding starts. First Belle comes down the aisle, then Billie, and finally Sami. The wedding march begins, as Roman escorts Carrie down the aisle, and the wedding party is now up on the altar. Lexie comes in the back of the church, Kate spots her (wonder why she is looking back there, the bride & groom are up front!) and hopes she’s there to nail Sami. Freeze frame on Sami as she looks at Lexie. Split screen to show Sami/Austin.

And the previews show….

Kate, walking up the aisle to everyone in the church: Lexie Carver has something to say

Mimi to Philip & Belle outside the church: We just got a message from Dr. Jaynes
Shawn: he said we should go to the hospital right away.
Philip: What are we waiting for, let’s go.

E.J. Stephanie!
Stephanie: E.J. Wells, you’re in Salem!
E.J.: I am, and now I have another reason to be glad about it

Steve to Kayla: We can’t be a family, if I can’t remember our life together.


NOTE: Days will not be shown on Thursday & Friday, July 6th & 7th. There will not be a new Early Edition here until Friday morning, which will be the Monday 7/10 summary.

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