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Friday, August 11th

Episode: 10376, Directed by Roger Inman; Tape Date: 7/17/06

Marlena returns to her office and tells Roman about her new project; Abby finds a job; tension at the Deveraux home; Belle tells Shawn goodbye and Philip tells Mimi about his suspicions.

John and Marlena are in mid kiss as we join them. Marlena assures John of her love for him but it doesn’t change her feelings about wanting the separation. Wanting to make sure she knows how much he loves her, he starts peeling away her blouse. We return to them lying naked on the couch as she snuggles into his chest. They both say how much fun Europe was, but there’s no place like home. They talk about how they need to stand by Belle now and he says he always stands by his women. She tells him the separation is something she needs to do for herself. He tries to plead his case about being there while she does that, but caves and says he’ll get a room at the inn then. She kisses him gratefully.

John has a packed bag and calls his secretary (Joelle) to make a reservation for a suite for him at the Salem Inn. He tells her it’ll be just for him and for an indefinite amount of time (at least he’s not staying with Kate this time, LOL. Why couldn’t he make the reservation himself ?). Later he looks at the picture of him, Marlena and Belle and takes a last look at the penthouse before leaving.


Marlena unlocks her office door and looks inside. She throws away a dead plant in her office and sits at her desk glancing at the pictures on her desk. Roman steps in the open doorway and asks if it doesn’t feel good to be back. She rushes into his arms, saying how good it is to see him. She tells him how John’s been back longer and she stayed in NYC for seminars. They were all womens issues seminars and says how much she learned about herself. She learned how a woman’s physical and mental abuse can not only affect herself, but her children and family. She wants to use that knowledge and her own experience to start a group at the hospital to teach women self empowerment. Roman tells her he sees so many women at the cop shop that could use that and excited about the concept. He tells her about Carrie and Lucas’s wedding and her false/positive test results, so she’s not pregnant. She tells him she knows about Belle’s situation and he’s glad her parents are back to help her through this. She gets serious and tells him how she and John are separating. He’s surprised and she tells him how magical Europe was for them and they’re more in love then ever, but the separation is something she needs to do for herself and hopes it’s temporary. She tells him how he and John have always been so supportive to her. There’s no doubt in his mind that she’ll succeed and she hugs him in appreciation. She warns him to get use to the new her (we ALL are ready for that Marlena ;-)

Jack’s dressed, sitting on the couch when Jennifer delivers his lunch to him on a tray. After putting a napkin on his lap, she watches his every bite of the sandwich, fussing over him like a nurse. He asks if they can talk about something other than his health when the doorbell rings. Jennifer’s mood brightens as she remembers Frankie was coming on his lunch hour (my, the mornings are quick in Salem, but the nights last WEEKS!) and answers the door to find Frankie with flowers for her. They kiss as Jack watches solemnly from the couch. Later we join Jack thanking Frankie for his help in getting him into the program and saving his life. Frankie says Jack’s sandwich looks really good and Jack offers him ½ of his, but Jennifer says she made him one as well and it’s on the counter in the kitchen. He goes to get it and Jennifer mentions to Jack that they could take Jack Jr. to the aquarium after he’s up to it. He laughs saying he doesn’t think he’s welcome back there, as she remembers an incident when Abby was young and thought the seals should get a popsicle. Jack climbed over the wrought iron fence and got stuck, saying it was his first wedgie, LOL. Frankie sadly listens to J&J happily reminiscing and joins them as the two are chuckling talking about he was busted by the security guard, etc. Frankie’s beeper goes off and he remembers he had to stop by the garage and see Max, yada yada and exits, stage left. He peers through the window to watch J&J happily chatting. Jennifer tells Jack he won’t get any of the Lemon Meringue pie that Aunt Maggie brought without finishing the sandwich first. Abby walks in, happy to see her parents having fun together. She tells them about her new summer job and they’re happy for her. She leaves the room and J&J both reach for the sandwich plate at the same time and faces are close together. They stare into each others faces a little uncomfortably and she goes to get him his pie, as if sensing how much things have changed between them now with Frankie in their lives.

Philip returns and Mimi tells him she has decided to take control of her life (Marlena’s first workshop member?). She tells Philip about wanting to have a lawyer make custody arrangements to protect them. Philip doesn’t like that they’ve had to come to this, but understands her logic. She asks and he confirms still suing the hospital about the mixup. He’s starting to think someone did do this to them on purpose. Later she acknowledges never thinking that happened. She can understand that if one of them had a person with a grudge against them, but this will affect all of them (how about Jan? Whatever happened to her? She had a grudge against all of them AND Sami, didn’t she? Maybe she’s gotten a makeover and no one recognizes her?)


Abby asks Max for a job for the summer before going to college. He isn’t encouraging and says the garage is messy and not the best place for her to work. She promises to clean up the place and get them organized. He agrees they need help with that, but asks if she’d rather stay home with her dad now that he’s back home. She convinces him this is what she wants and he gives her the job, asking her to start with the appointment book. He feels like he’s missed something and she tells him EJ was there earlier. He forgot and is going to call and apologize, but she offers to do it for him and he agrees. Later Frankie arrives and happy to hear about Abby’s working for his brother. Max asks how things are going for him, Jack and Jennifer.

In the office, Belle tells Shawn that her parents made her realize she belongs with Philip, even though she’s carrying Shawn’s baby. He tells her that Mimi is his wife and he belongs with her. Belle realizes she should tell him goodbye, now almost in tears, and he tells her she doesn’t have to. Mimi’s listening in and surprised at that. Being they’re Claire’s Godparents, they want her in their life and hope they can all be friends. Shawn explains how difficult this is for Mimi under the circumstances and feels they’ll all get through this. He tells her Philip loves her and she says she does Philip, but a part of her will always love Shawn. He says his heart still belongs to Mimi. More talk of their high school days (yawn) and their time in Paris when he gave Mimi her first real kiss. She whines about how she was being a good sport and thought they’d always be together..not realizing that Mimi would come between them. He reminds her about after being kidnapped by Jan and coming home to find her with Philip (touché!). She realizes he wants her to face reality and returns something he gave her a long time ago. He looks at it, asking where it came from. He had given her the Irish ring her before and she had returned it. She knows, but saw it at Jan’s house (aha, Jan’s name is popping up now and then, can the gloved hand be JAN SPEARS?) and took it before he could give it to Jan. Crying, she had always hoped things would work out with them, but feels he should give it to Mimi now. Crying, she says she has to return home to her family, but he asks her to stay. She knows they can only be friends and he knows it’s the only way they can move on with their lives. She says good bye and walks out crying. He follows her part way and stops, freeze frame on his face as the previews roll…

HOPE TO PATRICK: I think it’s time for me to move on with my life and start focusing on my baby, our baby.

BO to KAYLA: I’ve been served with a summons to divorce court.
KAYLA: It’s not over yet.
BO (as he crumbles up the summons): Damned right it’s not.

STEPHANIE and MAX are face to face in each others arms, looking into each other’s face as CHELSEA walks up asking if she’s interrupting anything.

AUSTIN to SAMI: In the next 24 hrs. we’ll be husband and wife.
SAMI: Finally!
As we see the black gloved hand touching her apartment door……

As the credits roll (and Reilly is still the writer on the show..)


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