Thursday, August 17, 2006


Friday, August 18th

Episode: 10,381
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 7/20/06

Mimi and Belle
worry about what Shawn and Philip are doing (drinking); Bo visits Hope; and Chelsea finally gets the wrath of daddy (FINALLY!).


Hope stares at the picture of her family before Zack’s death and hears the doorbell. It’s Bo and Caroline. Once assured nothing’s wrong, she makes it clear that Caroline’s welcome at any time (Caroline apologized for not calling first) but she’s not interested in discussing the divorce with Bo any further, it’s going to happen. They aren’t there for that, they have a favor and hope she’ll do it for them. They want Hope to go to Sami and Austin’s wedding with Bo. Caroline said it’s a Brady family wedding and would mean a lot to them. Hope says no, but Caroline is practically in tears, saying she was hoping she could do it for her and Grandpa Shawn, one last favor and leaves. Hope tears into Bo, but he insists it was Ma’s idea and she knows how much family means to his parents. He wanders down the “if” lane about if Chelsea hadn’t sent those emails, etc. and she will regret what she did. He’s not agreeing to a divorce and vows he will get her back. Hope watches him leave, does the infamous eyebrow raising look and smiles.

Belle and Mimi are worried as they’ve left voicemails for their husbands and haven’t heard back from them. They argue about the custody issue and Mimi’s worried Shawn and Philip are getting physical. The usual bantering about Belle and Shawn and she loves Philip and has his daughter, yada yada…as Claire starts fussing. Belle picks her up, thinking she’s missing her daddy. Mimi states how much Claire cares for Philip and Belle said of course she does, he’s her daddy and thank God there’s no confusion over that. Later Belle’s worried Philip will do something stupid like he did with the race car. She decides to give Claire a bath. Belle remembers how much Shawn’s dreamed of having a child of own since high school and his baby brother JT meant a lot to him and they use to babysit him together. He deserves to be with his child and it’s not right for Mimi to ask he not do that. Mimi takes off to go find Shawn and Belle has Claire in her arms (apparently just out of her bath and in her one piece fleece jumpsuit) and a minute later says they’re going to go find her daddy too.

Shawn and Philip are at the pub. Philip is anxious to settle custody rights tonight and even willing to take the issue outside. Shawn sits calmly drinking his beer and shots that Lisa continues to bring to him at his request. Philip firmly states he wants Mimi and Shawn to move so that Shawn can’t be near his wife. Shawn asks if he means out of the loft and the building. Philip tells him no, out of Salem and our lives. He rationally explains they can’t move as Belle wouldn’t want to move away from her mother and he has to be near the VA for his leg. Philip comments on Shawn’s drinking..3 beers and 2 shots so far as he orders another…and Philip decides to have a shot too. Shawn tells him it’s not a competition, but Philip disagrees. We rejoin the drinking men as they stand firm to their goal. Philip flaunts he’s a Kirakis and has Gene Briskow on his side. The man has connections up the wazoo and no way they’d lose. Shawn reminds him he’s a Kiriakis too, Uncle Phil. They snort about that and Philip decides it’s too quiet and gets Grandma Caroline’s portable radio from behind the bar to turn on. The song that plays is the one Shawn and Belle danced to in the dance competition and Philip says he can’t get away from Shawn and Belle’s greatest hits. The guys continue to pour drinks and get wasted and Philip says he can out drink Shawn any day. Shawn says he can’t lose, he’s Irish. Philip falls to the floor and laughs. He asks for Shawn’s help to get up and Shawn falls to the floor laughing too. Both guys are wasted, but not enough. Shawn tells Philip he’s got everything and all he’s got is a blue collar job. Philip knows Shawn was about to add Belle to the list of things he had and Shawn tells him how earlier Belle had told him so. He tells Philip not to blow it. Philip said yes, he has everything except his left leg and starts laughing. Lisa cuts them off from any more and threatens to have Caroline come down if they don’t.

Abby arrives to hear about Chelsea’s mystery file at the hospital. Chelsea tells her the file had to do with a DNA test result showing who the biological father of a baby is. The results will blow the biological father away when he finds out. Chelsea tells Abby that she knows the mother would want to be with the biological father if she knew about it, but won’t tell Abby who she’s talking about..only saying they’re not close to her (Chelsea). Chelsea flat out says she’s not going to say anything about it until she can use it to her advantage and not do the “right thing”. Billie walks in and asks what’s going on. Chelsea lies of course. Abby has to get back to work and Billie comments about how late it is. Abby said Max had gotten behind in his paperwork and she offered to work OT to get caught up. Abby tells Chelsea to tell the truth and stop thinking about what’s in it for her for once in her life.

Bo arrives and is anxious to see Chelsea. Billie answers the door and he tells her what their daughter has done with his emails. She asks if he’s sure and he says he is…he used her laptop and forgot to log off, so gave her the perfect opportunity. Chelsea walks in saying “hey mom” (like she says that every day) and senses the tension in the air. She asks what’s wrong and Bo tells her “you are, everything about you. I found out what you did and it’s time to pay up.” He is furious with her and standing close to her, fumes about the emails he wrote to Hope and she changed. Didn’t she ever think they’d talk about them? You took my son away from me, now you wanted to take my wife away from me too? Billie rushes between them and he asks if she’s going to defend her. Billie said no and turning to Chelsea, tells her how disappointed in her she is. She promised she would stop lying and scheming. Chelsea says I thought if Hope came back that she and dad would get together and then I’d go to jail. Bo says you belong in jail. This proves you didn’t learn anything after what happened to Zack and you don’t give a damn about anybody but yourself! This makes me sick and ashamed that I ever stood up for you. Chelsea said he doesn’t mean that, but he said he does. The things he did for her to protect her. Everytime she screwed up he gave her the benefit of a doubt. I believed in you over and over. But NO MORE. Until you can prove to me that you can straighten up and be a decent person, you’re on your own! I wash my hands of you as of right now! Chelsea takes her purse (and keys…thought she lost her license…how is she getting around?) and leaves in tears. You can almost see the steam radiating from his head as Billie watches silently. He tells her he’s serious and doesn’t want anything to do with Chelsea anymore.

Mimi looks for Shawn on the pier and finds Hope gazing out on the water, sniffling. She tells Hope she heard about the divorce and is sorry, but is excited about being an Aunt to her and Patrick's baby (another wierd scenario...her niece/nephew would also be her brother/sister in law, LOL.) She tells Hope about the fight earlier and is worried about where Shawn is and what he’s up to. Hope approves of the custody arrangement idea and says it’s good to set boundries. She offers to help her look for Shawn.

Mimi returns home to the loft calling out for Shawn. Moments later he and Philip stagger off the elevator, arm in arm singing 100 bottles of beer on the wall. Mimi tears into them about what they’ve put her and Belle through tonight (hope she calls Hope and tells her he’s home safe). The guys chuckle and slap each others backs as Philip goes to talk to Belle. Shawn staggers and crashes on the couch saying he wants a kiss. Before Mimi turns around, he’s out (how did they get home is what I want to know). Mimi realizes Shawn’s not asleep, he’s unconscious. She’s now worried and tapping his face.

Belle and Claire arrive at the garage looking for Philip and Shawn. Abby is there and flat out tells Belle it appears she’s more worried about Shawn than Philip. Later as Belle tells Abby that Claire keeps everyone together and how blessed they are to have can almost see the wheels in Abby’s head remembering what Chelsea had told her earlier.
Chelsea arrives (don’t tell me she’s taking the bus as I don’t believe it)..and in tears tells Abby how her father basically disowned her.

Abby tells Chelsea it’s called tough love. Chelsea whines everyone she loves leaves her, but Abby tells her that she’s got to prove to her dad she’s changed. Belle and Claire come out of the restroom and Chelsea sees them. She says maybe now it’s time she did the right thing…as the camera freezes on her face and the previews roll…

CHELSEA TO BELLE: What would you say if I told you I could give you that miracle?

HOPE (crying on Bo’s shoulder): I can’t lose this child too, I just can’t. Bo comforts her.

MAX: Is this about your dad?
ABBY: Yeah, he got stabbed in the back by your brother. (cue surprised look on Frankie’s face)

MIMI (to Shawn who’s apparently in the hospital and oxygen tube in his nose): I’ve kept so much from you and I promise (and I really mean it this time) to tell you everything….

As the credits roll..

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