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Friday, August 25, 2006

Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Phillip is the controlling force in the DNA debate while Mimi squirms. Sami’s day go from bad to worse, until she is rescued (great “rescue” scenes, btw!). Chelsea stirs the pot (her grandmother’s seed alright…) while Austin worries, and Marlena and Carrie have a serious chat…

AT THE HOSPITAL, Lexie reiterates the idea to run a DNA test on Claire. Phillip thinks it is unnecessary as there is no reason to suspect that Shawn is Claire’s father since he and Belle never slept together. Belle agrees with Philip that there is no possibility. Lexie leaves it at that, but vows to investigate where the legitimate looking file came from, and how it got into Shawn’s room for him to find. She sends them all out to do another check on Shawn.

Phillip thinks it is all a sick joke at their expense. Mimi wonders if it the same person. Mimi thanks God that Phillip doesn’t believe the file….but Belle questions her on her reaction. They discuss the issue and how Philip wants to find out who is doing this to them. Lexie comes out and tells them that Shawn is clear to go home. Mimi is happy. Belle and Phillip leave for the church, with Mimi and Shawn’s regrets. Mimi asks if Shawn is really all right. Lexie says he will be fine in a couple days, with lots of rest. She goes in to get him and goes over the instructions from Lexie, but he isn’t really interested. He asks where Belle and Phillip are so Mimi tells him. Shawn is happy to be able to miss Sami’s wedding – Mimi reminds him that there will always be another one in the future. As they get off the elevator at the loft, he tries to tell her that he can walk and they apologize to each other over what happened. Maggie comes out with Claire, commenting that she thought she heard voices (at least we know who is babysitting for once! Nice to see you, Maggie!) and Shawn lights up. Maggie rips into Shawn and gives him a lecture on his drinking binge and its dangers. (PSA, anyone?) She tells him that she and Mickey were worried, and he promises not to do it again. She explains to Shawn how she ended up babysitting. Mimi sends him in to rest. He sticks around to talk to Maggie a bit longer, who ends up sending him off to rest herself, while she goes to put Claire down.

IN THE BRIDE’S ROOM at St. Luke’s, Marlena and Carrie are discussing the missing Sami. Carrie tries to convince a worried Marlena that Sami is in good hands with EJ. (Chelsea and Billie make comments in here, too.) It seems there is a rush to be on time since some of the important people have other appointments that they can’t be late for.

IN THE GROOM’S ROOM, Lucas and Austin are discussing EJ’s plans for the day. Lucas reminds Austin that he has 45 minutes to go – are there any second thoughts? Austin thinks it is pretty clear that Sami is the woman he is meant to be with and he wants to go tell her. Lucas starts to panic and tells him he can’t do that – it would be bad luck. Austin thinks it will be good luck from here on. Lucas keeps trying to stop Austin from seeing Sami. Austin knocks on the door where the girls are (Marlena, Chelsea, Carrie and Billie) and tries to talk to Sami through the door. No one wants to tell him that Sami isn’t there. Carrie eventually comes out and tries to send Austin away, by telling him that she is busy – maybe they can talk later. Austin compliments Carrie and asks why Sami didn’t answer him. Carrie tells Austin that Sami didn’t hear him because she is getting her hair blown and is listening to her MP3 player, while going over her vows. Lucas wonders when she got one, but Carrie says she borrowed one from her. (Quick thinker, this Carrie is!) Austin sends her to get Sami for him. Carrie keeps making excuses for Sami. Austin gives her a message that he is excited about marrying her in just over 30 minutes (lots of time references today…). Lucas tells Carrie to just get Sami, but Chelsea comes out and tells Uncle Austin that Sami has flown the coop. (Inside the bride’s room, Chelsea had made a statement, and Billie told her to stay out of it. See how well she listens!) Chelsea goes on to tell Austin that Sami is missing with EJ and gets into some scenarios as to why. Carrie tries to explain, but Chelsea keeps stirring the pot. Kate walks up thanking God that Sami has run off with EJ. Chelsea and Kate go on about Sami and how this wedding shouldn’t be happening, but Carrie and Austin stick up for her. Kate keeps going on about the chemistry between Sami and EJ and how EJ always seems to get his way. Chelsea thinks they should call off the wedding so she can go shopping, but Carrie tells her that she isn’t going anywhere and no one is calling off the wedding. She turns to go back into the room, but turns and asks Austin to confirm. He looks at her…and says a very slow, “right.” He is sure that she will be there. He refuses to take Kate’s bait. He goes back to the groom’s room and will see all of them in the church. Kate vows to herself to break out the champagne if Austin is still single at the reception.

BILLIE AND CHELSEA wander to the front lobby, where Billie is worried for Austin, and asks Chelsea if she called her brother. Chelsea responds that she called the hospital and he was sent home. Billie asks her about her good deed she mentioned earlier. Just then, Belle and Phillip walk in and Chelsea looks horrified. She is appalled that they are still together, which gets Belle curious as to why they wouldn’t be.

Back in the Groom’s room, Austin and Lucas start to worry…with only 7 minutes to go, Austin is still sure she will be there. Kate walks in wanting to celebrate that she isn’t showing. Austin doesn’t want to listen to her, and won’t. He tells her that if she wants him to be happy, to wipe the smile off her face.

MEANWHILE, AT THE PRECINCT, Sami and EJ are arguing with the cop over whether or not they were trespassing. He thinks it is pretty cut and dried. EJ tries to explain what happened, but the cop isn’t swayed. He tells Sami she will have to tell it to the judge. Sami threatens to tell her father about the cop trying to keep her from her wedding. The cop isn’t budging. EJ tells him who her father is, and finally catches the cop’s interest. Sami demands that he take off the handcuffs so that she can go get married. He doesn’t believe her and won’t call the Commander on his day off to verify it. He thinks he should know if the Commander’s daughter is getting married – it is a once in a lifetime event. Sami responds that it is for some people. When he sends her to booking, she demands her phone call. EJ tells her that he already tried the church and Carrie’s phone – but her voicemail was full. He asks for another number to try, but Sami says that everyone she knows is probably at the church, and has their phones turned off. Officer Peters tells her that the phone call comes after booking, so she can think of who to call while she is waiting.

John came to the station to talk to Eve about their next date. He really sweet talks her. Officer Peters come in to tell Eve that his perp really was telling the truth – her fingerprints prove that she really is Commander Brady’s daughter Samantha…and John is shocked.

IN A HOLDING CELL, Sami is approached by two other “ladies”. They ask if she has been there before – and she tells them she has been all the way to death row. When Sami tells them who arrested her, they comment on him being the head of the vice squad and think they know why she is there (they think she is a “working girl” – love Sami trying to get her foot out of her mouth and explain tactfully that she isn’t “one of them”). They tease her and don’t believe her either. She asks God to tell her what she did to deserve this, then changes her mind
J. The girls keep taunting her, until John comes in and wants to talk with her, sending Eve away. John starts to tease her about making her stay, but when she begs, he relents and has Eve let her out. The girls tease her about having a John like him…. Both Sami and John smirk and leave. In the outer office, she demands to know what is taking her so long to get to leave. Officer Peters tells her that John still has to follow procedure since she was already processed. She throws a pity party and he tries to console her. She still threatens him with telling her father. John comes back and tells her she can go. She comments that she has no way to get to the church, and he tells her how to take the bus. (LOL!!!!) When he is finished teasing her, he offers her a ride, since he was on his way anyway. Isn’t she glad she invited him now? (J at her not very convincing, “Not really.”) (Loved the interaction between these two! Give me more!)

BACK IN THE BRIDE’S ROOM, Marlena is on the phone with Roman, who promises to have the officers at the precinct watch for Sami. Carrie and Marlena try to reassure themselves that Sami is okay and will be there shortly. They try to come up with some simple reasons why she is so late (and Carrie mentions her dead phone). Marlena catches something in Carrie’s body language and questions her. Is she sure that she is okay? They have a nice chat about not being there for each other, and how things hopefully work out the way they should. Marlena thinks Carrie is trying to convince herself that Lucas was the right choice, but Carrie thinks it was. She breaks down and feels that she has let so many people down – all except Sami, and she doesn’t want to hurt her, too. Marlena tells her that she and Austin were so close and now she is about to watch him marry her sister…she wonders if deep down, Carrie is hoping the wedding doesn’t happen. Marlena goes down memory lane, telling Carrie she was always a good big sister and wonders if she is doing this for Sami, and maybe it isn’t the right thing for her. Just then, John comes in showing off what he found at Salem PD and they go nuts. Sami promises to explain later, but she is going to marry Austin today! Fade back on a very happy Sami as Austin’s face appears beside hers….

And the previews start….

Lexie (to Tek): There are other things going on here, too.
Tek: What do you mean?
Lexie: I mean, we could all be in for a whole lot of trouble.

Kayla (with Hope lurking behind her): What’s up with the two of you? You look like two cats who swallowed canaries.

Bo (with Steve): Nothing….umm…

Carrie: I can see it in your eyes, Belle. You wish Claire was Shawn’s baby, don’t you?
(Cuts to
Chelsea listening while we hear Carrie). Belle looks like she is crying.

Roman (to Sami): Do you want to marry Austin, or not?

And the credits…


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