Thursday, August 31, 2006


Friday, September 1st

Episode: 10,391
Directed by Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 8/3/06
Written by: James Reilly

It’s a new day in Salem as we find our top cops talking shop (hallelujah); Sami and EJ chat about what happened and Lucas and Austin have breakfast at the pub, also trying to figure out what happened.

We find John and Abe discussing the preliminary autopsy report on Eve. She had been shot in both the abdomen and chest at close range and her badge was missing. Tek arrives (apparently he left the church stakeout and went off duty) and just learns about the shooting (can’t believe it didn’t hit the media). Tek explains he left before forensics showed up. (you would think a cop being shot would have had all the cops on alert, wouldn’t you?) He turned the investigation over to Detective Post when he pursued the man he saw. He lost track of the person, so at sunset went off duty to join his “friend”. Abe snorts, so you left the investigation to join Lexie. Tek tells them that Lexie knew about a threatening call Sami got minutes before her wedding. Both John and Abe are surprised to hear this and Tek explains how Sami and EJ went to Lexie’s house to accuse her of making the call. Abe can’t understand why Sami would think Lexie would do that. John says “telegram” and there’s something Abe needs to know. Abe learns that Lexie’s threatening phone call warned her that something would happen to Abe and Theo if she told. Abe is shocked, but mostly because Lexie didn’t have the decency to warn him that his life as well as her son’s was in danger. Tek pleads Lexie’s case, saying how worried she was. He tells him about Lexie’s fear that the Brady’s were in danger and that’s why he surrounded the church. Abe is furious and says he can’t forget Lexie’s past as a Dimera and can’t be trusted. Tek loses it and rushes Abe, grabbing his jacket and calling him a son of a bitch..threating to kill him if he talks about Lexie like that again (ouch…not good for job security Tekmeister!) Abe calmly orders the Detective to let go of him and John says it was a bad move Tek (ya think?) and Tek leaves.

John smooths Abe’s jacket and tells “Abraham” it’s a tense situation they’re dealing with and Abe says Detective Kramer is the least of his problems. Roman joins them and they had reviewed the surveillance tapes. They found something and Abe’s not going to like it. Roman shows the video clips of Lexie sneaking into St. Lukes, slipping off to the back watching what’s happening, then slipping out. Roman apologizes to Abe, but says they have to treat Lexie like a suspect and Abe understands, saying she’s a Dimera. Dimeras hate the Bradys and Lexie hates Sami. Abe asks Roman to remember that Lexie is Theo’s mother and Roman understands, saying that’s why he feels Abe should be the one to conduct the investigation (NOT!). Abe laughs, saying he can’t be serious because he wants him to investigate his almost ex wife. Roman and John figure Abe has the closest inside track to her. Abe says he can’t interrogate her over a long drawn out candlelight dinner, but they disagree. Abe’s shocked they want him to start dating Lexie. While they don’t believe Lexie did it, they have to eliminate her as a suspect. They need to find out why she was sneaking around the church. Abe asks what he does with her after finding out if she’s not guilty…toss her out like yesterday’s news? John tells Abe that’s up to him. Roman tells Abe he has to do it for both Theo and himself.

Lucas joins a puzzled Austin at the pub. Usually it’s Sami who’s left at the alter and Austin’s not clear what happened. Lucas is wise enough to know there’s more to this as to why Sami didn’t marry the man of her dreams. Lucas says how Sami’s changed lately and into the karma thing and Austin’s responsible for bringing out this change in her. Austin is concerned as he could tell Sami was almost scared when she ran out of the church. Lucas ponders this and wonders if this is a test for Austin to prove how much he loves her, citing how her dad abandoned her when she was young and Stefano broke up her family, etc. Maybe she’s insecure about his feelings for Carrie. Lucas has one last suspicion and Austin demands to know what it is. Lucas says, EJ. He figures it was him, going on about how EJ’s always there for Sami, like a white knight, reminding him how he warned Austin about treating Sami right the night before his wedding. They talk about how everyone thought she was incorrectly with Brandon the night before her wedding with Lucas, but it was only Lucas she wanted. The two guys rehash what happened, remembering how EJ even drove her to the church. Austin feels there’s more to EJ that stopped Sami from marrying him. Lucas figures it was Carrie and Austin needs to convince Sami it’s over with Carrie and him. Lexie arrives to order some take out and tells Austin that Sami leaving him at the altar was the best thing that could have happened to him. Lucas tells Lexie this is not what his brother needs to hear now and Lexie apologizes, then refers to Sami as a witch. Both defend Sami, understanding why Lexie is not Sami’s biggest fan. Lexie spits back that if they had the slightest inkling about Sami and tries to leave with her order, but they demand a response. She claims to the way Sami blackmailed her, threatening to tell Abe about Tek, citing how Sami held it over her head day and night. Austin knows there’s more and Lexie says she’ll tell them. It’s her medical opinion that Sami is pathologically disturbed and he should be glad she’s out of his life. Lucas reminds Lexie that she’s not a psychiatrist and doesn’t know that. Lexie rambles on about Sami’s traits and Austin interrupts hearing enough, glad she had the decency not to come to the wedding. Lexie tells Austin she adores him, but deserves to be with the woman he loves and should be with. Lucas interrupts saying the woman should be with is Sami. Lexie asks Austin to give up Sami and Lucas rants that Austin and Sami will be back together today and leaves.

We find Sami on a couch crying when a man slips into the room (we also see a note had been pushed under the door) and stands in front of her and she screams. Turns out it was just EJ with a tray of food. Relieved, she tells him of her nightmare that someone was trying to kill her. He comforts her, rubbing her head. She tells him how a man with a big knife was chasing her in her dream. He gives her some tea, saying it’ll make her feel better. She doesn’t want it unless it’s herbal or she’ll be more jumpy. He smiles, saying it’s okay and it was a tea his nanny had. She asks about him having a nanny and he clarifies a governess, a regular Mary Poppins, LOL. She attributes his good deeds to her upbringing. Being she didn’t have her mom, she wished she had a Mary Poppins too, but only got John Black. She admits he was a great dad to her when she was a kid and tells EJ about John and Marlena’s affair and how Belle came along. She knows she had a great childhood in comparison, but her mom’s affair with John made it impossible for her trust people. EJ says it wasn’t unusual in England to have a governess. He carries the tea with him everywhere he goes. She sips it and says it is good. She asks what’s in it and he laughs saying a spoonful of sugar..and she laughs too…LOL…but he doesn’t expound on it, just saying it’s full of love as she looks at the breakfast he brought her. She thanks him for always being there for her. He apologizes for scaring her. She thought she locked her door and he admits using the emergency key she and Austin gave him, apologizing. He asks if she’s sure it’s over between her and Austin. Sami’s worried about Lexie telling Austin about being blackmailed. She was a Dimera and makes her look like Mother Teresa, saying how Lexie went crazy a few years ago and became a regular Creulla Daville (from 101 Dalmatians) LOL. Sami ponders who else would have had a reason to make that call to stop her from marrying Austin? EJ says he knows a few people, himself for one. He tells her she should be herself, not her sister like Austin wanted. She’s now angry, but EJ insists she deserves someone who wants her for who and what she is and that’s NOT Austin. She asks if there’s something else and he understands she’d like to know if he’s falling for her. Before he can answer, she sees the note on the floor and panics. He sees it’s addressed to Sami and she doesn’t want it. He offers to throw it away, but she has to see what’s in it. She chokes there’s nothing else they can take away from her. He opens it and reads it. Samanatha…congratulations. You did the right thing by not marrying Austin. There’s only one more thing for you to do to keep the secret quiet. You must give sole custody to Lucas to keep your secret safe.” Sami refuses to do that and kicks something in anger. Crying, she says she can’t give up her son. EJ promises they’ll get through this together. Sami knows whomever is behind this wants to see her lose everything. EJ promises she won’t lose him and he’ll be there for her always. She gives him a little kiss, then moves in for a longer one as we see them fall back on the couch as the camera freezes on the note and the previews roll..

ROMAN TO MARLENA: Listen to me, okay? What kind of a message is it for your daughters if you don’t do this?

EJ TO CARRIE: You never did answer when Lucas asked you to tell me how happy you are in your marriage.
CARRIE: Didn’t I?
EJ: No sweetheart, you didn’t.

SAMI TO AUSTIN: Carrie’s in love with you. You’re in love with her.

AUSTIN TO CARRIE: IT’s about time we got back together like it was meant to be!

As the credits roll…

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