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Episode # 10,377
Tape Date: 7/18/06
Air Date: 8/14/06
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: EJ, Kate and Austin form an alliance…Stephanie gets an offer that is hard to refuse…Bo is served with a summons…Sami and Austin go full steam ahead with their wedding plans…Steve does something that has Kayla believing he is on the verge of a breakthrough.

Chelsea tells Billie she needs her help. She is all upset and whining because she got her orders for community service. She will be working at the hospital as a file clerk. Billie tells her she should be on her knees and be thankful. Billie lectures as Chelsea whines that she has to start today. Billie thinks that something good will come of this but Chelsea says she would rather rot in prison. She storms out saying she is going to go enjoy her last few hours of freedom.

At the pub…Bo comes dragging in, telling “ma” he has been working around the clock trying to prove who tampered with the evidence. She wishes she could do something to help, so she goes to get him a bowl of chowder. Steve arrives as he and Bo talk about their plan to help each other out. He says he can’t remember anything, but admits that he is drawn to Kayla. She shows up as he beams when he sees her. The 3 of them chat as Caroline offers chowder all around and talks about how that was always Steve’s favorite, along with a glass of beer and a game of darts. He and Bo argue about who is the better player as Bo goes on about how Steve used to cheat, so they decide to settle it with a game. Later, they are playing darts as Bo and Steve argue over whether each of them has skill or luck. LOL at their quick banter and Bo says nothing has changed…Steve is STILL a know-it-all. Bo gets a bullseye and is rubbing it in as Billie arrives to pick up takeout. She meets Kayla and Steve (she explains that they were gone before she ever came to town) and says she has heard so much about them, it’s like she already knows them. Bo suggests they play partners but Kayla says it should be men vs. women…she would rather see Bo and Steve on the same team, lol. Steve talks about how he is so good, he can stand someone against the wall and outline them with darts and tries to get Kayla to do it. She refuses, but he says “don’t worry SWEETNESS…I never miss”. This stops everyone in their tracks, staring at him. He asks “what’s wrong?...what did I do?” as Bo is smiling at Kayla from ear to ear. He thinks he has offended her, but she explains that is what he used to call her all the time. She is hopeful that he is on the verge of a breakthrough. A courier arrives and serves Bo with a summons to divorce court and he explodes, tearing it to pieces. Kayla tells him it isn’t over yet and he says “damn right” and storms out of the place. Kayla tells Billie that Bo will do ANYTHING to get Hope back and she says he will never give up. Billie takes her order and leaves, telling them she will see them around. Steve says that is for sure. After she leaves, Kayla asks him if he meant that and he says yes…he is committed to getting his life back…as they smile at each other.

At Hope’s…Patrick shows up to find her in tears…she is upset because she had authorized Frankie to serve Bo with his divorce papers. Patrick asks why and she says she hadn’t wanted to admit it, but their marriage has been over for quite a while…it is time to move on. She says that she could probably forgive Bo for everything else, but not for tampering with and destroying the evidence against Chelsea. She says there is no point in dragging this on any longer, it is time to settle it so she can move forward…taking care of herself and her baby. She cries that she thought she and Bo would be together for ever…he was…is…will always be the love of her life, but it is over and this is best for everyone. Patrick says he hopes that her future includes him and she tells him of course, he IS the father of her baby and she wants him involved in the child’s life. This upsets him a bit and she presses him to tell her what’s wrong. The problem is, he doesn’t just want to be a part of the baby’s life, but also wants a relationship with her. She is taken aback and doesn’t know what to say. He back-pedals and tires to explain and says he wants to spend time with her. She says she would like that as well. He kisses her and then apologizes as Hope says they need to take it slow. He tells her he has an idea and needs her advice about a job. He thinks it is time to settle down and says he is considering becoming a cop. She thinks it would be a good idea, considering how many times he has saved people, but he isn’t even sure he could pass a background check. He puts his hand on her stomach and says he is grateful to her. They are hugging when Bo comes charging through the door and sees them (so furious, you can almost see steam coming out of his ears, lol).

At the garage…Max is there working when Stephanie arrives offering her help. She sees the plans for the turbo charger and wants to take a look, but Max says no. They playfully struggle over the plans and they end up in a very close embrace. She says she was only kidding about the plans and they break away…just as Chelsea comes in, asking if she is interrupting anything. Chelsea whines about her community service as Stephanie suggests they go and enjoy themselves for a little while. Max suggests they pack a picnic and go to the beach, but she says she has to start her service today and wishes she could get out of it. She explains what she is going to have to do and they don’t think it sounds so bad. She says he sounds like her mom. She says she requested being a dog walker for the animal shelter or being a ‘big sister’ to a little girl…or something fun. Stephanie asks if you get to request what you want to do. Chelsea says no, but she thought it was worth a try. Stephanie tells her that she used to be a candy striper at a hospital and she enjoyed it, but Chelsea doesn’t want to hear about it…saying hospitals are full of germs (I say send her to prison and see how she likes that!)

At Sami’s…both she and Austin are each on a phone, furiously making wedding plans (she is on with the florist and he with Father Jansen). EJ comes in and they tell him that they are getting married tomorrow. Kate walks in, saying NO, please tell me that isn’t true. Austin tries to calm her down but Kate doesn’t want to hear it. Austin says if she is going to be that way, maybe it’s best she not even come to the wedding. She says of course she will be there but keeps making snide comments about (and within earshot of) Sami. Sami comes over and calls her “mom” (LOL). She asks why such a hurry and Austin says they don’t want to wait. Sami invites EJ to the wedding as well and he offers to help any way he can. He asks about music for the reception (they have a DJ) and (luck of all luck) he knows the lead singer for a group, Blue October and says he will see if they will play for the reception. Both Sami and Austin are thrilled. But he is there for another reason…to talk business with them. He talks about marketing their product line and has an idea, saying they should think bigger. He wants them to all go into business together as equal partners and sponsor a race team. They are skeptical at first but Mr. Smooth Talker points out the advantages and tells them he already has someone in mind as a driver. He says they can use his name for promotion and they could be very successful. Kate and Austin discuss it and decide right on the spot that it is a great idea. (yea right).

Who does he have in mind as a driver? got it! None other than Stephanie. He goes over the garage just as Chelsea is still whining about her community service. He also tells her that she may find it rewarding if she goes into it with the right attitude. He tells them he is there to see Stephanie and suggests they talk privately. She says no, Max is her friend, and Chelsea…(she trails off, LOL). So he tells her that he, Kate and Austin have formed a company and will sponsor a race car and want her as their driver. Of course Chelsea is THRILLED to hear this and thinks it is a great idea, but not Max. EJ tries to convince her to agree, telling her she will have a state-of-the-art car and facilities. She tells him she will have to think it over. He wants to take her and show her the facilities (thought they weren’t even built yet???) so they leave. After they are gone, Chelsea notices that Max isn’t too excited over the idea, but she assures him that Stephanie will be fine…that this is a chance of a lifetime for her. She says today may not turn out too bad after all.

Back at Sami’s…she tells Austin that it looks like things may just turn out great for them…and within 24 hours, they will be married. They kiss as we see the black gloved hand caressing the #32 on her door…and the previews show…

Hope (to Bo): I love my daughter…I love my wife…you can’t have it both ways anymore. Bottom line is I AM going through with the divorce…

John (to a smiling Kate): Marlena and I are separated…

Lucas (to Stephanie, I think): Let me tell you something about Kate Roberts…she is a MONSTER…

EJ (to Sami): If this is your last night as a single woman…we have to make it special…especially if you are spending it with me (as Austin listens)…

And the credits roll…

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